You might remember people insulting Bobby Lashley after he lost to Chad Griggs. He went in there, got beat up, and gave it his best, but he gassed badly and supposedly suffered from dehydration.

That led to at least one article questioning how a heavyweight can be dumb enough to forget to drink a cup of water. Good things never happen when you play amateur doctor, and it turns out, at least according to Lashley, he was dealing with a case of mono.

Now comes the news that Shane Carwin pulled out of a UFC 125 heavyweight showdown with Roy Nelson because of a back injury. Carwin himself stated that an MRI revealed he’d need 8 to 12 weeks of recovery time and a much longer layoff if the injury required surgery.

UFC 125 takes place on January 1. So best case scenario, if Carwin didn’t need surgery he might have a whopping one week to train for Nelson. But that hasn’t stopped one person from insulting Carwin and using his medical knowledge to somehow assume that since the surgery is optional, the injury must not be all that serious…even though Carwin said he’s out of commission either way.

From Bloodyelbow:

Carwin himself says the surgery is optional. That’s not the kind of message to put out in a public forum. Dana White doesn’t want to hear that. If Carwin needs to have the surgery, the thing to say is, “My fans know I wouldn’t miss this fight if there were any other alternative, but I have to listen to the doctors and do what’s best for my health.”

So what level of reading comprehension would lead anyone to believe that Carwin either needs surgery or he’s completely healthy? Maybe I’m missing something.

Oh wait, there’s an update!

Let me clarify, the decision to not fight is totally up to Shane and his doctors, family, coaches and management. I hope he made the decision that is best for his health. It’s his dumbass decision to tweet that it was his OPTION to sit out the fight or not that I’m objecting to.

Um, yes. He of course could fight with little training time and nowhere near 100% health. Then if he loses we’ll all say he sucks, and if he then says, “But wait, I was hurt real bad!” we’ll call him an ass clown for making excuses.

In summary, Carwin says his back really hurts. Rather than fight anyway and suck balls, he wants to recover and the injury is bad enough he might have to consider the OPTION of surgery. That doesn’t mean his injury is optional.

Hopefully that clears everything up — not that it needed clarification in the first place.

6 thoughts on “Stupid article of the day: Making fun of Shane Carwin’s injury dilemma”
  1. Bloddy Elbow is not worth reviewing in any event. There are other, better sites, without the condescension and self-righteousness out there.

  2. I think they have the opposite of a hard on. The site does have a bit of a war going on with Carwin. However, I kind of see the point. The writer is not saying he is stupid for pulling out, he is saying he is stupid for saying it is his option to pull out. It is a stupid point to make, but it isn’t that terrible.

  3. I see where you’re coming from, Richard, but he also said “Unless his back is so severely injured that he has no choice but get the surgery he would be better off sucking it up, fighting hurt and getting the surgery after this fight”

    Again, he seems to think either his back needs surgery or it isn’t injured enough to keep him from fighting. Does not compute.

  4. Gotta agree with John here:

    There was no reason to point out anything about Carwin’s comments. Any rationale person would take away that the last thing he wants to do is pull out of that fight. Definately no reason to effectively call him a dumbass either.

    This is just another illustration of BE taking there war with Carwin way too seriously. Any reason they can find to discredit him they will. It’s sad.

    Luke Thomas hosts a radio show in my area every sunday. I’ve called in a few times. I think i’m gonna phone in this weekend just to call them out because those posts are pretty juvenile.

  5. I agree that it is stupid. This “don’t do anything to piss off Dana” attitude is ridiculous. If he is injured, he should not fight. His status would significantly drop if he lost to Nelson, and of course, BE would then make fun of him if he said it was because he was injured. I almost wish that Tito had pulled out of all his fights, so he could not claim he was injured.

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