If all goes as planned, then “Shine Fights 3: 2010 Lightweight Grand Prix” will take place this evening at First Council Casino in Newkirk, Okla. Eight fighters will compete in a one night lightweight grand prix. The event will air live on Pay-Per-View starting at 9:00 p.m. ET and we here at ProMMAnow.com will provide live results and play-by-play commentary on all the action.

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Shine Fights 3 quick results:


  • Drew Fickett def. Charles Bennett by submission (guillotine choke) Rd 1 (3:34)
  • Dennis Bermudez def. Shannon Gugerty by unanimous decision Rd 3
  • Kyle Baker def. James Warfield by split decision Rd 3
  • Rich Crunkilton def. Carlo Prater by split decision Rd 3


  • Drew Fickett def. Dennis Bermudez by submission (rear-naked choke) Rd 1 (2:10)
  • Carlo Prater def. Charlie Brown by majority decision Rd 3


  • Drew Fickett def. Carlo Prater by submission (Rear-naked choke) Rd 1 (2:02)

Shine Fights 3 play-by-play:

Notes: They’re fighting in a ring tonight. One man will have to win three bouts in one night to win the Shine Fights championship. For those who don’t know the fans actually picked the first round match-ups on this card.

Charles “Kid Chaos” Bennett a.k.a. Krazy Horse (23-17-2) vs. Drew Fickett (38-14)

Round 1 – Fickett has a shaved head. Bennett lays down on the ground as his name is announced. I like this ring. Drew takes the center of the ring. Drew attacks with punches, gets the clinch. Fitch goes for an armbar but Bennett escapes. Leg kick Fickett, then gets a strong takedown. Bennett looking for a kimura from the bottom. Bennett uses it to sweep and ends up on top. Very nice from Bennett. Bennett inside the full guard. Fickett has his arm locked up in an armbar. Bennett picks him up with one harm, Fickett hanging on and Bennett slams him on his head freeing his arm. Bennett pounding from the top, Fickett gets to his feet. Fickett jumps into a guillotine and puts Bennett to sleep while standing. Bennett goes to slam him but he’s left on the mat out cold. Beautiful submission by Fickett, it was an arm-in guillotine.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Drew Fickett def. Charles Bennett by submission (guillotine choke) Rd 1 (3:34)

NOTES: The Shine commentary said Fickett was a coach on this season of The Ultimate Fighter. LOL oh my… they later corrected it saying he had a win over Josh Koscheck, who is a coach this season.

Shannon Gugerty (12-5) vs. Dennis Bermudez (6-0)

Round 1 – Bermudez took this fight on Monday. The rules are they have two five minute rounds with a chance of overtime. Bermudez shoots, they clinch in the corner. Gugerty shoves him off, lands a leg kick. Clinched, Gugerty goes for a hip toss but can’t get it. Clinched in the corner, trading knees to the thighs. They separate and square up. Nice punch, leg kick combo from Bermudez. He then gets the clinch and pushes Gugerty into the corner. It’s a clinch game at this point. Gugerty goes for a takedown and they go outside the ropes. Back to the center. Nice right hand by Bermudez. Gugerty fires back with a combo. Commentator says the right from Bermudez didn’t connect. Bermudez lands some knees. Oh my god, Bermudez goes for a takedown and Gugerty goes backward out of the ring, his back lands across the edge of the ring and falls head first onto the floor. Wow. They fall all over chairs, tables, and everything. Luckily he doesn’t seem injured and they go to their corners. This is the kind of thing you face with an unsanctioned event. Close round but I’ll give it to Bermudez 10-9.

Round 2 – Bermudez lands a right. Leg kick Gugerty. The ropes are so loose they have to be careful. Leg kick from Gugerty. Bermudez swings hard and misses. Gugerty working a jab, lands a leg kick. Bermudez fires back with big shots, then locks on a guillotine and takes Gugerty down. Bermudez moves to half guard, traps Gugerty’s arm and lands several punches. Ref stops them and puts them in the center. Gugerty has full guard, gets to his feet after pushing Bermudez off. They start trading punches, then clinch. Gugerty jumps into a guillotine but Bermudez gets right out, lands some punches and takes Gugerty’s back. These guys are expending so much energy. They’re going to be worthless. Knee stomp from Bermudez. Bermudez lands some nice punches before the bell. I give that round to Bermudez 10-9.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Dennis Bermudez def. Shannon Gugerty by unanimous decision

James Warfield (21-6) vs. Kyle Baker (8-4)

Round 1 – All of Warfield’s wins have come via stoppage. That’s impressive. Warfield comes out aggressive and puts a kick in the groin of Baker. Time out is called while Baker catches his breath. Warfield catches a kick, lets it go. They trade body kicks. Baker with a leg kick. Warfield looks light on his feet and moving well. He catches a kick, jumps in with a huge left hook that lands. They trade kicks. Warfield fakes a look down the lunges in with a big left. They clinch and Baker puts Warfield in the corner. Foot stomps and knees to the thighs from Baker. Body shots from Baker. Low blow again from Warfield. Warfield comes out flying all over the place with kicks and punches. Baker lands a nice right. Warfield with several punches connects. Jumping knee from Warfield lands, then he takes down Baker. Ref calls time to have the doctor check Baker out. He has a lot of blood and a pretty big cut. A cut man is actually working on it during the fight.. WTF? Since when can you work on a cut during the round? Warfield’s style is very exciting. Nice right from Warfield. Leg kick from Warfield. Warfield catches a kick. They exchange uppercuts. They clinch up and start banging it out like a street fight. Warfield jumps guillotine at the bell. I give the round to Warfield 10-9.

Round 2 РHuge leg kick from Warfield. Leg kick Baker. Nice right hand from Warfield. Body shot and front kick from Baker. Leg kick Baker. Jumping knee from Warfield goes over the rope and out of the ring onto a table. He got nailed by a right hand from Baker as he was flying over the ropes. This thing is CRAZY! This whole event has an air of bizarre. They exchange low kicks. Spinning backfist from Warfield. Baker lands several punches that Warfield feels. Baker is bleeding pretty badly. Body kick from Baker. Warfield catches a kick and tosses Baker down. Lets him up. Baker gets Warfield in the corner and throws some shots, Warfield escapes and laughs, lands a leg kick. Baker lands some body shots, pressing Warfield against the ropes. He goes through the ropes and they restart it. Warfield slips to the ground after a kick. Baker gets on top in side control. Baker takes his back, flattens Warfield out. Baker starts raining down punches trying to finish with just a few seconds to go. I give that round to Baker 10-9.  Needs to go to a third round. This fight is pretty amazing.

Round 3 – Overtime baby. Expect these boys to go for broke here. Warfield circles Baker. Catches a kick and lands a few body shots. Warfield slips to the mat and Baker jumps on top in side control. Huge knee to the back of Warfield. Baker puts elbows in Warfield’s gut. Baker goes for a D’arce but Warfield gets up and free. Baker falls through the ropes. They clinch in the corner. Warfield explodes with a combo. Knee to the head by Baker. Warfield drops levels for a single leg. Baker puts elbows into Warfield’s gut. The ref pulls out a yellow card for some stupid reason. You gotta give the overtime round and thus the fight to Baker. I think Warfield just didn’t have enough left in the tank. 10-9 Warfield, 10-9 Baker, 10-9 Baker. Baker has a cut that’s going to be hard for him to fight again tonight.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Kyle Baker def. James Warfield by split decision

Rich Crunkilton (16-3) vs. Carlo Prater (24-7-1)

Round 1 – Crunkilton with a leg kick. They clinch, Rich with underhooks. Carlo has a significant height advantage. They square up. Rich with a couple kicks. Clinch. Prater throws a couple knees then whips Crunkilton hard to the ground and lands on top. Prater in side control against the ropes. Prater tries to mount but Crunkilton regains full guard. Moved to the center. Crunkilton is able to reverse very fast and lands on top in half guard. Prater kicks him off and gets up. Prater goes over his head with a high kick and Crunkilton shoots and puts him through the ropes. Time out is called to make sure Prater is okay. Absolutely ridiculous. This is why MMA is meant for a damn cage. Head kick Prater and Crunkilton lands a punch in return. Flying nee to the head by Prater. Looks like it hit him solid. Clinched. They separate. Prater falls after getting his back leg sweeped. I give that first round to Prater 10-9.

NOTES: The Pay-Per-View is experiencing technical difficulties and has gone off the air temporarily… stay tuned they said…

Round 2 – Left hook from Crunkilton. Nice right from Crunkilton, then gets a nice takedown. Prater gets to his feet, clinched. Crunkilton goes for a takedown but can’t get it. They square up. Leg kick Crunkilton as he picks up the pace. Nice left hook from Crunkilton then picks Prater up for a big slam. Crunkilton has side control, Prater gets to his knees and feet. Crunkilton swings misses and lands a couple. Leg kick Crunkilton. Clinch. Prater tries to trip Rich but can’t get it. Clinched against the ropes. Knee to the body by Prater. Rich fires ¬†back lands a nice right. Crunkilton gets a takedown and lands inside guard. The ref moves them to center. Crunkilton attempts a cartwheel pass but can’t get it. Bell sounds as they stand. I give that round to Crunkilton 10-9. It should go to a third as I see it.

Round 3 – Overtime once again as it should be. This round only three minutes. This is the last of the quarterfinal bouts. Prater swings and Crunkilton shoots and puts him on his but, back on the ropes and he gets up. They exchange punches, Crunkilton lands a right then clinches. They separate, Crunkilton lands a couple shots, shoots again, gets stuffed. They separate and Crunkilton puts on the pressure with more punches and shoots again. Prater stuffs it and is almost in pure defense right now. Crunkilton throws a combo and shoots again. Clinched. Separate and square up. Nice right hand by Prater. Then a knee to the body. Crunkilton fires back lands a shot to the chin, then shoots. They fall through the ropes as the bell sounds. I give the round and fight to Crunkilton. Judges score the round Prater, Crunkilton, Crunkilton.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Rich Crunkilton def. Carlo Prater by split decision


Drew Fickett vs. Dennis Bermudez

Round 1 – Fickett is probably the freshest out of anyone from the first round. Bermudez is still undefeated in his career. Leg kick Bermudez, then goes for a takedown but ends up on his butt. Bermudez stands, eats a left. Fickett slips to his back. Fickett calls him to the ground, grabs his leg and gets him down. Fickett takes his back and gets both hooks in. Fickett looking for the choke very quickly. Bermudez trying to spin but Fickett gets a body triangle. Bermudez finally taps. Wow!! Drew Fickett is back. Two quick wins for Fickett, the best scenario possible going into the finals. It was actually an interesting submission because it didn’t even look like it was under his chin.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Drew Fickett def. Dennis Bermudez by submission (rear-naked choke) Rd 1 (2:10)

NOTES: Crunkilton and Baker are BOTH out of the tournament. Charlie Brown and Carlo Prater are the replacements. Brown is an alternate and won his fight earlier tonight. He trains with Ben Henderson and Henderson is in his corner. Crunkilton had a rib injury, most likely happened when he fell through the ropes.

Charlie Brown vs. Carlo Prater

Round 1 – They trade leg kicks. A few more leg kicks from each. Brown swings big but misses. High kick from Prater blocked. Left hook from Prater blocked. Ref calls for action, warns of a yellow card. Leg kick from Brown buckles the leg of Prater. Leg kick Brown, Prater returns one. Head kick from Prater is blocked. Low blow by Prater. Leg kick from Brown. Leg kick Prater. Leg kick Brown. Leg kick Prater. Prater grabs a single leg. Lets it go and eats an elbow. Brown fires off a couple punches that stagger Prater. Prater clinches. Brown lands a couple body shots, they separate. Big leg kick from Prater. Prater gets a takedown right before the bell. I give the round to Brown 10-9.

Round 2 – Leg kick Prater. It’s dead silent in the arena. Sounds like Japan. Prater shoots for a single, gets stuffed. Clinched. Brown puts some knees on Prater, lands a low blow. Time out called. Leg kick from Prater is checked. Ref warns of a yellow card. Prater shoots, gets stuffed. Clinched. Prater gets an inside trip takedown. Brown has full guard. Prater takes Brown’s back momentarily, but they both get up. Leg kick Brown, nice body shot. Brown shoots, gets stuffed. Prater trips him to the ground and is in Brown’s full guard. Prater rolls for a kneebar. Brown punches him and gets on top in half guard as the bell sounds. Prater should get this round and should go to a third round in my opinion.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Carlo Prater def. Charlie Brown by majority decision and advances to the finals against Drew Fickett


Drew Fickett vs. Carlo Prater

NOTES: Prater has already fought 23 minutes tonight. Fickett has fought less than five minutes. Even if they were both fresh I would still pick Fickett to win. If by some miracle Prater could pull this off it would truly be remarkable.

Round 1 – Fickett shoots and puts Prater down immediately. Fickett on top inside full guard. Ref warns for action or suffer a yellow card. Ref keeps calling for action. Fickett stands and passes guard to side control. Ref keeps calling for action. Fickett gets full mount and starts raining down shots. Prater gives up his back and Fickett sinks in the choke. Prater escapes, gets mounted, then back to rear naked choke. It’s deep and Prater taps just before going to sleep, head all purple. Fickett dominated the whole night. If he can keep this up he could give just about anyone in the lightweight division a serious threat. I’d love to see him keep it together and get back in the UFC’s lightweight division. $50,000 will be awarded to Mr. Fickett for the win.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Drew Fickett def. Carlo Prater by submission (Rear-naked choke) Rd 1 (2:02)

NOTES: Drew was very classy as was Prater. Fickett cheered for Prater during his post-fight interview, undoubtedly for going through so much tonight. Prater wouldn’t admit fatigue had anything to do with it, just said Fickett is very strong.

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