Following his knockout victory over fellow lightweight Jorge Gurgel at Saturday night’s “Strikeforce: Houston” event, K.J. Noons defends his actions in the cage that have appeared to some as controversial, late and illegal.

First, he talks about the punch he threw at the end of the first round that knocked Gurgel to the canvas. It appeared the punch came just at or immediately after the bell. And secondly, he defends what appeared to be an illegal knee or kick after he dropped Gurgel with an enormous fight-ending left hook in the second round.

In both cases, Noons said he was in the heat of the moment and trying to finish the fight, and by no means is he a dirty fighter. Incidentally, Gurgel nor his camp are the ones who have complained about the shots being illegal and in fact have defended Noons’ actions vehemently.

2 thoughts on “KJ Noons: “I’m not a dirty fighter” *VIDEO*”
  1. Noons should have been disqualified even if he was winning the fight. The punch happened after not one, but three dings of the bell. Totally illegal. The knee to the head was also illegal because the referee hadn’t stopped the fight.

    Noons should have been disqualified and suspended for at least a fight and that referee! He shouldn’t be put in the ring any more. A useless ref of a man. Totally worthless!

    Seems Strikeforce is mired in controversy and a lack of standards.

  2. yea. His next fights against Diaz for the title. He already beat the shit outta Nick once, and my money says he’ll do it again. His style is a nightmare for Diaz, or any jiu jitsu guy for that´╗┐ matter.

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