This is why you don’t want Pat Barry kicking you in the head

Who: UFC heavyweight Pat Barry

Where: UFC Fan Expo in Boston

What: Using high kicks on a punching machine

The “guillotine” is a type of choke submission hold, but Pat Barry’s high kicks should also be referred to as a “guillotine”. The “guillotine kick” – you heard it coined here first.

If Barry had lived in medieval times when they beheaded people, he could have had a shop right next to the blacksmith where they took criminals for punishment. A sign over his shop might read: “Pat Barry’s Guillotine Shop -Decapitation at its Finest”. The criminal would be brought and stood in front of Pat and he’d deliver one of these 1,000 lbs. of force blows and watch the poor bastard’s head fly clean off and hit the wall. Then a barefoot hunchback assistant would come clean up the mess and mop the floor.

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