Bellator 25 results, play-by-play

CHICAGO — Bellator Fighting Championships 25 takes place this evening at the Chicago Theater in Chicago. Headlining the card is a middleweight fight between Dan Hornbuckle and Brad Blackburn. The card also features two bouts in the first-ever Bellator heavyweight tournament and a bout from the 115-pound women’s tournament.

Bellator 25 airs live on Fox Sports Net starting at 8:00 p.m. EST. will provide live results and offer our own play-by-play commentary live from the venue, so join us right here for tonight’s event at about 7:00 p.m. EST.

Bellator 25 quick results:

MAIN CARD (Televised)

  • Cole Konrad def. Rogent Lloret by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)
  • Dan Hornbuckle def. Brad Blackburn by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)
  • Damian Grabowski def. Scott Barrett by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)
  • Zoila Frausto def. Jessica Pene by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)


  • Shonie Carter vs. Torrance Taylor
  • Brian Gassaway def. Kevin Knabjian Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)
  • Kenny Robertson def. John Kolosci Submission (half-nelson neck crank) 2:41 Round 2
  • Keoki Cypriano def. Eric Kriegermeier Submission (triangle choke) 3:16 Round 1

NOTE: Shonie Carter vs. Torrance Taylor, Kevin Knabjian vs. Brian Gassaway and John Kolosci vs. Kenny Robertson will take place after the televised card.

Bellator 25 play-by-play:

Keoki Cypriano vs. Eric Kriegermeier

Round 1 – Dr. David Smith, the referee who ruined Ben Askren vs. Ryan Thomas 1, is in the the cage. Keoki rushes in and his opponent swings wildly. He throws a head kick and his opponent uses it to get behind him and bring him to mat. Kriegermeier takes the back and looks for the rear-naked choke. He snakes himself out of a hook and comes out on top. He throws some hard elbows and body shots from the top. A hard combination lands from the top. Cypriano is starting to land a lot of hard right hands to the head. He punches down into a triangle choke from the top. Kriegermeier adjusts his legs and gets the tap.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Eric Kriegermeier defeats Keoki Cypriano by Submission (triangle choke) 3:16 Round 1

Jessica Pene vs. Zoila Frausto

Round 1 – Pene is undefeated at 7-0. Will she meet her match tonight against the 7-1 “The Warrior Princess”? Mr. Jorge is in Frausto’s corner of course. Pene looks ready. She’s a bit taller and lankier. Zoila attacks first with a body kick, then a leg kick to body kick combo. Zoila gets her kick caught and Pene pushes her into the fence. Clinched. Pene with a couple knees, looking for the takedown. Frausto appears to be stronger in the clinch. Pene still pushing her into the fence, Zoila reverses and puts Pene into the fence, puts some knees on her. Pene grabs a head lock but Zoila gets out and they square up in the center. Frausto lands a counter right. Big leg kick for Zoila. Front kick from Pene and Zoila lands a big left that seemed to stun Pene. Clinched. Zoila throws her off and lands a head kick that is blocked, but she still felt it I guarantee ya. Leg kick Pene but eats a punch for her trouble. Pene shoots, tries to pull guard but Zoila gets away. Superwoman to kick combo by Zoila as the bell sounds. Zoila wins that one all the way (Jack 10-9 Zoila) (Richard 10-9 Zoila).

Round 2 – Leg kick from Zoila. Nice leg kick. Zoila is poerful with her kicks. Front push kick from Pene. Pene tries to shoot in but gets stopped with a punch that glances. Pene trying to set up the shot, she clinches, Zoila turns her around puts her against the fence. Zoila puts some knees on her, pressing her against the cage. Pene reverses position, Zoila has a body lock and reverses Pene to the fence. Nice one two punch from Frausto. Pene fires back but misses. Leg kick Zoila, then a push kick. Pene throws a knee and gets put up against the fence. One minute left in the round. Pene goes for an inside trip but Zoila too strong. Knees to the thigh from Zoila. They square up. They clinch. Zoila gets her to the ground and lands some poundage before the bell. (Jack 10-9 Zoila) (Richard 10-10 Zoila).

Round 3 – Left hook from Pene. Leg kick from Zoila. Leg kick Pene. Leg kick Zoila then she throws Pene to the ground. A few body shots from Zoila as Pene gets to her feet. Clinched against the cage, Zoila throws her off. Left hook from Pene is blocked. They trade jabs, both landing. Pene shoots under Zoila’s punch but gets stuffed. Knee to the body from Pene. Zoila slings her against the cage and pushes her into the cage. Two minutes to go. Powerful knee to the thigh from Zoila. Zoila pushes her off and they square up. Pene coming forward and misses with a kick. Nice spinning back kick lands for Frausto. Head kick from Pene is blocked. Again. Pene shoots, grabs a single but Zoila much too strong just pushes her off. Zoila throws her down, front kick as Pene comes forward and the bell sounds. (Jack 10-9 for the round and 30-27 for the fight for Zoila) (Richard 10-9 for the round and 30-28 for Zoila)

OFFICIAL RESULT: Zoila Frausto def. Jessica Pene by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Dan Hornbuckle vs. Brad Blackburn

Round 1 – Big takedown by Hornbuckle. Blackburn holding onto a guillotine but lets it go. Hornbuckle inside the full guard. Blackburn gets up and drops Hornbuckle with a big right, then dives on Blackburn with a follow up shot. Now Blackburn on top in Hornbuckle’s guard. Hornbuckle appears okay, and gets to his feet. Nice right from Blackburn. Another right from Blackburn. Body kick from Hornbuckle, then a right hand. Nice leg kick from Hornbuckle. Body punch from Blackburn, followed by several punches. Body kick from Hornbuckle. Leg kick from Blackburn, then a front kick. Head kick from Hornbuckle, it’s blocked. Then a body kick. Left hab from Hornbuckle. Leg kick from Hornbuckle but he eats a counter right that knocks him back. Clinched against the cage, exchanging knees. (Jack 10-9 for Blackburn) (Richard 10-9 Blackburn)

Round 2 – Body kick from Hornbuckle is blocked. Right hook, then a leg kick from Blackburn. Leg kick from Blackburn. Nice solid right from Hornbuckle scores. Big inside leg kick from Blackburn. Nice left from Hornbuckly and Blackburn fires back. Inside leg kick from Blackburn. Then one to the outside. Hornbuckle jumps up to throw a jumping roundhouse but gets dropped with a front kick to the groin. Leg kick from Blackburn, followed by a head kick from Hornbuckle that is mostly blocked. Nice left from Blackburn. Hornbuckle’s defense and counter shots look a lot better in this round. Nice left then a right hook from Hornbuckle, he then knocks Blackburn down with a front kick. (Jack 10-9 Hornbuckle) (Richard 10-9 Hornbuckle)

Round 3 – Monica Ortega is the ring girl. Body shot by Blackburn. One two punch from Hornbuckle, then a right jab scores. Blackburn with a nice right, again. Body kick from Hornbuckle. Nice right from Blackburn. Nice exchanges from both guys and each one landing some decent shots. Nice right from Blackburn. Two minutes left. Hornbuckle with a couple nice punches, being more aggressive, lands a big leg kick. Right hook from Blackburn. Again. Straight left from Hornbuckle. Blackburn shoots, gets stuffed. Thirty seconds left and Hornbuckle landing some solid punches and a couple of knees. Hornbuckle got that round pretty easily by being more aggressive, especially turning it on at the end. He made a necessary adjustment after round one and did what he needed to do to get the job done. (Jack 10-9 for the round 29-28 for the fight) (Richard 10-9 for the round 29-28 for the fight)

OFFICIAL RESULT: Dan Hornbuckle def. Brad Blackburn by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Damian Grabowski vs. Scott Barrett

Round 1 – Here’s the big boys. Leg kick from the Pole. They clinch. Barrett looks for the takedown, pushes Grabowski into the fence. Knee to the groin from Grabowski. Grabowski counters with a couple of punches that land solid. Barrett picks him up high and puts him on his back. Barrett on top in full guard. The Polish crowd is loud. Grabowski landing some good shots from the bottom as Barrett gets half guard. Barrett tries to get Grabowski’s back but gets put on his own back. Grabowski inside Barrett’s guard, softening him up with body shots. Barret trying to get to his feet. Grabowski waiting to throw a knee but Barrett scoops him and puts him on his back. Now Barrett on top inside the Pole’s guard. Grabowski with the ground and pound, lands a nice right. Grabowski scores with a big up kick. He gets out and up, lands a nice kick as Barrett gets up. Barrett clinches as the bell sounds. I give Barrett the round. (Jack 10-9 Barrett) (Richard 10-9 Grabowski)

NOTES: Doctor checked Barrett’s eye between rounds and gave him a thumbs up. Grabowski had poked him in the eye with a thumb.

Round 2 – Barrett grabs a single, big slam. Barrett inside Grabowski’s full guard. Grabowski staying active with strikes from his back. Barret trying to pass guard, postures up and lands a right. Grabowski kicks his knee from his back. Barrett gets back on top and continues to grind but Grabowski continues with punches and hammerfists. Ref warns Barrett to improve position. Nice right from Barrett. 2:25 left in the round. Kind of a stale mate now. Grabowski tries to sweep but can’t get the 270 lb. wrestler off. Barrett gets full mount. Grabowski gives up his back and Barrett lands some punches. Grabowski spins and ends up on top of Barrett inside his guard. 45 seconds left in the round. Barrett holding him tight. Grabowski with hammerfists and punches to the body. Close but I give it to Barrettt. (Jack 10-9 Barrett) (Richard 10-9 Barrett)

Round 3 – Time is called again between rounds to check on Barrett’s right eye. It’s all a go. Big leg kick for Grabowski, and again. Barrett being tentative, gets the clinch. A couple of knees from Grabowski are blocked, then an uppercut. Big leg kick from Grabowski, and a nice uppercut. Barrett gets the clinch, lands a knee and one is returned. Grabowski hits Barrett with some big uppercuts and punches as he walks forward into them. Barrett going for the clinch but eats several punches. Grabowski breathing deep but Barrett looks tired too just eating these punches with no head movedment at all. Barrett’s nickname is “Bear” and he looks like a bear going forward. Grabowski shoots but gets stuffed. Big knee to the body from Grabowski. Barrett with a couple of rights. Grabowski with a couple of knees and a big head kick. Barrett eating them all, eats a big right hand, and a four punch combo, a two punch combo, a three punch combo, a leg kick, a jab. Barret shoots and gets the takedown. GEEZUS, Barrett reminds me of Cabbage eating all these shots with a hard head. Barrett ends the round on top with ground and pound. Grabowski gets the round but Barrett gets the fight. (Jack scores the round 10-9 for Grabowski but the fight 29-28 for Barrett) (Richard scores the fight 10-9 for Grabowski and the fight 29-28 for Grabowski)

OFFICIAL RESULT: Damian Grabowski def. Scott Barrett by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Cole Konrad vs. Rogent Lloret

Round 1 – Another heavyweight fight here. Konrad comes out fas with strikes then a clinch. Lloret separates and they square up. Lloret is a BJJ black belt and of course Konrad is a high level wrestler. Konrad lands a combo of punches then gets a takedown.Konrad in half guard. It will be interesting to see how the black belt handles the big wrestler. Konrad softening him up with body shots, trying to advance position. Konrad maintaining control from teh top, but Lloret stands and Konrad has a guillotine hold. Lloret gets out and back to his feet and squares up. Leg kick from Konrad then a body shot. Leg kick from Lloret. Leg kick and a jab that misses from Konrad. (Jack scores it 10-9 for Konrad) (Richard 10-9 Konrad)

Round 2 – Leg kick from Konrad. Lloret looks very tentative. Konrad attacks with a couple shots but Lloret gets out of the way. Nice counter leg kick from Lloret. Straight left from Konrad, then to the clinch but Lloret gets free. Leg kick from Lloret. Head kick from Lloret is blocked. Right hand from Konrad but Lloret gets out of the way. Konrad shoots, drives Lloret into the cage. Lloret gets free from the clinch and squares up. Konrad hunting and lands a nice right hand. Leg kick from Konrad. Telegraphed head kick from Lloret misses. Konrad swings, misses with a combo, but gets a takedown. Lloret gets to his feet right away but Konrad has not let go of the clinch. Konrad puts some knees in Lloret’s thighs. 20 seconds left. Uppercut then a right hand by Konrad sealing this round. (Jack scores it 10-9 for Konrad) (Richard 10-9 Konrad)

Round 3 – Konrad catches a kick and gets the takedown. Konrad inside Lloret’s full guard. Konrad lands some hammerfists and body shots but nothing significant. The crowd is not too thrilled and neither am I to tell you the truth. Konrad is maintaining control and just doing enough not to get stood up but, ya know, it is what it is. Two minutes to go. Ref calls for action. And warns again. Konrad gets to half guard. Konrad riding it out. Stands up right before the bell. (Jack scores it 10-9 for the round and 30-27 for Konrad for the fight) (Ricard scores it 10-9 for the round and 30-27 for Konrad for the fight)

OFFICIAL RESULT: Cole Konrad def. Rogent Lloret by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

John Kolosci vs. Kenny Robertson

Round 1 – Nice knee up the middle from Kolosci to starts things off. Robertson shoots in for a double leg, but it is stuffed. He pushes Kolosci up against the cage. After a few moments, Robertson scores a lateral drop and takes side control. From there he works into a half guard and then he takes the back. Kolosci tries to scramble, but Robertson is stuck to his back looking for the choke. Kolosci rolls over and gives up the mount. He eventually gains a half guard, but he is still in trouble on his back. Kolosci sits up against the cage, but he can’t stand. Robertson tries to pass, and Kolosci stuffs it and gets full guard. Robertson lands a knee to chest and takes the back with one hook. He pulls a banana split from the back Kolosci escapes. The round ends with Robertson kneeing from the back.
ProMMANow score 10-9 Robertson

Round 2 – Robertson scores a double leg off the bat into half guard. He tries to work a guillotine from the half guard, but it isn’t close. Kolosci scrambles back to his feet and gets caught in a front head lock. Robertson works knees from the position and then takes the back. He gets high and Kolosci shucks him off. Robertson shoots again and presses Kolosci up against the cage. He tries to drag him away from the cage with a near-side cradle, but decides to take the back instead. He locks in a power half nelson and after stretching the neck ellicits the tap.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Kenny Robertson defeats John Kolosci Submission (half-nelson neck crank) 2:41 Round 2

Kevin Knabjian vs. Brian Gassaway

Round 1 – Stiff jab starts thing off for Gassaway. Knabijian shots a single and sits his opponent down for the takedown. Gassaway pulls full guard against the cage. He goes for an armbar, but Knabijian passes to half guard and then side control. He lands hammer fists from the side control position while keeping Gassaway on his back with the navy ride. Gassaway tries to scramble and gets his half guard back. He moves to full guard. Knabjian postures up and lands a series of hard right hammer fists that do damage to Gassaway. Knabjian passes to half guard and then side control, but after a pair of punches, Gassaway reverses the position and ends up in side control. After a moment he moves the mount. He then takes the back and starts to land some hard right hands of his own. At the 43 second mark his sinks his arm under the chin and starts the work for the rear-nake choke. Knabjian gets his back on the canvas to avoid the choke. From the mount, Gassaway starts raining down heavy strikes.
ProMMANow Score 10-9 Knabjian

Round 2 – Knabjian tries two over hand rights that do not land. After missing a combination, he lands a hard right. He comes forward against and lands another right cross. Knabjian shoots a single leg and then makes it a double leg and finishes the takedown. Like in the first round, he starts raining down heavy hammer fists from the full guard. Gassaway blocks most of them. Knabjian lands a sneaky left from the top. He then goes back to throwing wild shots that are mostly blocked. With 50 seconds left in the round, the referee stands up the fighters. Gassaway lands a hard cross that back up his opponent. He comes forward with a body shot. Knabjian gets the clinch, but when he tries to take him down he ends up in an armbar. He is safe as the bell sounds to end the round.
ProMMANow score 10-9 Knabjian

Round 3 – Both fighters hit nothing but air to start the round. Knabjian eats a jab from Gassaway. Gassaway then comes forward with a one-two that lands. A stiff jab also lands. Now a right hook. Knabjian is clearly tired and goes for a takedown that is stuffed. He lands a knee on the break. Gassaway follows a one-two with a head kick that lands. Knabjian seems to be ok and he works into a clinch. He presses Gassaway into the cage with a double leg attempt. He makes it a high crotch but Gassaway defends and Knabjian withdraws. Gassaway is starting to take over with his strikes, but he is also extremely tired. He lands several right hands, but they do not have much power. A lead left comes down the pipe. Another shot from Knabjian is stuffed. A hard body shot and follow-up hook lands for Gassaway. Knabjian comes back and lands his first punch in a while. Both fighters throw a few punches in the last ten seconds, but nothing lands clean.
ProMMANow score 10-9 Gassaway

OFFICIAL RESULT: Brian Gassaway defeats Kevin Knabjian Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Shonie Carter vs. Torrance Taylor

Round 1 – Both fighters trade kicks to start the fight. Shonie tries to catch the next two kicks from Taylor, but can’t. Taylor lands a stiff super-man punch. Shonie finally catches a kick and gets the takedown to full guard. Taylor stands, but Carter gets behind him and tries to suplex, but mostly falls to his own back. The fighters are now back on their feet. The fighters try to kick at range, but nothing lands. Shonie lands a hard spinning back fist a follow-up right, but Taylor is not hurt. Taylor tries an axe kick and follows it up with some shots. He then comes with a side kick to the chest. Shonie comes back with two body kicks of his own. Shonie presses Taylor against the cage with double underhooks. Taylor gets off the cage and lands a knee to the body. Taylor gets a trip takedown with less than 10 seconds left.
ProMMANow score 10-9 Taylor

Round 2 – The fighters both land leg kicks and end up in the clinch. Shonie tries to throw, but ends up giving up in the mount. In a scramble, Taylor almost takes the back. However, they end up back on their feet with Taylor pressing Shonie into the cage. Taylor drags Shonie back to the mat. Shonie gets back to his feet and finally finishes the clinch takedown he had been working for. Taylor creates a scramble gets back to his feet and lands a few punches. Taylor starts trying to land kicks. He lands a few to the legs, but misses the two to the head. Shonie lands one to the cup, but it is not even hard enough to bother Taylor. Shonie tries to kick, but eats a hard right hand for his trouble. Sensing Shonie is hurt, Taylor comes in with some hard shots and lands several. He tags Shonie again and out of desperation Shonie shoots, and it is stuffed. He stands and Taylor gets behind him.Taylor lands a head kick on the break. The round ends.
ProMMANow score 10-9 Taylor

Round 3 – Taylor backs up Shonie with several right hands to start the last round. Shonie tries to clinch, but he has trouble controlling the position. Shonie appears hurt. The referee steps in and ask him if he wants to continue. He does and the fight continues. Taylor lands a hard side kick to the body. He then presses Shonie into the cage. From the clinch he lands a few knees to the body and gets a takedown into half guard. From there, Taylor begins landing some “stay busy” punches to the head. Shonie seems to have very little left, but Taylor is not throwing enough to finish the fight. He starts to unload some harder shots, which force Shonie to scramble but he can’t escape the position. Taylor takes the back with both hooks. Shonie defends wrists with 20 seconds left in the fight. At the clapper, Taylor lands a few punches.
ProMMANow score 10-9 Taylor

OFFICIAL RESULT: Torrance Taylor defeats Shonie Carter Unanimous Decision (30-26, 30-27, 30-27)

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