Pro MMA Now ( will provide live results and play-by-play commentary for tonight’s “Dream 15” taking place at the Saitama Super Arena in Saitama, Japan. The card will feature a lightweight title fight and the first round of the first-ever Dream light heavyweight tournament. Tonight’s main card will be televised live on HDNet at 3:00 am ET, and features a featherweight title fight.

Quick Results:

  • Shinya Aoki def. Tatsuya Kawajiri by submission (Achilles hold)
  • Gesias Cavalcante def. Katsunori Kikuno by split decision
  • Gegard Mousasi def. Jake O’Brien by submission (guillotine)
  • Tatsuya Mizuno def. Melvin Manhoef by submission (Kimura)
  • Michihiro Omigawa def. Jong Young Sam by submission (guillotine choke)
  • Mitsuhiro Ishida def. Daiki Hata by unanimous decision
  • Kazuhiro Nakamura def. Karl Amoussou by unanimous decision

Kazuhiro Nakamura vs. Karl Amoussou

Round 1 – Amoussou starts the fight off with a low kick. He then tries to go high, but does not land. Nakamura lands a night right hand down the pipe. Amoussou throws wildly but does not land clean. Nakamura shoots a double, and finishes a high crotch takedown. Amoussou locks up full guard. Nakamura postures up and tries to land some shots. Nakamura stands in the guard, and Amoussou tries to sweep. Nakamura regains his base and stays on top in full guard. He pushes the legs around and tries to pass, but Amoussou scrambles back to his feet and separates. Nakamura lands a nice jab and then two uppercuts that back up Amoussou. The French fighter presses Nakamura into the corner and then tries to drag him down. Nakamura reverses and ends up on top in half guard. Amoussou regains full guard after eating a few shots. Nakamura stands out of the guard and lands a few hard right hands from his feet. From the feet, Nakamura tries to swing the legs and pass, but Amoussou does a skillful job of keep his full guard. Back in full guard, he lands a few short punches and some elbows to the body. He gets back to his feet and lands some meaningful rights. The referee brings the fighters back to their feet and gives Amoussou a yellow card. The French fighter tries to high kicks but hits nothing but air. Amoussou tries to knee, but eats a right cross for his efforts. He then lands an uppercut to the body and a jumping knee.

Round 2 – The fighters trade hooks to start the round. Nakamura then lands an inside leg kick. Another jumping knee from Amoussou, but he eats another right. Nakamura grabs a high crotch and is able to finish by running the pipe. Amoussou holds onto a guillotine choke for a second, but lets go because it is not tight. Amoussou throws up a triangle, but Nakamura passes it. Amoussou goes for another, but his opponent escape and retreats to full guard. Nakamura starts to mix up his strikes nicely from the top. Nakamura passes, but Amoussou tries to lock in a leg lock and uses it to regain full guard. With 1:07 left, the referee brings them back to their feet. Both fighters receive yellow cards. Nakamura lands a hard body punch and follows it up with a shot to the jaw and floors Amoussou. Nakamura gets on top and lands a few shot at the end of the round.
OFFICIAL RESULT: Kazuhiro Nakamura wins by unanimous decision

Mitsuhiro Ishida vs. Daiki Hata

Round 1 – Hata comes out with a kick to the body. Ishida lands a hook and a rush double leg. He quickly passes into half guard. Ishida works hard to pass the half guard, but Hata does a good job holding position. In a quickly scramble, Ishida passes to side control. He locks in a far-side head and arm choke, but let’s it go when he can’t pass across. Ishida secures the crucifix position and lands some hard shots. He then transitions to an armbar on the opposite side, but Hata scramble out and back to his feet. Hata comes in with a hook, but Ishida keeps the distance well. A front kick catches Ishida off balance, but he gets back up quickly. Hata lands a round kick, but Ishida catches it and finishes the double leg. On top, Ishida tries to pound, but good defense by Hata. He scrambles back to his feet with some upkicks, but another quick takedown puts Hata back down. Ishida passes quickly to side control and the fighters show why MMA should be fought in a cage by getting caught in the ropes. The referee restarts them in the center. Ishida tries to work knee on belly, but Hata takes half guard. Hata makes a move for full guard, but Ishida passes back to side. There he lands some light strikes. Hata gives his back, and Ishida rides the back without the hooks. Hata then scrambles back to full guard. Then he works back to his feet, but he almost immediately taken down with a double. In a scramble, Ishida takes the back with one hook. He gives up the position to take back side control. The clock ticks out on a dominant round for Ishida.

Round 2 – Hata tries a body kick and gets taken down right off the kick. From his back, Hata lands a few slapping punches. Ishida takes the back again with one hook. He secures the second hook. He loses one hook, but is able to scramble into the mount position. Ishida lands rabbit punches from the mount, but does not raise his posture. Hata creates a scramble and gets to his feet. He then lands a tough upper cut, and Ishida drops for a single. He works it into a double leg and finishes the takedown. Hata tries a guillotine, but it is not close. With ten seconds left Hata struggles to land meaningful strikes from the bottom.
OFFICIAL RESULT: Mitsuhiro Ishida wins by unanimous decision

Michihiro Omigawa vs. Jong Young Sam

Round 1 – Both fighters swing wild and do not land. Jong goes for a double leg, but it is easily stuffed. A hard chopping leg kick lands for Omigawa. Jong throws a full combination, but does not gauge the distance properly. Omigawa lands a hard straight shot and floors Jong. Omigawa wades in with strikes, but Jong gets to full guard. Omigawa passes to half guard and locks in a guillotine choke. He passes out of the half guard and sinks to the bottom to lock in the choke. Jong scrambles back to his feet, while Omigawa still holds the head. Now, Omigawa lands knees from the front headlock position. Jong pulls his opponent in a butterfly guard. Omigawa starts to let go with some strikes and Jong locks in an armbard, but Omigawa escapes. The referee brings the fighters back to their feet and Jong receives a yellow card. Omigawa lands a pair of nice left hands. Omigawa wades forward with lefts and rights. He lands a fair share and Jong drops to his guard to avoid the shots. After standing over his opponent, Omigawa passes up the middle to half guard. He moves to the mount position with a guillotine choke and forces the submission at the 7:31 mark.
OFFICIAL RESULT Michihiro Omigawa wins by submission (guillotine choke)

Melvin Manhoef vs. Tatsuya Mizuno

Round 1 – Mizuno goes for a double leg. It is stuffed and he eats a right hand. Manhoef then unloads a right and left combination that lands flush. Mizuno throws a lazy kick and eats several hard shots for his efforts. He tries to press Manhoef into the corner, but he is turned around and eats several more hard shots. Despite the damage, he is still in the fight. Manhoef lands a hard hook and drops Mizuno. Manhoef enters the guard and continues to land hard shots. Mizuno slowly goes for an armbar and eats more right hands. Manhoef stands and backs away bringing the fight to the feet. Mizuno lands a right and shoots in. Manhoef hooks the ropes to stay up and digs an underhook. Mizuno sweeps the foot and scores the takedown. The referee moves them to the center. Mizuno lands two hard rights from the top. He then passes to half guard and then full mount momentarily, but Manhoef gets half back. Then Mizuno steps into side control. Mizuno tries to look in a straight arm lock, but Manhoef muscles his way out of the hold. Mizuno lands a knee to the side of the head. He begins to work on the submission hold again, while landing a few knees. Mizuno pulls back for an armbar, but looses it and ends up on the bottom. Manhoef backs away. Melvin starts to work on the feet. Mizuno drops Manhoef with a shot and moves into the mount position. The ring post is blocking most of the shots intended for Manhoef’s head. Mizuno is working for a Kimura lock and the referee stops the bout at the 7:38 mark.
OFFICIAL RESULT: Tatsuya Mizuno wins by submission (Kimura)

Gegard Mousasi vs. Jake O’Brien

Round 1 – O’Brien shoots immediately, and Mousasi is able to stop the initial shot. O’Brien continues to push forward. Mousasi locks on a tight guillotine and finishes the fight standing. The end comes only 31 seconds into the fight.
OFFICIAL RESULT Gegard Mousasi wins by submission (guillotine)

Gesias Cavalcante vs. Katsunori Kikuno

Round 1 – Kikuno lands an uppercut to start the fight. JZ throws a front kick that does not land. Kikuno lands a nice jumping knee. JZ presses forward and tries to bully Kikuno into the corner, but Kikuno reverses the position. The referee breaks the fighters. Another hard knee to the guy lands for Kikuno. They clinch again and Kikuno is able to secure a body lock. JZ bull rushes Kikuno and secures a takedown. Kikuno is able to scramble back to his feet almost immediately. Front kick from JZ and then a hard leg kick. Kikuno lands a hard kick to the body and then another one. A hook lands for Kikuno. JZ tries for a takedown, but eats knee for his trouble. He rushes Kikuno and the Japanese fighter pulls guard. JZ passes into half guard with ease. From the position he lands a few shots to the body before trying for the mount. In the scramble, Kikuno gets back to his feet. JZ’s takedown was stuffed easily, but he did land a knee. Kikuno comes back with a clinch knee of his own. The referee breaks the fighters. A good hook lands for JZ and he starts a clinch. Kikuno trips the leg and takes the top position as the referee moves the fighters to the center. JS pulls rubber guard, but he lets it go. Kikuno tries to work on top, but lands nothing big. JS pushes Kikuno away and gets back to his feet. Front kick to the body lands for Kikuno. The fighters clinch with one minute left in the first. Kikuno lands another body kick. He then lands a few punches and clinches as the round ends.

Round 2 – JZ lands a counter left to start the round. A body kick lands for Kikuno, but JZ catches it and scores the takedown into half guard. JZ then moves into the mount position. Kikuno tries to buck, but JZ is stuck in position. Kikuno gives up his back and JZ goes for the rear naked choke with a palm-to-palm grip. He switches his legs to a body triangle. Kikuno escapes the hold. Kikuno tries to stand and shake off JZ, but the American Top Team fighter is able to keep the position and regain the body triangle. JZ tries to strike and nearly falls off the back. Kikuno escapes out the back door as the bell sounds.
OFFICIAL RESULT: Gesias Cavalcante wins by split decision

Shinya Aoki vs. Tatsuya Kawajiri

Round 1 – Aoki shoots for a single to start the fight. He turns it into a leg lock. He has the heel caught. Kawajiri begins to kick Aoki with his other leg. The fighters start to roll, and Aoki continues to crank on the Achilles lock. One final turn on the leg and Aoki elicits a tap from Kawajiri.
OFFICIAL RESULT: Shinya Aoki wins by submission (Achilles hold)

Kawajiri is still down after several minutes. Aoki gets on the microphone and announces his marriage. He then says “I am going to put Dream on my shoulders, so come along with me!” He came back and said that he will have a rematch with Gilbert Melendez at Dream 16 in September.

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  1. Should be a fun card. I was hoping Rodriguez would get to fight. Shinya (pronounced “Shin-yi” Aoki) vs. Kawajiri should be fun.

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