Is there a metal plate in Antonio McKee's elbow? If so, how can this be legal in a fight?

MFC lightweight champion¬†Antonio McKee (25-3-2) said he went to Thailand and had a metal plate put into his elbow so he can cut people with it during fights. I have no idea if that’s true, but after watching what he did to Luciano Azevedo at MFC 26, I would not be a bit surprised. And actually if you look closely at his elbow, it does look like something could be in there.

After improving his record to 25-3-2 with the win over Azevedo, McKee has ended up holding a UFC contract in his hands. He literally believes he is the best 155-pounder in the world and is eager to test himself against the best the Ultimate Fighting Championship has to offer.

When asked about how he matches up with names like BJ Penn, Frankie Edgar and Gray Maynard, McKee says he’s definitely a better wrestler than all of them, and if they don’t have better wrestling or are in better shape, they are going to be at a big disadvantage. The scary thing if you listen to him enough he starts to make sense.

McKee also sends out a stern warning to Drew Fickett (40-13) who’s coming off a big win at Shine Fights 3, telling him he will “smash his ass too” and he’s “barking up the wrong tree” because his “tree is dark bark and I don’t think you want the dark bark” (I don’t even like dark chocolate). McKee goes on to say he’s a “career crusher” but would hate to destroy Fickett’s career especially since he’s a wrestler.

McKee’s last loss was to Karo Parisyan via unanimous decision in 2003. He’s won 14 straight fights since then, with one draw thrown in for good measure. Out of those 14 wins, 11 he won via decision. However, he has finished his last two opponents and claims to have adopted a new more exciting style where he will be looking to finish. So far, so good. Now about that metal plate…

2 thoughts on “Antonio McKee says he had a metal plate put in his elbow to cut open opponents”
  1. If this is true shouldn’t that be illegal. I know Sylvia has got one in his arm, but that not right at a striking point. Very interesting.

    Also note to Mckee: I doubt you are a better wrestler than Maynard or Edgar…

  2. No way. I won’t watch his fights and I would hope that the UFC, Strikeforce, and other notable organizations would make sure that this guy never gets in the octagon. Just my opinion. I don’t like it at all.

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