Razak "Razor" Al-Hassan should make a healthy addition to the MFC 205 lb. division.

Razak “Razor” Al-Hassan (10-2) has signed a four fight deal with Maximum Fighting Championship and will debut in a light heavyweight match-up against Dwayne “D-Bomb” Lewis (12-5) on Nov. 12 at MFC 27 at the River Cree Resort and Casino just outside Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

ProMMAnow.com was notified of the signing and fight via MFC press release on Monday.

Released from the UFC at the end of last year after losing back-to-back fights, the only losses of his career, Al-Hassan has strung together three wins in a row. Richard White, Sherman Pendergarst and Demetrius Richards were all finished by Al-Hassan in two rounds or less, two by submission, one by knockout.

The Duke Roufus trained fighter spoke about signing with MFC:

“The MFC is one of the best organizations anywhere and I’m coming there to establish my legacy in this sport and to become one of the best 205-pounders around,

Al-Hassan says the sport is more than just about winning and seems to falls in line with others who have been down on wrestling lately by taking a pop shot at UFC welterweight contender Jon Fitch:

“Being in this sport it’s an opportunity to be exciting. It’s not just good enough to win and not be exciting. That doesn’t do anything for the sport and it doesn’t do anything for the fans. Look at a guy like Jon Fitch. He’s a good fighter but he’s not exciting. Personally I don’t want to watch that guy fight.

Al-Hassan says he wants to be one of the best light heavyweights of all-time and would like to dominate in the organization much like Antonio McKee, except more exciting:

“To hold the first title of my career in the MFC would be huge. I want to go through my opponents in the same dominating style that someone like Antonio McKee has – only be a little more exciting, but to have that same kind of reign. I’m confident with everything I’m going to do that when it’s all said and done I’m going to be one of the best 205-pounders ever.

Before there is any talk of titles or dominating win streaks, Al-Hassan has to get through “D-Bomb” Lewis first, and that is far from a guaranteed win. Lewis has won eight of his last nine fights and is coming off a knockout victory over Mike Nickels at MFC 26 earlier this month. He also holds a first round knockout win over Marvin Eastman and has finished eight of his 12 wins via knockout.

ProMMAnow.com did an interview with Razak Al-Hassan in November of last year, a few weeks prior to his UFC 104 bout with Kyle Kingsbury. You can check that interview out here: UFC fighter spotlight: Razak Al-Hassan.

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