exclusive interview – Rob Kaman

Photo by Denny Hodge /

Rob Kaman is a living legend as a 9-time kickboxing world champion, and has been called “Mr. Low Kick” for his devastating low kicks that were often used to set up his attacks. Despite being known for his kicks, Kaman employed a variety of punches and kicks to end 78 of his 98 wins by KO.

In addition to being widely regarded as the best kickboxer of all time, Kaman is also known as a philosopher that employs visualization techniques in what he considers to be the most important aspect of fighting, which is the mental side. caught up Kaman recently after his seminar that took place at Ed Clay’s Nashville MMA in Nashville, Tenn. At the end of the interview, Rob shows how to properly set up and throw a low kick as it applies to MMA.

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