Poppa Machida drains the snake, drinks the venom *VIDEO*

It’s all gone to piss in this interview with Lyoto Machida‘s father. Reporter Ariel Helwanni is interested to hear about the Machida family’s daily urine regimen and Poppa Machida is more than happy to talk… and drink. Yes, Poppa Machida decides to show the infatuated Helwanni right then and there urine therapy is serious business. Poppa Machida finds a corner, a plastic cup, and fills it up.

Japanese soldiers during the war would drink their urine for medicinal purposes, Poppa Machida explains. He also says the proper way to do it is to drink your first urine of the day, in the morning when you wake up, and the taste depends on what you had to eat the night before.

Ed Soares, Lyoto Machida’s manager, makes a bet he may regret! If Machida defeats Shogun on Saturday, he has promised to drink a cup of his urine for the first time. He almost tried it once before but chickened out.

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