Health Watch: Using superfoods to maintain weight and energy as an MMA athlete

We always hear about fighters cutting weight. Often times we will see a fighter who has had a hard time making the weight limit and they will look sluggish in the fight.

As professional athletes, not only do MMA fighters put their bodies through rigorous training, but in addition they have to really keep a close watch on their weight levels. It takes a level of commitment few adults will ever know or understand.

In this Health Watch spotlight, MMA fighter and reporter Tami Carswell talks with Boom Superfoods Founder Jeff McIntosh. Tami has been using FOODFIGHT, a Boom Superfoods product that has given her and her friends some very favorable results in and out of the gym.

Specifically, Tami talks to Jeff about what makes FOODFIGHT different from so many other products out there on the market and what makes its ingredients like Maca, Chlorella, and Spirulina so special.

All fighters (and athletes) are looking for an edge over their competition. Maybe your opponent is working out just as hard as you are, but will they have the same energy level as you in the third, fourth, and fifth rounds?

Maybe FOODFIGHT is just what you need to give you that extra edge. Take a listen, do a little research, and decide for yourself. For more information on FOODFIGHT, check out the Boom Superfoods website at

Interview with Jeff McIntosh founder of FOODFIGHT: