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After the bizarre behavior and performance of Anderson Silva at UFC 112, UFC president Dana White promised the fans that he “pay them back” for the debacle.  Following the fallout from UFC 112, there had to be some nervous anticipation from the UFC brass, considering they were expecting fans to dish out $44.95 for tonight’s “WEC 48: Aldo vs. Faber” event.

Although the numbers for the PPV will not be released for several days, Zuffa has to be thrilled with the quality of the action from tonight’s card.  The preliminary card, partly shown on Spike TV, delivered on action, with perhaps the “fight of the year” between Leonard Garcia and Chan Sung Jung.  For fans unfamiliar with the WEC, this fight will be thoroughly imprinted on their brains for months to come.

In the main event, Jose Aldo proved that he is among the best P4P fighters in the world with a lopsided decision victory over Urijah Faber, succesfully defending his WEC featherweight championship belt.  If “never quit” was a word in the dictionary, then “The California Kid” would be the definition.

The fight started with a display of speed, with both guys finding it difficult to find their range.  The second round was the start of total domination from the WEC featherweight champion.

Aldo used brutal and stinging leg kicks to neutralize Faber, negating “The California Kid’s” ability to shoot for take downs, and pivot to land kicks of his own from his support leg.  Aldo continued to punish the lead leg of Faber, dropping him several times, while mixing in big punches to the body.

Aldo looked to finish Faber in the second after landing a head kick, then stepped in with a flurry of punches.  Faber, showing tremendous courage and toughness, survived into the championship rounds, but was almost finished again as Aldo locked up the “crucifix” and dropped punches and elbows for over a full minute all the way to the bell in Round 4.

The final stanza was much the same as Aldo cruised to a lopsided decision victory over Faber.  Despite the hostility of the crowd toward Aldo before the fight began, the champion had kind words for the fans of Sacramento.

“We were planning for it to be a tough fight,” Aldo said through translator Ed Soares. “I know the crowd here is for Uirjah, but I hold Sacramento close to my heart. It’s the first place I fought, and I hope they can adopt me … in my home away from home.”

Henderson defends title, submits Cerrone in first round

After what many MMA fans considered to be the “fight of the year” in 2009 between Henderson and Cerrone, most of those same fans, myself included, thought that tonight’s rematch would be a five round war.

Cerrone promised to get off to a faster start this go around, but “The Cowboy” found himself in trouble from the start.  Henderson immediately shot for a single, and once it was defended, he landed multiple big knees to the face and legs of Cerrone.  After the fight hit the ground, Cerrone scrambled to escape and get back to his feet, but left his head exposed, and the champion locked up a fight ending guillotine, forcing Cerrone to tap within seconds at 1:57 of Round 1.

“As I said guys, like I said before,  I can do all things through Christ, who stands with me, can I get an Amen Sacremento, praise his name,” said Henderson.  “I like the guillotine, what can I say.”

Gamburyan puts Brown on pillows

Many thought coming into this one, that Gamburyan would try to put Brown on his back and test the waters on the ground.

What nobody expected, was for the fight to never hit the ground, with Gamburyan landing a crushing counter right to the face of the former WEC champion.  Brown had just landed a nice, flush right hand, but left his left hand low, and paid dearly for it, eating the big right hand from Gamburyan, effectively ending his night.

Once Brown was dropped, he seemed to be out, but Gamburyan made sure landing a flurry of hammerfists before the referee stepped in to stop the onslaught.

Roller dominates Njokuani

Njokuani never got a chance to test his explosiveness against Shane Roller.  The fight hit the ground early, and Roller used his wrestling and grappling to dominate the rest of the fight on the ground.

After several submission attempts, Roller eventually took the back of Njokuani, locked up a body triangle, and it was all but over for Njokuani.  Njokuani defended submission attempts for nearly two minutes, but tapped after Roller locked in a very tight rear naked choke.  It was an impressive finish for Roller, ending the four fight win streak of  Njokuani in the first round.

Jorgensen avenges loss to Banuelos

The first fight between Jorgensen and Banuelos went 15 minutes, so why would this one be any different?  Jorgensen came up short the first time around, losing a close decision to Banuelos in a fight that he thought he had won, but this time there would be no question who the victor was.

Banuelos struck early, controlling most of the first round and landing a brutal left hook that dropped Jorgensen.  Despite the knockdown, Jorgensen threatened to finish the fight from his back, locking up an armbar, but Banuelos freed himself and made his way back to his feet.

Banuelos may have won the first round, but the rest of the fight was dominated by the relentless Jorgensen.

Jorgensen dropped Banuelos in the second stanza, and then again in the third.  Jorgensen continued the onslaught with laser-like precision, beating Banuelos to the punch over and over again with straight shots to the bloodied nose and face of  Banuelos, before nearly locking up a fight ending rear naked choke as the bell sounded on the third and final round.  Once the cards came in, all three judges agreed that Jorgensen won the fight 29-28.

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  1. faber is not done, if u keep beating everyone but the current champion then you are always going to have more and more shots at the champion, simple. Brown however will not have this luxury.

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