Careful picking your next opponent, Gegard, or you might accidentally challenge yourself.

The Gegard Mousasi tomato can parade is still alive and strong.

A talented fighter with a DREAM middleweight tourney and Strikeforce 205 title among his previous accomplishments, Mousasi has spent much of the past year — three of the past four fights, to be exact — traveling to Japan and fighting overmatched, overweight, and overaged competition. Now in a recent video interview with, Mousasi said his next fight could be a title bout in Strikeforce — that’d be nice — or…wait for it…a fight with Judo gold medalist and MMA dud Satoshi Ishii!

Watch the full video here.

If you’re into that whole thing of meaningful MMA bouts, a Strikeforce matchup with current champ Rafael “Feijao” Cavalcante or a rematch with Mo Lawal sounds great. But if Mousasi is more interested in fighting Ishii on New Years, I mean, hey, it makes complete sense! Don’t forget, Mousasi had to pull out of the Super Hulk Tournament. Isukhisa Minowa went on to win that turd fest, but recently lost a decision to Ishii last month at DREAM 16. So this is Mousasi’s big chance to grab the Super Hulk linear title. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

I can’t blame him. It’s a nice belt.

3 thoughts on “Gegard Mousasi eyes fight with Satoshi Ishii for linear Super Hulk Title”
  1. I guess if he’s getting good money….

    No I take that back. Fight meaningful competitors gegard. Any top 20 LHW in the world can do what he’s done to the bigger guys in recent years. Ishii might prose a problem for him being bigger, and a lot better of a grappler. But he should be fighting the top competition SF has to offer, or take his talents to the UFC. He’s spoken about wanting to become the best fighter in the world. It doesn’t appear he cares much about that right now.

  2. @ Jack, you know a little girl made that for it and mailed it to him?

    @ EW, also, what does FEG get out of it? I don’t think Mousasi is a huge draw in Japan.

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