Hardrock MMA: War at Turfway play-by-play

Before the WEC: Aldo vs. Faber gets under way, there is some action going down at one of the most popular MMA venues in Kentucky, with one of the longest-running shows in the state. For the first time, Hardrock MMA is hosting a show at Turfway Park in Florence, KY. Tonight’s event features a number of the region’s top professional and amateur fighters on the 16-fight card, which includes a women’s professional MMA fight. Hardrock MMA initially made history by hosting the first women’s professional MMA fight in Kentucky, and tonight, will host the second. .

Pro MMA Now’s Brian Furby will be providing live results for all of the fights, and doing a full play-by-play of the three pro fights, and amateur main event on the card.

Jacob Byrd vs. Nathan Roach – Jacob Byrd wins by TKO (strikes) at :51 of Round 2.

Michael Eaton vs. Mike Rudick
– Mike Rudick wins via KO (knee) at :14 of Round 1.

Jacob Wethington vs. James Douglas – James Douglas wins via submission (RNC) at 2:15 of Round 1.

Cory Nordwick vs. Corey Siffell – Corey Siffell wins via submission (RNC) at 1:18 in Round 1.

Derik Byrd vs. Stephen Singleton – Stephen Singleton wins via submission (triangle) at 2:57 of Round 1.

Zac Mullins vs. Will Ramirez – Zac Mullins wins via TKO (strikes) at 2:35 of Round 1.

Joey Lowery vs. Aaron Hatton – Aaron Hatton wins via TKO (strikes) at :29 of Round 2.

Mike Marripodi vs. Kenny Warrix – Kenny Warrix wins via TKO (strikes) at 1:01 of Round 1.

Bobby Swakhamer vs. Matt Johnson – Bobby Swakhammer wins via submission (RNC) in Round 3.

Tanen Roe vs. Shaun Asher – Tanen Roe wins via submission (RNC) at :33 of Round 3.

Zach Sanders vs. Jason Wolf – Zach Sanders wins via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27).

David Bernas vs. Joe Maiani – Joe Maiani wins via submission in Round 2 to become the new Hardrock MMA Featherweight (Am) Champion.

Mike Jacobs vs. Tony Parker (PRO)

The night’s first pro fight is a welterweight match-up between Mike Jacobs, making his pro debut out of Four Seasons in Lexington, KY. Tony Parker (1-1) fights out of Team Vision.

Round 1 – Some feeling out early in the fight. Parker connects with a short uppercut and the two exchange on the feet. Parker is working his reach advantage, picking away at Jacobs with outside punches. Jacobs shoots in and scores the takedown, but Parker has his head tied up. Parker secures the guillotine and the quick tap. Tony Parker wins via submission (guillotine) at 1:02 of Round 1.

Heather Corder vs. Marissa Caldwell (PRO)

The night’s lone female pro fight features a matchup between Heather Corder (1-0), fighting out of Somerset Karate, and Marissa Caldwell (0-1), fighting out of Team Vision.

Round 1 – Corder opens with a leg kick and Caldwell moves in. They clinch against the cage and end up on the ground with Caldwell in the top position. Corder is preventing Caldwell from posturing up, but Caldwell works her way over to her own corner. Caldwell gets her head out and lands some headshots from the top. Caldwell gets the full mount position and starts raining down punches from the top until Corder gives up her back and Caldwell looks for a rear naked choke, working in more head shots. Corder manages to get out but Caldwell still has her arm tied up. Corder continues to step over and gets back to her feet, but Caldwell shoots back in, moving for a takedown. Caldwell then stands and works in more shots from the top, taking Corder’s back and looking for a rear naked choke again, but Corder manages to work out of it. Caldwell takes full mount, then works for an armbar. Corder rolls, trying to get out but Caldwell keeps it tight, scoring her first professional win. Marissa Caldwell wins via submission (armbar) at 3:33 of Round 1.

Josh Clark vs. George Oiler (PRO)

Clark (2-0) fights out of 4 Seasons. Oiler (2-0) fights out of System MMA.

Round 1 – Oiler opens with a leg kick. Clark looks for a 1-2 combo but falls just short. Oiler lands another leg kick and Clark lands a short left hook. Clark lands a hard leg kick and then hits Oiler in the body with a flying knee. Oiler goes down and Clark lets him back up. Clark moves for another flying knee and Oiler catches him and takes Clark down. They struggle on the ground as Oiler tries to take the dominant position. Clark works to get back to his feet but oiler keeps him on the ground, then landing shots from the top. Oiler scores with more shots from the top and Clark scrambles and gets to his feet. Oiler knees Clark’s leg and Clark sneaks in some shots. Clark knocks Oiler down and reaches in to land some shots. They stand and Clark scores big with another knee, taking Oiler to the ground. Clark moves in looking for a finish but Oiler resists, briefly working for an armbar before Clark gets out and then allows Oiler to stand. Oiler lands a leg kick and Clark answers with a hard one, taking Oiler down. Clark scores with another leg kick and Oiler lands an overhand right. Oiler lands a leg kick and it’s clear his knee is bothering him and he goes down. Clark reaches in to land shots from the top and Oiler moves for a knee bar but Clark continues to land more shots from the top until the referee calls the fight just seconds before the bell sounds. Josh Clark wins via TKO (strikes) at 4:59 of Round 1.

Josh Franklin vs. Chris Smith

This super-heavyweight bout features a matchup between Team Hunter’s Josh “Tank” Franklin and Team Vision’s Chris “Slaughterhouse” Smith.

Round 1 – Franklin misses with a roundhouse and then Smith moves in when Franklin goes for a spinning back kick. They clinch up and Franklin accidentally knees Smith in the groin. Franklin misses with the same two kick combo and Smith moves in and they exchange knees to the body and shots to the head. Smith then accidentally punches Franklin in the groin and the action is paused. They restart the action and exchange, Smith getting the better of it. Smith catches Franklin with a big shot and they hit the ground, Smith taking the top position. Smith lands shots from the top and Franklin tries to get in a few from the bottom, but Smith continues the barrage from the top until the round ends. Pro MMA Now scores the round 10-9 Smith.

Round 2 – Smith opens with a big body kick, then a push kick and Franklin lands a shot as Smith moves in. Smith lands a knee to Franklin’s leg and Franklin reverses Smith against the cage. Franklin looks for a takedown but Smith lands a hard knee to the body, then a big right hook, followed by more headshots. They separate, then Smith moves in and both swing wildly, clinching against the cage, where they alternate between trading shots and clinching up until the round ends. A closer round this time, but Pro MMA Now scores it 10-9 for Smith.

Apparently, Franklin was injured in the second round and waves off the referee, signaling that he is unable to continue. Chris Smith wins via TKO (failure to answer bell) at 5:00 of Round 2.