FightHubTV’s Marcos Villegas talks with UFC middleweight Chael Sonnen just one day before it was announced he failed his UFC 117 drug test. Sonnen actually says he took pity on Anderson Silva because Silva told him his rib was hurt during their fight. Say what?

Reminiscent of a Napoleon Dynamite sketch, Sonnen talks about Silva’s skills and gives us a lesson on what “pound-for-pound” means. He says,

“You gotta understand, pound-for-pound doesn’t mean you can beat anybody at any weight. Pound-for-pound means who has the most skills. Anderson has a ton of skills, he’s got more skills than I do.”

He also calls everyone “chickens”and says “The Spider” isn’t qualified to make Frank Mir a sandwich, much less fight him, and no commission in the world would sanction the fight.

One thought on “Chael Sonnen said he took pity on Anderson Silva in their UFC 117 fight *VIDEO*”
  1. his guy is the joke he is the one taking Performance enhancing pills and still he could not beat Anderson. He constantly contradicts himself like saying Anderson ducked and dived this one and that one yet then he says that no one challenged Silva apart from hi. I wish he did not fail the test because I would love to have seen the rematch because Silva would not have an off night then. I would also have liked to seen Nate get another shot at him or watched Maia choke him out again

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