The Undertaker confronts Brock Lesnar following UFC 121 *VIDEO*

In a rather bizarre occurrence following Brock Lesnar‘s first round TKO loss to Cain Velasquez at UFC 121 Saturday night in Anaheim, WWE superstar “The Undertaker” is in the middle of an interview commenting on Lesnar’s loss when Lesnar walks by, they meet eyes, and “The Undertaker” says, “You want to do it?” In effect he seems to be saying, “You ready for me now ┬ábig boy?”

It’s very strange really. The look in “The Undertaker’s” eyes is very matter of fact. However, Lesnar just went through a freaking war, so it’s kind of an odd time to be challenging him. Lesnar does not say a word that we can see and just keeps walking back to the locker room.

When asked to comment, “The Undertaker” simply said, “It is personal.” He would not elaborate on what the beef is between the two and some have alluded to the whole thing possibly being a work (so maybe we’re all here talking about it now just like this). It seems real enough, but who knows. “The Undertaker” would not even say he was pulling for Lesnar to win against Velasquez.

“The Undertaker” says he is a huge fan of MMA ,and according to Ariel Helwani, was one of the first guys to start using various MMA moves in pro wrestling. “The Undertaker” says he almost certainly would have gone into MMA rather than pro wrestling if it was as big when he was growing up as it is now.

“The Undertaker” seems to be quite a bit taller than Lesnar, but lets be honest, he would get mopped by Lesnar in a real fight. Or would he? You decide.

Maybe “The Undertaker” is still pissed about Lesnar breaking his hand with a propane tank. See video below for explanation and some clips of their past beef. The two do have a history.

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