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Famed MMA trainer Greg Jackson recently announced that he is throwing his hat into the cage as he takes on a new role as an MMA promoter.  However, the MMA world knows Jackson as one of the top MMA trainers.  Jackson’s training skills and abilities to gameplan are some of the most sought-after in the MMA world, and numerous fighters from around the world have traveled to train with him.  Given this, it should come as no surprise that Jackson teamed up with renowned publisher Victory Belt to offer a training manual:  “Jackson’s Mixed Martial Arts: The Stand Up Game” with Greg Jackson and Kelly Crigger.

From VictoryBelt.com:

Greg Jackson is the most accomplished and celebrated mixed martial arts coach in the world. In Jackson’s Mixed Martial Arts, he brings you into his stable of fighters, which includes UFC Welterweight Champion Georges  Rush  St. Pierre, UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Rashad Evans, UFC Light Heavy weight contender Keith Jardine, and UFC Middleweight contender Nate Marquardt. For the first time, he unveils his methods for developing fight strategies, detailing everything you must accomplish from the time you sign the contract up to the moment you step foot into the cage. He unleashes for the first time his arsenal of stand-up striking techniques that have allowed his fighters to dominate the world of mixed martial arts. He divulges dozens of striking combinations, counterstriking combinations, takedowns, and throws. He also includes his street fighting system, which was developed over several years of trial and error. If your goal is to rise to the top of the MMA mountain, Jackson’s Mixed Martial Arts is a mandatory tool.

At the start, let me say this book is not just about physical training, but also the mental aspect of the fight.  Given Jackson’s mental prowess at gameplanning and strategy, this made perfect sense and I was happy to see it included.  After the introduction, the first section of the book is “Developing a Fight Strategy”.  In this section, Jackson discusses his “Three Tenets of MMA Competition Strategy”: (1) Know Your Opponent, (2) Know Yourself, (3) Know the Terrain.  Throughout this section, Jackson presents the readers with a number of questions on everything from your opponent’s background and skillset to the reader’s own abilities to the effect the crowd can have on a fighter.  Naturally, Jackson also discusses making a fight plan as well as a support plan in terms of weight cutting and adapting to a change in climate if one is traveling to fight in a different area.

The first five chapters in the book deal with the following aspects of MMA:

  • The Fundamentals
  • Basic Strikes
  • Combinations
  • The Clinch
  • The Takedown

Between these chapters, over 200 pages of techniques are shown in full-color pictures from multiple angles, with the different sections and sub-sections color-coded on the top right corner of the page for easy reference.  Additionally, in the “Basic Strikes” chapter, there are two sets of pictures side-by-side.  On one side, Jackson shows the techniques by himself, in the corresponding set it shows him demonstrating the technique on an opponent.

Much time could be spent delving into the different techniques Jackson demonstrates, but that is why readers should go and check out the book.

In closing, I would like to take a moment to focus on the final chapter in Jackson’s book, “Street Fighting, Multiple Opponents, and Weapons”.  Clearly, the majority of the book’s focus is on classic mixed martial arts, but I appreciated the fact that Jackson over forty pages to demonstrate techniques that could apply to real life situations.  In this chapter Jackson addresses a number of self-protection strategies in life-threatening situations as well as how to deal with various weapons (guns, knives, and bats).  A number of the techniques Jackson uses are MMA-based, but a number of techniques are one you won’t see in any sanctioned MMA bout, such as eye gouges and headbutts, but are ones that are clearly designed to help you protect yourself in the quickest, most effective way.  Out of all of the instructional materials I have reviewed, this was the first I can remember that had a section dedicated to real-life application.

All in all, this was another high-quality release from Victory Belt, who continues to lead the field in terms of instructional materials.

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