Bellator Fighting Championships return to the Kansas City Power & Light District in Kansas City, Mo., Thursday evening with two title bouts. Bellator 32 will feature season three tournament finalists Cole Konrad and Neil Grove battling it out for the heavyweight (265 lbs.) gold, and Ed West and Zack Makovsky competing for bantamweight (135 lbs.) gold. will provide live results as they become available but our play-by-play will coincide with the FOX Sports Net taped delayed broadcast which starts at 10:30 p.m. CT.

Bellator 32 quick results:

  • Eric Marriott def. Ryan Roberts by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27)
  • Rudy Bears def. Chad Reiner by KO (punches) Rd 1 (1:29)
  • Jared Downing def. Danny Tims by split decision (30-27, 28-29, 30-27)
  • Cole Konrad def. Neil Grove by submission (keylock) Rd 1 (4:45)
  • Zack Makovsky def. Ed West by Unanimous Decision (50-45, 50-45, 49-46)
  • Jim Wallhead def. Ryan Thomas by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)
  • Michael Chandler def. Chris Page by submission (guillotine choke) Rd 1 (0:57)
  • Brian Davidson def. Shane Hutchinson by KO (strikes) Rd 1 (0:54)

Bellator 32 play-by-play:

(170 lbs.) Ryan Thomas vs. Jim Wallhead

Round 1 – Wallhead is on a seven fight win streak. Thomas with a leg kick but gets hit with a counter punch. Leg kick again from Thomas. Thomas shoots, gets stuffed. Thomas grabs a Thai clinch but can’t do anything with it. Wallhead gets a double and gets the takedown but Thomas pops right up. They square up, nice combo from Walhead, lands a nice punch. Thomas shoots, gets stuffed and lands a right hand. Leg kick from Wallhead. Body kick by Thomas scores, another one. Nice elbow from Thomas, he pours on the heat, smells blood, elbows, punches, kicks. They clinch against the cage. They square up again. Exchange of body kicks. Nice left from  Thomas, throws a head kick, mostly blocked. Clinch. Elbow to the face from Wallhead. Body kick from Thomas. Nice right by Thomas, then a big left hand to the body. Big leg kick from Wallhead. Body kick from Thomas. They exchange punches as the bell sounds. Close round, I give it 10-9 to Thomas.

Round 2 – Body kick from Thomas, leg kick from Wallhead. Leg kick Thomas. Wallhead throws a leg kick and Thomas slips to the ground briefly. Nice left from Wallhead. Thomas shoots, gets stuffed. Leg kick then nice punch combo from Wallhead. Nice defense from Wallhead too, blocking a lot of Thomas’ strikes. Nice uppercut from Thomas, then a body kick. Nice right from Thomas scores. Thomas shoots, gets stuffed, they trade elbows. Leg kick from Wallhead. Leg kick from Thomas then nice combo of punches from Thomas, landing some nice body shots. Clinched against the cage. Wallhead controlled the last minute or so. It was close but I’ll give the round to Wallhead, he landed some nice body shots that stunned Thomas for a moment. 10-9 Wallhead.

Round 3 – Thomas slips to the mat but gets right up. Nice leg kick from Wallhead scores. Straight right from Thomas. Thomas lands a counter right and a straight left. Nice right from Wallhead. Thomas has a cut over his right eye. Leg kick from Wallhead. Body shot from Wallhead. Nice right from Wallhead, then a leg kick. Thomas pulls Wallhead down to the ground and Wallhead lands on top inside his guard.  Two minutes left in the fight, a weird thing to do for Thomas. Nice elbow from Wallhead and Thomas’ head is bleeding profusely. Blood is all in Thomas’ eye. Wallhead not doing a ton of damage from the top but staying just busy enough not to get stood up, lands a couple shots before the bell. Thomas should have the round 10-9.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Jim Wallhead def. Ryan Thomas by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Ed West vs. Zack Makovsky

Round 1 – Head kick from West is blocked. Makovsky catches West’s leg and puts him on his back. Makovsky inside his guard. West throws a bunch of elbows to Makovsky’s back. Nice punches from the top from Makovsky. West rolls to his feet. Leg kick from Makovsky then a front kick. Makovsky shoots and gets the takedown. Postures up lands a nice punch. Lays back on West. 45 seconds left in the round. West gets up. Makovsky lands a left. They meet mid air with kicks and Makovsky falls down after colliding with kicks again. Makovsky gets that round 10-9.

Round 2 – Makovsky catches a side kick and puts West down. West has full guard. Nice punches from Makovsky, West gets up. Makovsky lands a knee. Leg kick from West. Makovsky hunting. West catches Makovsky in the air and sweeps him to the ground. Makovsky has side control. West holding on tight looking for a stand up. Makovsky postures up, lands some punches. Lands a big kick to the legs while standing. Wes catches him arm in an omoplata, lands a few elbows but Makovsky pulls out. Makovsky gets the round 10-9.

Round 3 – West bouncing on his toes, throws some kicks that miss, lands a leg kick but gets it caught and taken down. Makovsky on top in half guard, moves to side control. Lands a grinding elbow. West gets up. Nice left from Makovsky. Leg kick from West. Makovsky with a beautiful takedown, gets side control, lands a few elbows. West has a cut over his eye from those elbows. Makovsky postures up, West gets full guard, pushes Makovsky off, and West rolls to his feet. Body kick from West. Makovsky shoots, West locks on an arm-in guillotine from half guard. West cranks is but Makovsky pulls out and is in full guard. West backward rolls to get out but Makovsky traps him against the cage as the bell sounds. Another one for Makovsky 10-9.

Round 4 – Makovsky catches West mid-air from a flying knee and puts him right on his back and lands in guard. Makovsky gets to side control, starts working with elbows. He stands up throws a big punch, knee to the body and West recovers full guard. West lands a few elbows to the head, gets warned for back of the head. Ref stands them up. Head kick from West is blocked. Left hand from Makovsky, then a leg kick. Makovsky shoots, gets stuffed, but keeps pushing and finally gets it. Makovsky attacks as West bicycle kicks. West in half guard, now full guard. West gets up. Flying knee from Makovsky and he gets another round 10-9.

Round 5 – West takes a low blow to the groin and time is called. West looks like he knows he is way behind. Body kick from Makovsky, he then grabs a leg and puts West down, lands in side control. West gets full guard, pulls rubber guard. Makovsky postures up. West bicycle kicks and Makovsky lays back inside full guard. Makovsky postures up with some shots, moves to half guard and side control, then stands up. West back rolls to his feet. They clinch. Foot stomps from West. They square up. West needs a finish to win. Makovsky gets the round 10-9 and the fight.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Zack Makovsky def. Ed West by Unanimous Decision (50-45, 50-45, 49-46)

Cole Konrad vs. Neil Grove

Round 1 – Grove’s only chance is to stop the takedown, which will be nearly impossible. Boom, Konrad puts him down but Grove bounces right up which is crazy surprising. Konrad lands two leg kicks. Grove swings a wild left hook and Konrad puts him down hard. Konrad has half guard,  softening him up with body shots. Konrad gets full mount as Grove holds wraps his arms around Konrad’s neck and holds on tight. Konrad postures up, and turns Grove’s ribs red with punches. Konrad  nearly rips Grove’s arm completely off it’s hinges, bending it complete backwards via keylock. Nasty nasty submission. Cole Konrad wins the very first Bellator Heavyweight Title. Now he and his training partner Brock Lesnar both have heavyweight titles.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Cole Konrad def. Neil Grove by submission (keylock) Rd 1 (4:45)

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