Rhadi Ferguson is awarded the victory after stopping Jeremy Boczulak in the first round at GFC 8 in Nashville on Oct. 9.

ProMMAnow.com broke the news earlier this year that 2004 Olympian Rhadi Ferguson was making the transition to professional mixed martial arts, so it was an extra special treat for us to witness Rhadi in action Saturday night in just his second pro fight.

Dr. Ferguson, representing American Top Team, took on local Nashville fighter Jeremy Boczulak at Gameness Fighting Championship 8 in Nashville, Tenn. Saturday night. Boczulak came into the bout 1-0, after Ferguson’s original opponent pulled out a few days prior.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from Ferguson. As a judo Olympian and BJJ black belt, I knew he was sick on the ground, but definitely didn’t anticipate his striking, quickness, footwork and head movement while standing. He was very light on his feet, used great leg kicks and even used some type of crazy Anderson Silva-esque trip early in the bout.

Ferguson is a freak of an athlete. If you aren’t familiar with his role in the MMA world, or the sports world in general, then it’s hard to comprehend just what he brings to the table. His strength and conditioning programs and scientific approach to training is legendary and it is going to be very fun to watch his pro MMA progression.

Complete results and details from Gameness Fighting Championship 8 can be found here: GFC 8 full results.

12 thoughts on “Rhadi Ferguson GFC 8 fight video”
  1. This dude looks pretty sick. Fun fight. I heard he is Kimbo Slice’s cousin too, not that that helps his fighting but kind of interesting.

  2. I remeber reading about him “throwing” guys over his head in Judo tournaments earlier this decade. The articles on him spoke of his strength trainging, and the numbers they spoke of (I can’t remember exactly) were pretty staggering. The guy is a mound of muscle, but he is up there in age. I wonder if he actually is going to try to make a run.

    That’s a pretty bad ass family.

  3. congrats to Rhadi on his accomplishment as an Olympian in Judo but this is MMA. I would like to see him fight higher level guys being an Olympian and training with top level guys he should be ready!

  4. “He should be ready” REally? Why? Because he fought Judo in the Olympics six years ago? Look at Satoshii Ishii who won GOLD in the Olympics in 2008 and notice the level of fighters he is fighting. Also, Rhadi is almost 40 years old, so it’s not that simple. It’s nice that you think he should be fighting higher level guys but you should trust that his manager and training partners know what’s best for him. He only started striking THIS year. There is only one discipline that allows you to come in at a high level and that is wrestling. Nothing else transitions like that. Also, Rhadi’s original opponent who was 3-1 pulled out of the fight at the last minute so luckily this guy stepped up and he came at Rhadi and even hit him hard one time. I thought Rhadi looked great on his feet for training only a few months in striking.

  5. you must be his manager so let me guess you pad his numbers by feeding him chumps he gets to 7-0 and then Strikeforce comes calling!! Good luck!

  6. Then don’t go pro! thats why we have ammy. Fine tune your skills at that level. when you tryout for the UFC on Tuf all you need is 2 pro fights and you have the chance to fight for the best organization out there. As a fan I can’t stand to pay to see guys fight chumps I want to see good fights. again lets see how good he is he is. He is old he needs to go for broke!! by the way he needs a new striking coach!!

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