Wanderlei Silva seminar at Nashville MMA – video highlights

Photo by Denny Hodge / ProMMAnow.com

Wanderlei Silva hit “Music City” this past week, and on July 10, “The Axe Murderer” crossed through the doors at Nashville MMA for a seminar. Fans and fighters alike were on hand awaiting his arrival, and once he arrived, he took plenty of time to shake everyone’s hand and answer any questions that were thrown his way.

After a quick change out of his street clothes and into his Wand Fight Team gear, Silva quickly warmed up the participants to prepare them for two hours of MMA training, the Wanderlei Silva way.

The seminar, which was shot by ProMMAnow.com, included multiple techniques, stressing integration of individual martial arts into mixed martial arts applications. Silva led drills related to various techniques, including brazilian jiu jitsu defense, the muay thai clinch, spacing while boxing, and take downs.

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