FIGHT! Magazine’s Danny Acosta talks with former UFC heavyweight champion Josh Barnett who has a fight coming up in Australia in July against Geronimo dos Santos at Impact FC.

Barnett talks about what he has been up to since the Affliction debacle and his positive steroid test last year. And in a form of logic that could only be conceived or understood by Aristotle’s retarded in-bred half brother, Barnett explains why he isn’t in the UFC:

The UFC incarnation as it sits doesn’t have a career in MMA as long as I do. I mean really if you look at it that way. They should be washing my laundry and feeding me breakfast in bed just like a good young boy should. I don’t care how big they get. It’s a seniority thing.

Say what?  Young boys feeding him breakfast in bed? What the hell?

Barnett goes on to say he doesn’t care who he fights for. He also discusses some of the female fighters he trains and who he thinks is the most underrated wrestlers in Japan and America.

One thought on “Josh Barnett: “The UFC should be washing my laundry””
  1. If the UFC is going to do JB’s laundry, they should really remember to check his pockets. I hear needles and syringes can really mess up a washing machine.

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