Bellator 30 results, play-by-play

Bellator 30 takes place this evening at 4th Street Live in Louisville, Ky. The event is headlined by a middleweight matchup between Bryan Baker and Jeremy Horn. Tonight’s undercard also features some of the region’s best fighters. The televised broadcast starts at 8 p.m. ET, but Pro MMA Now will be here from the beginning, bringing you the play-by-play for the entire card. Tune in and share your thoughts on tonight’s card.

Bellator 30 quick results:

  • John Troyer def. Josh Clark by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)
  • Ron Sparks def. Greg Maynard by TKO (punches) Rd 1
  • Brett Weedman def. Jacob McClintock by TKO (strikes) Rd 1
  • B.J. Ferguson def. T.J. Barber by submission (armbar) Rd 2
  • Bryan Baker def. Jeremy Horn by unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)
  • Zack Makovsky def. Bryan Goldsby by unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)
  • Ed West def. Jose Vega by unanimous decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)
  • Mike O’ Donnell def. Stoney Hale by submission (armbar) Rd 2 (0:30)
  • Jeremiah Riggs def. Mike Fleniken by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Bellator 30 play-by-play:

Jeremiah Riggs vs. Mike Fleniken

Round 1 – Riggs opens the action with a leg kick. Fleniken lands a solid straight right, followed by another. Riggs catches Fleniken with a right and Fleniken goes down, but shoots in for the takedown. Fleniken takes top position and starts raining down shots from the top. Riggs pulls guard, but Fleniken gets in more shots from the top. Fleniken lands more shots and almost gets full mount but Riggs hangs on to half-guard. Fleniken lands a couple short elbows followed by hammer fists. Riggs reverses and moves into side control. Riggs gets in a couple body shots and Fleniken moves for a reverse inverted triangle, but can’t lock his legs up. Riggs tries to work in more shots from the top and take Fleniken’s back but Fleniken pulls guard and locks Riggs up briefly. Riggs stands and catches Fleniken with a big shot and then moves to take Fleniken’s back as the round ends. A good rally by Riggs at the end, but I think Fleniken’s control through the first part of the fight will get him the round, 10-9.

Round 2 – Fleniken opens with a leg kick and Riggs catches him with a right then moves in for a guillotine, but Fleniken gets his head out and works for a kimura as the two go to the ground. Riggs gets his arm free and works in some shots from the top, inside Fleniken’s guard. Riggs works in a few more shots before the referee stands them up. Mike lands a good two punch combo and Riggs misses with a knee then a high kick before catching Fleniken with a hard right that takes him down again. Riggs moves in but Fleniken pulls guard and tries to tie up Riggs’s arms. Fleniken lands some short punches from the bottom and tries to scramble but Riggs keeps the top position. The two stand and Riggs lands a good knee to the body. Big punches by both fighters and Fleniken lands a hard right. Both fighters are swinging for the fences but Fleniken seems to be getting the better of the exchange and Riggs takes it back to the ground as the round ends. Fleniken made a strong effort at the end, but Riggs should see that round go 10-9 in his favor.

Round 3 – Fleniken shoots in but Riggs easily avoids it and moves for the takedown. He gets it but Fleniken immediately reverses and takes the top position. Fleniken moves to side control and lands more shots from the top. Riggs tries to scramble but Fleniken moves to take his back, looking for the rear naked choke. Riggs defends and manages to turn and Fleniken pulls guard. Riggs moves to take Fleniken’s back but Fleniken scrambles and Riggs ends up in side control. Riggs appears to be trying to sink in a choke but Fleniken stands and the two trade before Riggs takes it back to the ground. Fleniken gets guard and Riggs gets in a couple more shots from the top before the ref stands them up. Fleink lands aright followed by three more punches while Riggs lands a leg kick and then moves in for a takedown. Fleniken pulls guard and Riggs stands but Fleniken catches an arm briefly before Riggs gets his arm out. Riggs keeps the side position as the round ends. I think Riggs will be able to take the fight with this round, 10-9.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Jeremiah Riggs def. Mike Fleniken by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Jose Vega vs. Ed West

Round 1 – Some range testing from both; Vega lands a short left.  West lands a knee, but Vegas grabs him and the two hit the ground. West rolls and Vega moves to side control but West pulls the rubber guard briefly before hooking Vega’s neck.  Vega stays busy with short punches from the top..  West lands a couple short punches of his own, but Vegas is landing more from the top position.  Vegas gets his head out and tries to land more shots from side control but West pulls guard.  West tries to work the rubber guard and then moves for a triangle but can’t lock it in.  Vega tries to roll but West works more on teh triangle and short punches to Vega’s head.  Vega is still defending the triangle well and West is pulling his head down but does not have Vega’s arm in the correct position to finish it.  West lands more short punches from the bottom while continuing to work on the triangle and the position stays the same as the round ends.  A tight round, not a lot of definitive action, but I’d give it to West 10-9.

Round 2 – The two trade knees after clinching in the center.  Both are struggling for the dominant position and West moves to trip Vega but Vega gets the better of the position.  It appears that Vega is bleeding heavily and West looks for a guillotine but can’t lock it up.  Vega moves to stand and West looks for an armbar but Vega gets his arm out and resumes the top position.  Vega moves but West looks for an armbar from the bottom but quickly lets it go and tries to hook Vega’s neck for a guillotine, then looks for a kimura as Vega continues to scramble.  West ends up on Vega’s back but still looking for a kimura.  West lands a few punches to the side of Vega’s head trying to soften Vega up, and then looks for a rear naked choke.  Vega defends and West switches arms, then grips trying to finish it.  Vega manages to turn and lands a punch from the top, but that round will likely see West win 10-9 because of his multiple submission attempts and overall control..

Round 3 – West starts off in a sort of Bruce Lee stance and Vega takes advantage of it and almost locks in a standing arm triangle.  Vega takes side control when they hit the ground before the two move back to their feet and trade knees.  Vega pushes West against the cage and lands a couple knees to West’s legs.  West hooks his arm around Vega’s neck for a guilllotine but Vega defends.  West lands a short jumping knee to the body and the two separate and trade punches.  West scores with an inside leg kick, then a right.  More circling and West lands another inside leg kick.  West takes an unintentional shot to the groin but quickly recovers.  Vega lands a leg kick and West a right and there’s more circling.  A headkick attempt by West grazes Vega but a second one lands more flush as the round ends.  10-9 West.

NOTES: West advances to the Finals of the bantamweight tournament.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Ed West def. Jose Vega by unanimous decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

Bryan Goldsby vs. Zack Makovsky

Round 1 – Makovsky wins the contest for best nickname in “Fun size”.  Goldsby with a high kick early but Makovsky blocks it easily.  Goldsby gets in a right as both circle looking for the right range.  Goldsby glances him with a high kick but it doesn’t do much damage.  They trade punches in the center and Makovsky shoots in for a quick takedown, working for an arm triangle choke.  Goldsby gets up and Makovsky takes him down with a single leg, then looks for side control.  Makovsky works to get his leg free but Goldsby has him wrapped him, then pulls guard.  After a quick exchange, Goldsby scores a takedown of his own.  Goldsby stands an Makovsky trips him and brings him back down.  Makovsky has the dominant position but Goldsby is working on the bottom.  Makovsky moves to side control and looks for mount but Goldsby briefly stands then moves to take Makovsky down.  Makovsky lands a couple shots from the top and briefly gets out of half guard with the two trading short punches as the round ends.  Not a bad round; it should see Makovsky with the 10-9.

Round 2 – Goldsby opens with a high kick but doesn’t find his mark.  Makovsky looks for a body kick then a double jab, and the two circle.  Makovsky gets a takedown and lands some elbows to Goldsby’s legs.  Makovsky lands some headshots from the side position then transitions to mount..  He looks to posture up, but Goldsby almost sweeps him so he moves back down.  Makovsky lands more short punches to Goldsby’s head.  Makovsky postures up against landing more shots and Goldsby briefly gives up his back before turning back over.  Makovsky gets full mount again and lands more shots, but Goldsby tonginues to scramble and Makovsky loses mount but moves to side control, then attempting to take Goldsby’s back before Goldsby rolls out of it. Makovsky lands more shots from the top and Goldsby manages to stand as the round winds down.  Makovsky lands a short punch and the two trade kicks.  Goldsby manages to land a solid knee to the body before the round ends.  A solid round for Makovsky 10-9.

Round 3 – Makovsky opens the action early with a good takedown, then a second before he quickly sinks in a guillotine then rolls to take the top position.  Goldsby defends and manages to work his head out although it looked like Makovsky might end it.  Goldsby quikcly goes to work from the top throwing short punches, standing in a low position to land shots before moving back to the ground.  Goldsby lands more shots from the top, staying busy in the dominant position.  Makovsky continues to alternate between trying to scramble or pull guard but Goldsby lands more shots from the top, looking for the mount but ending up in half-guard.  Goldsby continues to land short punches and the ref stands them up but Goldsby quickly takes the action back to the ground landing a couple shots before trying to stand and falling victim to a single-leg from Makovsky who ends up in mount landing punches from the top as the round ends.  Goldsby should win the third round 10-9 but it’s too little too late.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Zack Makovsky def. Bryan Goldsby by unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)

NOTES: Makovsky will face Ed West in the bantamweight tournament finals next month.

Jeremy Horn vs. Bryan Baker

Round 1 – A lot of feeling out early then Horn lands a solid body kick.  Horn looks for a takedown but Baker defends.  Horn scores the takedown and looks for an arm triangle before landing some short head shots.  Horn works the side position and lands a solid knee to the body.  Baker lands a knee to the body from the bottom and tries to stand.  He gets up and Horn moves for a guillotine but Baker gets his head out and stands.  Horn stays on the ground but Baker allows him to stand.  Horn closes in and both miss with short punches.  Horn shoots in and presses Baker against the cage but Baker defends.  Horn lands a knee to Baker’s leg and Baker manages to get the best of a takedown.  They quickly stand back up and Horn lands a knee to the head before slipping .  Baker appears to attempt to stomp Horn and the two stand, with Horn landing a knee to the body but Baker scoring a takedown and knee to the body as the round ends.  I see that one for Horn 10-9.

Round 2 – Baker gets the better of an exchagne early.  Horn lands another body kick and Baker shows more crisp striking.  They trade more shots and Baker keeps the advantage.  A leg kick by Horn and more jabs by Baker.  Horn lands a takedown and lands short punches from the top while Baker tries to tie up Horn’s hands.  Baker kicks Horn off and Horn stands.  Baker looks for an upkick but misses and Horn moves back down in but Baker goes for a triangle, but fails to finish.  Baker lands a couple good shots from the bottom and then stands.  Horn moves in for another takedown but Baker sprawls and defends.  Baker looks to take Horn’s back, landing some shots to the side of Horn’s head while Horn throws elbows back at Baker.  Baker lands more shots and scores with a solid knee to the body.  Baker continues to land shots at the round expires.  Great round for Baker 10-9.

Round 3 – Baker connects with a leg kick early and lands multiple short hooks.  Both men look tired but Baker seems to be just a little more light on his feet than Horn.  Horn advances and lands a body kick, but misses with a push kick and then a back spinning kick.  An overhand right from Horn falls short, but he connects with a light leg kick.  Baker answers with a four punch combo.  More circling and Horn connects with another light leg kick but misses with a knee and the two trade more headshots.  They clinch up but Horn pulls out of it then clinch again and Horn reverses, putting Baker against the cage.  Horn manages to pull Baker down but Baker stays in the top position and works to take Horn’s back.  Baker then pulls Horn down.  Horn pulls guard then gives it up and Baker stands.  Horn lands some low kicks to Baker’s legs, then stands, and Baker swings for the fences as the round winds down, landing a solid headkick and a flying knee, followed by two more high kicks as the round ends.  10-9 Baker.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Bryan Baker def. Jeremy Horn by unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)

T.J. Barber vs. B.J. Ferguson

Round 1 – Ferguson moves in for a takedown but Barber shakes him off and lans a good leg kick.  Barber goes for a headkick but Ferguson shoots in and looks for a single leg.  They separate and Barber lands a good knee to the head.  Barber lands a body kick and Ferguson a right.  Ferguson moves in and Barber pushes him against the cage.   They separate and Ferguson lands a good right, then Barber a solid leg kick.  Ferguson lands another right and shoots in, pressing Barber against the cage.  Barber reverses and puts Ferguson against the cage, landing a short hook.  They struggle against the cage and when Ferguson attempts to jump guard, Barber slams him.  Ferguson looks for a guillotine but Barber gets his head otu and stands, landing shots from teh top.  Ferguson shoots in and picks up Barber for a big slam and the two stand again and Ferguson clinches up and lands two good knees to the head.  Barber gets out and lands a few headshots before they separate and Ferguson shoots in again.  Barber defends and looks for a guillotine and Ferguson gets the takedown.  Barber keeps Ferguson’s neck tied up and works his way tot he feet.  Ferguson takes his back and Barber rolls and gets out of a rear naked choke attempt, landing shots on Ferguson as the bell sounds.  Definitely an exciting round, should come out to benefit TJ.  10-9.

Round 2 – Barber gets caught in an armbar and is forced to tap out.

OFFICIAL RESULT: B.J. Ferguson def. T.J. Barber by submission (armbar) Rd 2

Ron Sparks vs. Greg Maynard

Round 1 – Maynard just lost. Tko.  Sparks clocked him with a left that essentially took him out. Then the ref stepped in.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Ron Sparks def. Greg Maynard by TKO (punches) Rd 1

NOTES: Having trouble with the Internet connection at Fourth Street Live! so we’re missing some of the play-by-play, but we will still have the live quick results as they happen. We will upload the play-by-play we missed later tonight or tomorrow.

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