UFC 119 results, play-by-play

INDIANAPOLIS — “UFC 119: Mir vs. Cro Cop” takes place this evening at the Conseco Fieldhouse in Indianapolis, Ind. The event is headlined with a match-up between former UFC heavyweight champ Frank Mir taking on the 2006 PRIDE open weight grand prix champion Mirko Cro Cop.

UFC 119 will air live on Pay-Per-View starting at 9 p.m. ET/6 p.m. PT. Prior to that, two preliminary card bouts will be shown free and live on Spike TV starting at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT.

Stay close and join in the discussion as ProMMAnow.com provides live results and play-by-play commentary of UFC 119. Also, be sure to check out our predictions on each of tonight’s fights in our ProMMAnow.com UFC 119 staff picks.

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UFC 119 quick results:

MAIN CARD (Pay-per-view)

  • Frank Mir def. Mirko Cro Cop by knockout (strikes) Rd 3 (4:02)
  • Ryan Bader def. Antonio Rogerio Nogueira by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)
  • Chris Lytle def. Matt Serra by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)
  • Sean Sherk def. Evan Dunham by split decision (29-28, 28-29. 29-28)
  • Melvin Guillard def. Jeremy Stephens by split decision (28-29, 29-28, 30-27)


  • CB Dollaway def. Joe Doerksen by submission (guillotine choke) Rd 1 (2:13)
  • Matt Mitrione def. Joey Beltran by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)


  • Thiago Tavares def. Pat Audinwood by submission (guillotine choke) Rd 1 (3:47)
  • Waylon Lowe def. Steve Lopez by split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)
  • T.J. Grant def. Julio Paulino by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)
  • Sean McCorkle def. Mark Hunt by submission (kimura) Rd 1 (1:03)

UFC 119 play-by-play:

Sean McCorkle vs. Mark Hunt

Round 1 – Looks so odd to see Mark Hunt in the Octagon making his UFC debut. Hunt lands a right. McCorkle shoots but ends up on the bottom with Hunt inside his guard. McCorkle goes for a kimura, it’s early, no sweat, and Hunt taps out. Wow. They say arm or elbow may be broke. Disappointing loss for Hunt, his sixth loss in a row.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Sean McCorkle def. Mark Hunt by submission (kimura) Rd 1 (1:03)

Thiago Tavares vs. Pat Audinwood

Round 1 – Audinwood much taller and longer reach. Big right hand from Tavares connects. Tavares gets the takedown, inside Audinwood’s guard. Audinwood controlling his wrist. Tavares gets free and lands some nice punches to the body and face. Audinwood gets to his feet but Tavares picks him up over his head and slams him. Audinwood hits him with a nice elbow from the bottom. Tavares stands up inside his guard, lands a right. Using hammerfists and punches. Audinwood showing good defense and is also looking for submissions. Audinwood bloody from repeated punches. Tavares in half guard now. Audinwood has his back against the fence, he uses to stand. Tavares jumps into a guillotine choke on his standing opponent and Audinwood taps out. He’s very disappointed. Tavares goes insane in celebration. Tavares needed that win badly.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Thiago Tavares def. Pat Audinwood by submission (guillotine choke) Rd 1 (3:47)

Joey Beltran vs. Matt Mitrione

Round 1 – Should be a good fight here. Mitrione attacks, Beltran blocks most of it. Left jab scores for Mitrione. Mitrione hunting him down, he’s so big. Nice right from Beltran. Mitrione’s stand up looking good, lands a nice leg kick.Big leg kick from Mitrione. Again. Three minutes left in the round. Big right scores from Beltran. Mitrione grabs a Thai clinch, lands a knee to the belly, Beltran picks him up and slams him on his back. Beltran’s forehead is bleeding. Beltran inside full guard. Mitrione throwing up submission attempts but gets tagged with some big shots. Mouth piece fell out from Mitrione. Mitrione was winning on the feet but Beltran has come back here on the ground. Beltran stands up to pass and moves to side control, then north-south. Beltran puts some big body shots on him. Mitrione throws up a triangle attempt again but no dice. Nice comeback by Beltran, gotta give it to him 10-9.

Round 2 – There’s a new ring girl that is looking DAMN fine. Head kick from Mitrione mostly blocked. Leg kick from Mitrione, then a big punching exchange where both guys connect. Mitrione clinches up, eats a couple shots on the break. Mitrione hunting. Beltran fires back, big right from Mitrione. Nice exchange. Leg kick from Mitrione, he then lands a punch that rocks Beltran. Mitrione chases him down and attacks with punches but gets tagged himself. Clinched against the cage. Beltran with a knee to the body. They exchange and the ref stops it to cut some loose tape off Beltran’s glove. Mitrione still looking fresh, light on his feet, moving in hunting again. Leg kick. Again. Both guys throw a big combo of punches with Mitrione’s punches slowing down . Beltran clinches, pushes Mitrione against the fence. This is a great fight. Nice right jab and a head kick from Mitrione. Beltran blocked the head kick but it still had a big impact. I give the round to Mitrione 10-9.

Round 3 – Nice left jab from Mitrione. Leg kick from Beltran. Mitrione does have a tendency to keep his hands low. Nice triple jab, then a head kick from Mitrione. Mitrione has some nice tools and really uses a good jab. Big leg kick from Mitrione. Beltran seems to have slowed a bit. Leg kick Mitrione, checked. Beltran ducks his head  and comes in swinging, gets tagged. Finally a heavyweight or anyone really who is using a nice jab. Beltran looking awkward on his feet in this round. He can’t get in, gets tagged from Mitrione. Mitrione using that jab to keep Beltran out of range. Beltran’s face is busted up. Mitrione staying much more active than Beltran, continuously moving and punching. Beltran lands a nice left hook, grabs a single but can’t get the takedown. Beltran clinches with ten seconds left. Both guys swing for the fences as time runs out. Wow! Great way to start the show. Mitrione gets that round and I give him the fight 29-28.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Matt Mitrione def. Joey Beltran by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

C.B. Dollaway vs. Joe Doerksen

Round 1 – Leg kick for Doerksen. He catches CB’s kick and takes him down. CB gets the advantage in the scramble as Doerksen shoots and CB locks on a guillotine. Rogan says CB is not exactly using the right technique. It’s an arm in guillotine. Doerksen cant’ get out but it’s at a stale mate. CB is not trying to finish it for some reason. Very strange actually. They scramble and CB locks on another guillotine, he’s on top this time and taps him out quickly. Very tight choke. Very impressive as the majority of Doerksen’s wins have come via submission.

OFFICIAL RESULT: CB Dollaway def. Joe Doerksen by submission (guillotine choke) Rd 1 (2:13)

Melvin Guillard vs. Jeremy Stephens

Round 1 – Both guys looked very pumped. Josh Rosenthal is the ref. Melvin swings big misses and gets clipped and drops but gets right back up. He seems okay. Guillard comes in swinging but Stephens fires back trying to catch him. Big overhand right from Guillard is blocked. They meet with kicks. Front kick from Stephens. Guillard keeping his hands low. Melvin throws a combo, again. Leg kick from Stephens is partially checked. Melvin moves in and back out with a combo and when Stephens fires back no one is there. Stephens fires off some shots but Melvin is gone. Leg kick Guillard. Leg kick lands clean for Stephens. Leg kick Stephens. Guillard lunges in with a combo but nothing lands clean. Close round, I’m gonna give it to Guillard 10-9 for pushing the action a little more.

Round 2 – Nice leg kick from Stephens. Front kick Melvin. Melvin counters a kick with a combo, then lands a nice body kick. Melvin backing Stephens up, they both miss with a combo. Nice counter from Stephens connects. Melvin keeps his hands so low. Body punch from Melvin then he kicks Stephens in the groin earning himself a time out. Leg kick from Stephens. Jab from Guillard. Lands a nice right. Melvin’s ability to move in and out is making all the difference in his style. Melvin catches a kick in the groin and he gets some time to recover. Nice uppercut counter from Stephens scores as Melvin misses with a big overhand right. Melvin lands a few punches as he jumps in and out. Stephens throws up his hands wanting Melvin to quit backing up. Big leg kick from Stephens. Melvin fires back with a leg kick. Big leg kick from Stephens. Melvin fires one back. Hard round to call. I’m going to give this round toMelvin 10-9. Greg Jackson’s corner sounds confident and much less desperate than Stephens’ corner.

Round 3 – Big leg kick from Stephens. Big leg kick from Stephens after a few exchanges where nothing big lands. Right hand scores for Stephens. Crowd is booing at the point karate match. Left jab from Melvin. Big leg kick from Stephens. Body shot from Melvin, then a leg kick. Big big boos from the crowd. Leg kick from Melvin. Two minutes to go. Melvin frustrating Stephens with his backing up. Stephens can’t catch him with punches and he’s getting pissed. Guillard using it to his advantage. Right hand from Stephens.Left hook to the liver from Stephens, and Melvin’s a little off balance and the liver shot trips him back a little. Guillard seems okay though and is back on his bike. Big leg kick from Stephens. Body kick from Melvin then a nice right hand. Crowd roars with boos. I give that round to Stephens 10-9 but the fight to Guillard 29-28. But I would not argue if Stephens got it.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Melvin Guillard def. Jeremy Stephens by split decision (28-29, 29-28, 30-27)

NOTES: The ref that gave that last round to Guillard is absolutely bonkers.

Evan Dunham vs. Sean Sherk

Round 1 – First time we’ve seen Sherk in the Octagon in 16 months. He’s got a tough challenge against the rising star that is Evan Dunham (11-0). Does Sean Sherk (37-4-1) still have it? Can he get himself back in the top ten? It starts right here. Dunham much taller. Leg kick from Sherk. Nice one two from Dunham and he’s in and out. Sherk gets a single, lifts him up high and puts him down. Dunham has a very tight guillotine, that little strong neck of Sherk pops out with a purple head. Dunham gets to his feet after absorbing some ground and pound, he eats an uppercut before getting picked right up and slammed again. Dunham locks on a guillotine very fast while standing, brings Sherk to the ground, his head his purple and is almost out, Goldy says it’s over then catches himself. Sherk is on top inside his guard and lands some big elbows that cut Dunham up, a bunch of blood is streaming out. It’s over the eye. They stop and let the doctor check it but let it go. Restart and bell sounds.  Big round for Sherk 10-9.

Round 2 – A collective “ahh” from the crowd as they see Sherk’s cut. Sherk shoots, Dunham backs away. They exchange punches and Sherk shoots in, Sherk takes him down but Dunham has a tight guillotine again. Sherk slips out of it to the amazement of Joe Rogan. Dunham gets to his feet as Sherk holds on to his back. Dunham hits him in the face as Sherk presses him into the cage. Dunham locks on a choke again but Sherk gets out and gets a single leg in his grasp, lets it go and clinches, lands a punch on the break and immediately shots back in. Dunham goes for the guillotine one more time, drops to the ground with neck in his arms. Close round.

Round 3 – A big head kick from Dunham drops Sherk early in the round. He lands a big knee to Sherk face not long after. Dunham getting the best of the standup, lands a big flying knee then another big knee to the body. Sherk looks spent and he’s eating several punches. Sherk is trying to bang with him and has forgot all about his wrestling. Sherk fires back but Dunham connects again and the crowd is on their feet cheering. Dunham got that round significantly and may have just won stole the fight back. It may have been a 10-8 for Dunham possibly. Sherk congratulates him before the result.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Sean Sherk def. Evan Dunham by split decision (29-28, 28-29. 29-28)

NOTES: The crowd boos loudly at the decision.The crowd cheers loudly for Dunham obviously feeling that he won the fight.

Chris Lytle vs. Matt Serra

Round 1 – Chants for Lytle. Serra swinging at the body but eating some punches in the face for it. Body shot from Lytle. Left jab from Lytle. Left jab from Lytle again. Big body shot from Serra. Again. Another jab from Lytle. Serra is cut. Lytle with a right hand on the break. Right hand from Serra. Body shots from Serra. Nice straight left from Serra. Straight left from Serra. Uppercut from Lytle. Body shot Serra. Both guys taking shots to give shots and not even worried about it. It’s a pure boxing match so far. Left jab from Lytle. No kicks have been thrown, all punches. Big right hand from Lytle and Serra’s right eye is showing the effects. Serra with some body punches. Lytle connects. They butted heads on one occasion I believe. I give the round to Lytle 10-9.

Round 2 – Left jab from Serra. Lytle lands a big one and Serra goes to his knees briefly. He’s back up and lands one in return. Left jab from Serra as Lytle moves in. Big body shot from Lytle. Left jab from Serra. Big body shot from Serra. Right hand from Lytle. Lytle swings and misses with about four big punches. Lytle lands a nice combo this time and connects on the four he missed right before. Serra is rocked briefly. He fires back. Big body shot from Serra. But Lytle fires back and connects with a right to the face and again he lands a nice combo. Serra pushes forward with punches and eats a big uppercut. Nice right from Lytle jacks Serra’s jaw. Big body shot Lytle. Left hook from Lytle to the face. Serra keeps throwing these right hooks to the body but is paying for it badly. Serra looks in trouble as he eats numerous punches. How Serra is standing who knows. His eyes are a bloody mess. Serra said before the fight he has some big sunglasses to cover his eyes for this one, he knew it was gonna be a war. 10-9 Lytle.

Round 3 – Body shot from Serra. Lytle slips and Serra rushes in and eats a big one on the way in. Leg kick from Serra, again and eats a punch for it. Leg kick from Serra. Body shot from Serra. Leg kick from Serra. Another leg kick but pays for it with a right hand from Lytle. Right hand on the chin from Serra. Leg kick from Serra. He looks exhausted. One-two from Lytle, jab from Lytle, another jab, big left hook from Lytle. Leg kick from Serra. Serra’s hands very low. Serra eats a left and right hook. Serra lands a body shot, goes for a head kick but misses. They hug it out. Lytle 10-9. Serra should have been throwing leg kicks in that first round.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Chris Lytle def. Matt Serra by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

NOTES: Lytle gets the win in his hometown. Serra beat Lytle on The Ultimate Fighter season four. This was Lytle’s chance to redeem that loss.

Ryan Bader vs. Antonio Rogerio Nogueira

Round 1 – This is an important fight for the light heavyweight division. Bader puts his undefeated record on the line against top-10 ranked Minotoro. Josh Rosenthal is the ref. Baderr takes the center of teh ring. Lands a right hand. Nog’s hands are low. Bader putting the pressure on. Left hook from Bader. Both guys swing big and miss. Bader takes Nog down and lands some big punches while standing over him. Bader inside Nog’s full guard. Nog’s head bounced off the cage with one of those punches. Body shots from Bader. Nog holding Bader’s head and neck. Bader postures up with a few punches but mostly working over the ribs. Nog gets to his feet. Nog not letting his hands go. Bader shoots, gets stuffed. Bader lands a punch and then a big right hand that rocks Bader. Bader shoots and gets Nog down briefly, sort of pushed him down but Nog is up and lands another shot. Nog gets that round I think 10-9.

Round 2 – Judges gave this round to Bader. From what I gathered nothing too significant happened. I missed this round.

Round 3 – Nice right by Bader and he gets poked in the eye. Ref stops it and calls time. Bader lands a couple big shots, then a knee to the body. Nog land a combo and is pushing the pressure. Big big left from Nog. Then stuffs a takedown. Lands a knee as Bader shoots. Bader then gets a brief takedown but Nog is right back up. Bader is looking tired. His punches are getting slow. Nog putting on the pressure with the punches. Bader with a nice right. Nog with a jab. Bader fires back a combo. Bader with a neice left, another one that rocks Nog. Big left from Nog that makes Bader  shoot. Nog puts on the pressure with punches but Bader puts him on his back. Less than a minute to go. Bader catching his breath, holding Nog down. Bader inside his guard. Bader with a couple slow hammerfists, he stands up at the bell. I give Nog that round 10-9.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Ryan Bader def. Antonio Rogerio Nogueira by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic vs. Frank Mir

Round 1 – This is a big one. Leg kick Mir. Leg kick then a combo from Mir, he shoots, gets stuffed. Clinched. Knee to the groin from Cro Cop. Cro Cop apologizes. Mir lays on his back and walks it off. Mir swings and Cro Cop backs up. Cro Cop trying to set up that kick. Cro Cop swings big and misses. Mir trying to get inside with his punches. Cro Cop misses with a high kick. Mirko fires a left but misses. They clinch, knee to the body from Frank. Mir fires and elbow from teh clinch but misses. He presses Cro Cop into the cage, leaning on him. They separate. Leg kick then a combo from Mir. Clinched against the cage. Ref, Herb Dean calls for work. Knee to the gut from Mir. Ref separates them. High leg kick from Cro Cop. Nice uppercut from Mir. Give that round to Mir 10-9.

Round 2 – Cro Cop swings, hits Mir’s arm. Right hand from Mir partially blocked. Right hand from Cro Cop. Crowd boos. They clinch, up against the cage. Knee to the body from Mir. Ref calls for work. He separates them. Leg kick from Mir and Cro Cop slides. Right hand from Cro Cop. They clinch and Mir pushes him against the cage. Rogan says it reminds him of a sparring match, that neither fighter is going for it. Crowd boos as ref calls for work. Ref separates them again. Mir looks at the clock. Cro Cop gets hit with a right, he lands a leg kick. Thirty seconds to go, Mir checks a leg kick. Cro Cop stands and waits like a sniper. Crowd isn’t buying the fight. They boo as the bell sounds.

Round 3 – Mir probably won both rounds but it could go either way. Either one may be able to steal the round. Boos already from the crowd. Mir tries for a trip takedown and can’t get it. I can guess pay per view buyers all over this world are pulling their hair out. Cro Cop lands a nice punch, but doesn’t follow up. They clinch against the cage. I’ve heard Dana White say it’s never good when the crowd boos your main event. Two minutes to go. Rogan says the good news is there’s only two minutes left. Herb Dean separates them again. Have both guys been KO’d so harshly that they don’t want to risk it anymore? Well… Mir knocks out Cro Cop with something. I have to see the replay. It was a big muay thai knee with one hand behind the head clinching him. Mir follows it up with one big punch. Cro Cop stands up, doesn’t even know what happened, asks Mir what happened. It looks like Cro Cop’s eyes were saying, “Frank, that wasn’t in the plan… I thought we were going to ride this out man…”

OFFICIAL RESULT:  Frank Mir def. Mirko Cro Cop by knockout (strikes) Rd 3 (4:02)

NOTES: Mir saved himself on that one. That would have been a terrible fight to go the distance. Good job Mir. Interestingly enough it was the only KO of the night. I don’t know who got fight of the night yet, but I would give it to Matt Mitrione and Joey Beltran. Also, if you want to see how we did in our predictions check out the ProMMAnow.com UFC 119 staff picks.

  • Submission of the night: CB Dollaway’s guillotine over Joe Doerksen
  • Knockout of the night: Frank Mir’s knockout of Mirko Cro Cop

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  1. Matt Mitrione looked amazing. That guy is going to do big things in the UFC. He ain’t even been training that long. Ex-NFL guy so he knows what it means to be a pro athlete. I’m tellin ya’ Mitrione is gonna do big thangs peeples.

  2. Actually I missed the end of the first, all of the second and some of the third round of the Bader vs. Nog fight so… I’m sure my judgment was a little off on that one.

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