Failed MMA promoter tries to tell Dana White how to run the UFC

Failed MMA promoter

Remember this guy? Sure you do. It’s Gary Shaw. He’s a boxing promoter who tried to jump on the MMA bandwagon a few years ago and ran a little company called Elite XC.

Now, while Elite XC did a couple of good things such as help build women’s MMA and help bring MMA to CBS and Showtime, they also did some pretty dumb things.

What kind of dumb things did they do Mr. I’m glad you asked.

They signed this guy by the name of Kimbo Slice and right before his fight on prime time national TV, they told his opponent to “keep the fight standing.”

And even though that was part of the whole fiasco that ultimately led to the company failing, Mr. Shaw in this interview tries to tell UFC President Dana White that’s exactly what he should have done with Kimbo, matched him up against someone who would have kept the fight standing.

Never mind the fact it is the very reason Shaw lost all credibility in the MMA world and caused his company to fail, but now he is trying to tell the most successful MMA promotion in the history of the world how they should run their business?

What a maroon. Next thing you know Shaw will be giving Georges St-Pierre diet tips.

Shaw also shares some thoughts on the upcoming James Toney vs. Randy Couture fight. Once again he says Toney should only be fighting guys who will keep it standing because, “He [Toney] is too old to develop all the skills of these real good MMA guys.”

At least he got that last part right.

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