“The Ultimate Fighter 12: Team GSP vs. Team Koscheck” – Episode 2 recap

Episode 2 opens with the fighters making their way to the TUF house. As usual, the cast members are impressed with the house, and in no time, the alcohol is flowing, the pool is getting broken in and the stories start.

Jeffrey Lentz intends to enjoy his time in the house with shots and cigarettes the very first night. Despite what some of the other fighters think about how smoking could affect cardio, Lentz has no such concerns.

“Let them think I have no gas in the tank,” Jeff says. I’ve got cardio for days.”

Alex Caceres continues his role from the first episode as the character of the cast. Caceres shows the world his talent on the harmonica, then tells stories about fighting gators and deer. We are off to quite a start this season.

The fighters make their way to the training center in preparation for the coaches picks. Coach Koscheck believes that Michael Johnson is the best athlete in the house, and is planning to select him as his first pick.

Coach GSP decides to play some early strategy by listing Marc Stevens as his first pick, knowing that Stevens wrestled for Koscheck in college, and would likely pick him second after Johnson.

Coach GSP pencils in Stevens as his first pick and makes sure that he lets Team Koscheck see it while all the fighters and coaching staffs are waiting around to make the picks.

The strategy appears to work as Koscheck talks it over with his coaches. If he takes Stevens based on loyalty, there is a chance he will miss out on Johnson.

Coach Koscheck wins the coin toss, and decides to take the first pick over picking the first fight. Koscheck falls for GSP’s mental game and picks Marc Stevens as his first selection, playing right into Coach GSP’s hands.

Coach GSP counters and picks Michael Johnson with his first pick. UFC president Dana White IS impressed with GSP’s performance.

“Well played, Georges St-Pierre,” an impressed Dana says in a confessional. “Well played.”

After the remaining picks, the teams look like this:

Team Koscheck
1- Marc Stevens
2- Sevak Magakian
3- Sako Chivitchian
4- Andy Main
5- Nam Phan
6- Aaron Wilkinson
7- Jeff Lentz

Team GSP
1- Michael Johnson
2- Jonathan Brookins
3- Spencer Paige
4- Alex “Bruce Leeroy” Caceres
5- Kyle Watson
6- Cody McKenzie
7- Dane Sayers

At the training center, Coach St. Pierre shares his philosophy on coaching this season’s TUF 12.

“For me I’m a coach for the season,” said St. Pierre. “But I think I would be a better use for this guy as a training partner.”

During the training session for Team Koscheck, Coach Koscheck shares his own philosophy on training which he calls “mindless training.” He believes that as long as his team follows his orders and trains his way, then they will be successful.

Both teams converge around Dana White for the fight announcement. Since Coach Koscheck took the first pick, Coach GSP gets to name the first match up. For GSP, this was a simple decision, considering he let his guys come to him and select their own match ups.

That being said, Alex Caceres wanted to go first, and he wanted Jeffrey Lentz.

At the house, both Caceres and Lentz are shown preparing for their bout the following day. The preparation for these guys are as different as night and day.

Caceres prefers relaxing, smiling, and meditating, compared to the aggressive and tense, chain-smoking shadow boxing by Jeffrey Lentz.

Is it me or does Lentz appear to be the one that is nervous coming into this fight?

On fight day, the character of Caceres is in full view, as he dons the black old school gi on his way to the Octagon, smile still fully blazing on his face.

Lentz on the other hand, hits his walkout at full speed, sprinting to the cage.

It’s fight time!

Alex Caceres vs. Jeff Lentz

Round 1 – Caceres goes upstairs to start, then follows up with a leg kick. Caceres with a spinning back kick, and he’s giving Lentz a lot of looks early. Lentz comes back with a kick to the head, then goes to the clinch, pressing Caceres against the cage. Lentz with a footstomp as Coach GSP calls for Cacares to get back to the center of the cage.

Lentz scores with a knee from the clinch, then another to the inside of the thigh of Caceres. Caceres looks to push off but Lentz is all over him, and regains control against the cage.

True to his word, Caceres is still smiling and for a moment against the cage, he looked like a young Michael Jackson. I could almost see him lip syncing “PYT” for a moment. Caceres finally gets his back off the cage but only for a few seconds as Lentz circles and puts him back on the cage. Herb Dean calling for the fighters to work.

Lentz goes for the the big slam elevating Caceres, but Caceres has his neck looking for a standing guillotine. Lentz gives up on the slam, then works for a take down and gets it. Caceres has his neck for a second, releases the guillotine, then makes his way back to his feet.

Lentz goes for a single, then a high crotch but almost gives up the take down. After a scramble, Lentz puts Caceres back on the cage again with about 1 minute to go in the round. With 30 seconds to go, Dean separtes them. Both guys exchange kicks, then Caceres lands a jab. Lentz with a leg kick. Both guys land but Lentz gets the better of the exchange. They briefly clinch, and Lentz uses a whizzer to get a beautiful throw at the bell ending the round on top. Lentz clearly takes round 1.

Round 2 – Caceres starts with a kick to the head, then lands a push kick. Lentz comes back with a leg kick of his own. Lentz is controlling the center of the ring laready.

After an exchange, Lentz clinches again and pushes Caceres against the cage. Lentz goes for a throw, but ends up on the bottom, but then reverses and is in the half guard of Caceres. Lentz lands a couple of elbows, then Caceres works and gains full guard.

Caceres throws his legs up and locks up a triangle. Lentz picks him up and slams him but Caceres maintains the triangle. He’s pulling on the head now and it’s tight!!! Lentz looks like he’s punching with his right hand, but he’s tapping. It’s all over!

OFFICIAL RESULT: Alex Caceres advances with a submission victory (triangle) over Jeffrey Lentz.

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