Vitaly Shemetov talks with about his win at “X-1: Nations Collide”

Vitaly Shemetov

Russian brothers Vitalius and Sergey Shemetov were raised training in combat Sambo and as they got older began adding boxing and Muay Thai to their arsenal. They have been competing in and winning various combat sports competitions all across Europe for years.

Vitalius, now 25-years-old, finally made his U.S. debut as part of the “X-1: Nations Collide” light heavyweight tournament on June 4, in Honolulu, Hawaii. He knocked out Shungo Oyama 1:31 into the fight and advanced to the semi-finals which are scheduled to take place in September. spoke with Vitalius following his victory to get his thoughts on the fight. Both he and his brother are looking to fight in the U.S. as much as possible, and their ultimate goal is to one day fight for one of the big shows such as Strikeforce or the UFC.

Congratulations on your win on June 4 at “X-1: Nations Collide” Vitaly. Can you explain to us what took place and how you ended the fight?
Preparation went to this fight for two months, very serious sportsmen represent the different countries act on X-1. The fight ended ahead of schedule with a knockout, through supports of my family of my relatives.

Did the fight go as you expected, or did your opponent surprise you at all?
I have been very seriously adjusted on this grandiose tournament and very responsibly, my contender has approached to this fight there was very good fighter and the veteran of big tournaments K-1 Dynamite, Pride.

When are the semi-finals for this X-1 tournament?
The next fight will take place on September 11th. X-1 semi-final where there will be mine opponents; a sportsman from Korea, but I would like to act more often in US, in different versions in MMA.

That was your first fight in the U.S. right? How did you like Hawaii?
Yes, I acted for the first time it is a debut on U.S. to the earth to me very much it is pleasant as here very benevolent people, warm atmosphere meet very professional approach to each of sportsmen, I in delight from Hawaii U.S.

Would you like to fight in the U.S. more often?
I would like for myself and brother to be late in US and to act as it is possible is more often, we now in searches managers to the company of a professional command which could give us conditions for cooperation.

As a fighter from Russia, what has been your biggest challenge getting fights in America?
Now and my brother Sergey we have visa B1, and to us not problems to act in any tournaments in US as in MMA and K-1 Rules.

Would you ever consider moving to America?
Yes we want to stay in America for this purpose to us conditions for habitation of a food and advancement in MMA are necessary.

Is there a particular school or team you would like to train with in America?
While we in U.S. do not know where to us will address but we very much wish to act in U.S. and to build a pile carer remaining U.S.

Thank you Vitaly! Please tell your brother hello for me. Would you like to thank sponsors or send any shout outs?
I would like to thank the parents for support because only with their help support moral we aspire to win. Sponsors in our country a city nobody renders and does not aspire to help, all by own strength. We thank you thanks big! Shemetov Brother.