Shinya Aoki follows Dan Hardy in criticizing wrestlers

UFC welterweight contender Dan Hardy isn’t the only prominent fighter complaining about how some mixed martial artists use wrestling to win ugly decisions. DREAM lightweight standout Shinya Aoki has now thrown his hat into the mix.

In an interview with, Aoki said that in the “extreme form” of martial arts, which requires going for a KO or submission finish, he does not believe B.J. Penn lost his recent fight with Frankie Edgar at UFC 118.

“The American wrestling style – punching a little bit, getting a takedown and moving to side control to win the round has no risk. It’s an easier fight. It’s just using the judges. They don’t even have to worry about injuries or anything like that. There is no risk.”

The interview continues:

“Would you like to see Frankie Edgar vs Gray Maynard? Do you think it would be interesting?” Aoki asks.

Meanwhile, UFC middleweight Nate Marquardt recently took a different stance than Hardy, suggesting that fighters who complain about wrestlers need to improve their own wrestling.

6 thoughts on “Shinya Aoki follows Dan Hardy in criticizing wrestlers”

  1. Aoki is right on – the wrestling style can be abused to just get a “win” in the judges eye but such a win doesn’t really stop an opponent!

  2. There is such a thing as calculated risk.

    Bj was a beaten man at the end of the Edgar fight. Aoki was crying after Gilbert beat his ass.

    Maybe we should just turn this spot into kickboxing rounds and grappling rounds.

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