MMA Live makes its debut on ESPN2! Strikeforce C.E.O. Scott Coker talks Fedor, Forrest Griffin explains why he’s a no-go for UFC 114, and Roy Nelson also checks in. Plus, Sport Science collides with MMA and details on MMA Live’s upcoming remote coverage from UFC 113 in Montreal.

Jon Anik, Franklin McNeil, and Kenny Florian do a great job on their first show on network television. They have been promised seven shows in May and depending on the ratings, they may or may not continue on ESPN2. It’s a big step for MMA to get a weekly news show on national television. The only downside is their time slot.

MMA Live will have a UFC 113 pre-show at 8pm on Saturday and then a post-show at 12am on ESPN2. MMA fans can support the show by tuning in each Thursday night at 12am and this Saturday for the UFC 113 pre and post-shows.

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