Johnathan "King's Kid" Burdine of Paragon Fight Team spoke with Johnathan “The King’s Kid” Burdine of Paragon Fight Team in Corinth, Miss. about his upcoming pro debut at Harrah’s Casino in Tunica, Miss., on Oct. 9, 2010. Johnathan holds a 10-5 amateur record and holds two title belts.  His upcoming fight is against Tyler Callens of Team Rage in Dyersburg, Tenn., and has the potential to be the fight of the night.

Johnathan, or “JBurd” as his friends call him, has paid his dues in the MMA game and is ready to move to the pro ranks.  He began his training at Tupelo Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in 2005 with the AGEMA Fight Team with Mark Romano and Chris Gates.  “Driving to Tupelo is over fifty miles one way and I did that for four years or so before I decided to start a gym in Corinth so I could work out close to home,” said Burdine.  “Since then, Team Paragon has grown to be a force in the Southeast and we are proud to have such a dedicated group of fighters.”

Burdine trains with Perry Williams, Bryan Burse, Mike Pannell, Tom Ha, Raymond Entrekin, and Nick Wood in Corinth and also still travels to Tupelo weekly to train with the AGEMA team.  He also works closely with “Ultimate Fighter” competitor John David Shackelford of “The Fight Clinic” in Olive Branch, Miss. asked Johnathan, “What drives you and where do you see yourself in two years?”  Burdine responded proudly, “I have seen my guys, me included, come from some pretty rough times and rough backgrounds and completely change their lives into something very positive through MMA and especially with help from God.”  Johnathan is not ashamed of his faith and shares it with everyone he meets.  “God gives me strength, he guides me and I have tried to go down different paths before.  Every time I try, the door closes.  I believe that He has directed me to this path in order to help others to become better people and I am proud to do it,” he says.  “I hope to make a big show within the next two years and I also plan to help our team fighters do the same.”

“Team Paragon has two pro fighters at this time but watch them closely because this is a team on the move,” said one fan.  Perry Williams had a great showing at the Isle of Capri Casino in May, 2010 and won his pro fight handily.  Johnathan plans to keep the team’s momentum rolling by exploding into the pro ranks at Harrah’s in October. You can check out Johnathan Burdine and the rest of the Paragon Fight Team on Facebook .com.

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