Not currently earning a living by fighting giants, "The Texas Crazy Horse" is living a little less crazy these days.

Have you been wondering what happened to “The Texas Crazy Horse” Heath Herring (28-14, 1 NC)? If you have, then you are not alone.

The former Pride FC and UFC heavyweight prospect has been noticeably missing from professional MMA competition now for nearly two years.

Herring’s last fight was against current UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar at “UFC 87: Seek and Destroy” in Aug. 2008. In fact, one of Lesnar’s most memorable and replayed highlights comes from that fight when he punched Herring so hard in knocked him into a rolling back flip.

Losing via unanimous decision, Herring is still the only fighter who has gone the distance with Lesnar. Apparently though, the 32-year-old 13-year veteran has lost his fire for competition.

In a new interview with MMA Weekly Radio, Herring said he still trains and tries to stay in shape, but as far as fighting goes, he has no immediate plans to return to competition, and instead, has been focusing on an acting career.

Herring talked about his reasons for making the transition from MMA to acting:

“You wake up and you’re 32 years old and it’s like ‘what am I working towards?’ Not setting anything aside full time or anything, don’t have any health insurance, so you start kind of looking at the big picture of life and start trying to figure out what’s the best way I can maximize the working time I have left? I don’t want to wake up one day and be like ‘oh man, I could have done this or I could have tried to do that.’ I think maybe I saw the glass ceiling so to speak in MMA. Obviously you can go and fight for the title, but I just felt like with some of the opportunities I had that were given to me right now, and where I was currently in my contract and the organization I was with, I was just like I’m going to achieve a lot more success within this type of arena right now, so I might as well try to do something else, that I’m actually enjoying more.” recently reviewed “Circle of Pain”, a movie that was recently released on DVD starring Herring, Kimbo Slice, Roger Huerta, and Frank Mir. While overall, on a scale of 1-to-10 (with 10 being best), we rated the movie a “3”, Herring actually was one of the good things about the movie. currently lists four movies Herring is involved with that are still in production, including an untitled comedy written by Andy Dick.

Herring has not completely ruled out a return to MMA and said if a good opportunity arose that interests him, he would consider it, but at least for now his focus is elsewhere.

It is interesting to note, at the time of publishing, Herring’s profile page is still on the UFC website. During his radio interview he said his lawyers were dealing with his UFC contract, but he was unable to comment on the situation due to ongoing litigation.

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  1. What a pussy. He couldn’t contend with the UFC big boys, bitched and whined about a contract he signed for the money and now makes shitty B movies. PUSS-E

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