Atlantic City, New Jersey (September 17, 2010) Preparation for battle begins with making weight; all fighters participating in the M-1 Selections 2010 – Americas Final round, taking place Saturday September 18 at Bally’s Casino Hotel in Atlantic City, have made weight for their bouts.
“This is continued evidence that our stable of fighters understand the professionalism required to be a mixed martial arts fighter,” says M-1Global’s Director of Operations, Evgeni Kogan. “As professional athletes, fighters need to prepare themselves accordingly. Clearly they have shown respect to their opponents, fans, promotion and the State Athletic Control Boards for enabling the opportunity to wage war Saturday night.”

Jose Figueroa – 155.6lbslbs      vs. George Sheppard – 155.8lbs                       Lightweight Division

Tom Gallicchio – 170.2lbs         vs. Len Bentley – 170.6lbs                                 Welterweight Division

Tyson Jeffries – 185.2lbs          vs. Mike Geurin – 185.5lbs                                 Middleweight Division

Byron Byrd – 205.8lbs               vs. Daniel Vizcaya – 205.4lbs                            Light Heavyweight Division

Kenny Garner – 250.2lbs           vs. Pat Bennett – 237.6lbs                                 Heavyweight Division

Shane Primm – 185.6lbs           vs. Bristol Marunde – 186.0lbs                           Middleweight Division

Brendan Weafer – 155.2lbs       vs. Josh Thorpe – 155.4lbs                                Lightweight Division

Mike Winters – 170.2lbs            vs. Jose Rodriguez – 169.6lbs                           Welterweight Division

Luigi Fioravanti – 185.8lbs         vs. Woody Weatherby – 185.2lbs                      Middlewight Division

The M-1 Selection tournament process is designed to find the next generation of mixed martial superstars using a single elimination bracket system with the winners advancing; the fighter who wins all three of his bouts will become the M-1 Selection champion in his respective weight class and move on to larger events on the international stage, including M-1’s Challenge, Breakthrough and co-produced Strikeforce events held in North America.

The M-1 Selection – Americas Final round takes place live on Saturday September 18 at Bally’s Casino Hotel in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Free broadcast coverage of the entire 2010 M-1 Selection tournament will be available live to viewers worldwide on and selected affiliate partner sites at a later date.

Forging the next stage in the sport’s evolution in 2011, the M-1 Selection tournament will focus on developing its brand in markets across North America, Eastern and Western Europe. The M-1 brand is driving these new markets in its own right to fuel the international growth of ‘the next generation’ superstar fighters creating fan bases in their respective countries. With 12 M-1 Selection 2011 events on the calendar, the contenders ladder in each weight class will grow as deep as the oceans these warriors will cross as they battle for the right to face M-1 Global champions at the live, mega-spectacular M-1 Challenge events scheduled throughout the year.

The first rounds of the 2011 M-1 Selection lightweight and light heavyweight tournament kickoff with single elimination bouts in February, March and April in each respective region. The welterweights and middleweights get their turn to shine in July, August and September. From here out, a true global feel takes hold; Semi’s and Finals are packed into international Selection ‘Supercards’ where all the top prospects assemble in one location to continue their battles for their regional championship titles. The winners competing for the ultimate reward: a shot at the M-1 Challenge Championship belt.

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