“The Ultimate Fighter: Team GSP vs. Team Koscheck” premieres Wednesday night, Sept. 15, on Spike TV at 10 p.m. ET/9 p.m. CT (immediately following the live broadcast of UFC Fight Night 22). This will mark the twelfth season of the hit reality series which focuses on up-and-coming professional mixed martial artists competing for a contract with the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

All the fighters this season are from the lightweight (155 lbs.) division. Coaching one team will be UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre and opposing him, coaching the other team, will be welterweight contender Josh Koscheck.

St-Pierre has assembled a coaching staff consisting of Tristar Gym‘s Firas Zahabi and Phil Nurse from The WAT in Manhattan. Also on Team GSP as a coach is a legendary BJJ trainer by the name of John Danaher.

Koscheck has brought along American Kickboxing Academy instructors Dave Camarillo, Javier Mendez and Bob Cook, as well as world-class wrestler Daniel Cormier.

An interesting side note about the coaches is that Camarillo, who is the BJJ coach for Team Koscheck has trained with Team GSP’s John Danaher, and has actually called him the “greatest BJJ instructor on planet Earth.”

You know how the past couple seasons things have seemed a little calmer inside the house? We really haven’t seen any good scraps outside the cage like in some of the earlier seasons. ProMMAnow.com can positively say with authority you’re going to see at least one good fight OUTSIDE the cage this season. One of the coaches might even get a little buck wild!

So if you are one who feels things have been maybe getting a little stale, get ready because The Ultimate Fighter is about to step up its entertainment game. Be sure to check out the sneak peek video below.


Team GSP

  • Georges St-Pierre
  • Phil Nurse
  • Firas Zahabi
  • John Danaher
  • Shawn Williams
  • Jean-Charles Skarbowsky

Team Koscheck

  • Josh Koscheck
  • Javier Mendez
  • Bob Cook
  • Dave Camarillo
  • Teddy Lucio
  • Daniel Cormier


  • JJ Ambrose
  • Paul Barrow
  • Jason Brenton
  • Jonathan Brookins
  • Mike Budnik
  • Alex Caceres
  • Sako Chivitchian
  • Joseph Duffy
  • Pablo Garza
  • Toby Grear
  • Daniel Head
  • Michael Johnson
  • Amir Khillah
  • Jeff Lentz
  • Sevak Magakian
  • Steve Magdaleno
  • Andy Main
  • Cody McKenzie
  • T. J. O’Brien
  • Spencer Paige
  • Nam Phan
  • Michael Richman
  • Dane Sayers
  • Ariel Sexton
  • Marc Stevens
  • Kyle Watson
  • Ran Weathers
  • Aaron Wilkinson

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