Quinton "Rampage" Jackson wants you to know this tough guy is not gay.

After coming under fire for a recent interview with the Los Angeles Times,former UFC light heavyweight champion Quinton “Rampage” Jackson has a message for his critics; “Lighten up!”

Jackson published a 1200+ word blog post on his website Monday about how he thinks he is misunderstood by much of the media and MMA fans, and he also shared insight on who he feels the “real” Quinton Jackson is.

Jackson starts off writing about his infamous July 2008 police chase that led to him being charged with one felony count of evading while driving recklessly, one felony count of evading a peace officer, three misdemeanor counts of hit and run, and one misdemeanor reckless driving.

Jackson explains from his point of view what really happened that mid-summer day nearly two years ago in Orange County:

“But no one ever asked what was the real story behind why I did that. The truth of the matter is I saved a life that day. No one ever asked me that and I never tried to promote that or go deep into anything. I just wanted it to go away and I was very embarrassed about the whole thing. But the friend life that I saved that day was worth every bit of bad press and media I received. I would do it again and risk my life for any of my friends. All of my friends that know me, that really takes time out to get to know me.. knows that the words I’m saying now is all true. The media is quick to paint a bad picture about people, not caring what it would do that persons personal or mental state… only caring about profits or some hot scoop. My friend was about to commit suicide that day and he is one of the few friends that I have that don’t see me as a meal ticket.”

Jackson writes that he finally got his life back together and was focusing on the positive things after the charges against him killing an unborn child in the incident were dismissed.

However, instead of the media applauding him for turning things around, Jackson feels they are just focusing on the negative.

“Instead of the media congradulating me from this obstical, it chooses to paint a picture of me as a gay basher.”

Jackson goes on to explain he is a black man from Tennessee who faced discrimination his whole life and he does not hate gay people.

“So not only DO I NOT HATE gay people, I actually accept them for who and what they are. They always seem happy and most of them I met are very kind and nice individuals.”

Jackson also explains that even though he may occasionally joke around with “gay” and “fat” remarks or make fun of fat girls, it does not come from a place of hate.

“Yes, and like most straight guys I joke around with the whole gay thing and I see it as comedy, not saying that’s right or wrong but I don’t do it out of hate. I don’t hate fat girls but I make fun of them too.”

Many straight men have visited a gay bar at one time or another. Jackson reminisces about the times he visited a lady friend’s gay bar.

“Not only did I enjoy myself but I was relieved that the guys at this bar did not hound me once. No one offered to buy me a drink. Not once did anybody try to take pictures with me with their arms all around me or do the what I call the ‘prom date picture’.. taking a picture while holding your lower back.. which is my pet peeve by the way.”

Jackson explains how most of his straight fans act “gayer” than the gay people he has met.

“Honestly I mean this in the best way, me being a sports figure I attract a lot of male attention wherever I go and MOST straight fans act GAYER than any guys that was at this gay bar that I visited my homegirl at. When I’m in the club guys always offer to buy me drinks, do the prom date picture, stare at me, try to get my attention, tries to dance with me.. even if I’m dancing with a hot chick already.”

For those hoping that Jackson may eventually become more politically correct, do not hold your breath. According to him, there is only one person he cares about impressing or judging him.

“I am known for being honest and a trustworthy guy and a person that tells it like it is. This quality sometimes gets me in trouble, especially when my kids know there is no santa clause and there’s no tooth fairy and the easter bunny is a distraction from the truth, and that pro wrestling is just entertainment. So everybody get used to me cause I’m not going to change one ounce, one bit for NO ONE. I am God’s street soldier. And God is the only person that I care about impressing or judging me.”

Finally, Jackson puts his philosophy in a nutshell and sends a message to the haters.


To read Jackson’s complete June 7, 2010, blog entry, visit his website at www.rampage-jackson.com.

[Editor’s note: The spelling and grammar has been unaltered from Jackson’s original blog post.]

Zeus, over at MiddleEasy, thinks Jackson’s blog post should be required reading for every public school classroom in America.

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