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American Top Team bantamweight Brad “One Punch” Pickett (18-4) will make his second World Extreme Cagefighting appearance this weekend as he takes on undefeated newcomer Demetrious Johnson (5-0) at “WEC 48: Aldo vs. Faber” in Sacramento. spoke with Pickett this week to find out what sort of welcome he would like to give Johnson to the WEC. We also talked about how he has improved since moving to ATT, what he thinks of the current bantamweight champ, and I even tried to get a “Lightning” Lee Murray story out of him. Hello Brad. Thank you for speaking with us at How did you come to make the decision to move to the States, and how long have you been here in the U.S. now training at ATT?

Brad Pickett: Well I have been training at ATT now for four years before fights then go back home after, but now I’m in the WEC I think to need to make the most of the opportunity I have been given and training full time at ATT will make me a much better fighter. You’ve been fighting for quite a few years now, do you have any good Lee Murray stories for us? Did you ever meet or know Lee?

Brad Pickett: Yeah I have been out with Lee a few times after fights at Cage Rage, we had a good time, he is a very nice guy, but I have no dirt to tell you, sorry. How do you feel about the WEC moving to pay-per-view; do you think that’s a smart move? Why or why not?

Brad Pickett: Yeah it’s just a great move in the right direction. It just shows how much the sport is blowing up it’s amazing. You are fighting Demetrious Johnson in his WEC debut at WEC 48 on Saturday. What kind of welcome would you like to give him to the WEC?

Brad Pickett: Well, hopefully a losing one. (laughs) But anyone in the WEC is a good fighter, but I believe that I have a lot more ways of finishing this fight than he does. How has your game improved since moving to ATT?

Brad Pickett: Well, it has improved in all areas. I come from a boxing background but even my stand up has gotten a lot better, just training with such talents only helps you improve and ATT is full of it. If you get past Johnson, who would you like to fight next, and what is your opinion of the current bantamweight champ Dominick Cruz?

Brad Pickett: Well, my career is in the WEC’s hands and I will fight anyone they ask me to. And I believe I have what it take to hold my own with anyone at that weight class. Dominick is a very very good fighter very well rounded with his own unique style and that’s why he is number one. What do you think of Cruz’s footwork, and how would you deal with someone like that?

Brad Pickett: It’s very good. It’s hard to hit someone that is always moving. It’s hard to say what I would do I guess I would have to come up with a game plan if I ever have to fight him. What do you like most about being a professional fighter and what do you like least?

Brad Pickett: Well, it’s not something that everyone does so it will be good to tell my grand kids one day and show them some footage, but sometimes it can be hard being away from my long time girlfriend Sarah, but she is very understanding and it makes it a lot easier. What would you be if you were not a fighter?

Brad Pickett: Well, if I had a choice I would be a football player (soccer) as that’s my favorite sport. Thank you Brad. Best of luck to you this weekend. Would you like to thank any sponsors or send any shout outs?

Brad Pickett: I would like to thank my sponsors JACO, TRI-COSTA, Champion Nutrition,, mmaoverload and all the guys at ATT and Team Titan (UK).

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