In what could be nothing more than lighthearted trash talking, UFC fighter Vitor Belfort called upon Dana White to let him fight James Toney… in a boxing match.

Per Vitor’s Twitter account:

Dana let me fight James Tony on 6 round boxe Mach I think I can catch him with my speed

And a follow up:

Dana will be the 1 boxing match in Ufc I promise he will fell my power and we will show the world the a Ufc fighter can do better

If Toney was hoping an MMA fighter would return the favor and step into his world, I’m sure he’ll be pleased by the news. Of course, even if Belfort is being serious, White’s refusal to let Anderson Silva fight Roy Jones in a boxing match suggests the UFC brass wouldn’t let this happen.

Officially, Belfort is scheduled to face Yushin Okami at UFC 122 in Germany on Nov. 13, with a possible middleweight title shot on the line.

8 thoughts on “Vitor Belfort wants to fight James Toney in a boxing match”
  1. I’d love to see it.
    As a fan of both MMA and boxing, I think it makes good viewing and the contrast in boxing styles would be good to watch. Am sure James Toney would hype the fight nicely too.

  2. Vitor would have a better chance at defeating Toney in boxing than Toney did at having defeated Couture in MMA… maybe? I think so.

  3. I wouldn’t want to see this. Belfort will not beat Toney. Toney has way too much boxing experience. It will get ugly for Belfort and I’m sure Dana will not allow it.

  4. I say make it happen. Although I’d rather seem him go against Junior dos Antos. Except you’ll be getting rid of a challenger for the title…

  5. I think everyone knows how this would go. Belfort would get schooled just like Dana white did not let Silva fight roy jones jr. Dana knows the outcome!

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