Wow. Nice little episode eh? I know my heart was racing and I already knew what happened. This week’s episode starts out with Nick Ring asking Yager WTF and so on. Nothing too important. Then the selection process starts.

I remember thinking to myself, “Oh here we go”, every time there was a pick. But when Chuck chose Rich Attonito, I was almost certain I was going to get picked. And sure as sh*t Chuck chose me as well.

I was ready to roll. To be honest, Rich and Charlie were two guys I knew I had to watch out for from the other team because my style hasn’t matched up well with good wrestlers with good explosive takedowns.

So ya, I (we) had a baby while I was on the show. My girl was a trooper and I got a beautiful baby boy to hold the day I got back from the show, Charles Champ Uscola. He’s awesome and so is my girl for going through that without me.

I didn’t want it to get into my head that I wasn’t going to be there for the birth, so I tried to think about it as least as possible cause every time I did think about it I would start to worry myself for no reason. Thanks Jess. I love ya and owe ya. Now back to the fights.

I was ready for Rick. We touched gloves, started to feel each other out and bam, lights out. I remember I couldn’t feel my legs for probably the first minute and a half after I had gotten dropped. They felt like noodles. And I remember thinking to myself don’t quit moving or they’ll stop it, keep moving, keep moving.

Finally got free and threw two knees. The more I look at the fight on TV the more I question just what really went on. I will let you all make your own assumptions. But ya I wasn’t too happy with the outcome and I wanted revenge.

I think I acted a little out of line. I was filled with adrenaline at that point. Rich breaks his hand so there is another open slot plus the two wild cards.

And then there is Yager and the sweatshirt. Geez, what a pleasure it was to live with the guy for that long. HAHA Check out I still don’t trust the guy.

Yager has an impressive win over a game Charlie Blanchard. Had a good straight right had and defended the take-down very well. Yager is very athletic and had great hips. I didn’t think Charlie was going to be that difficult to take down.

There are plenty great fights to come. And the drama is just beginning.

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6 thoughts on “Kyacey Uscola’s “The Ultimate Fighter 11″ blog – episode 4”
  1. that boy was fakin he said he kneed him in the head. faker. uscola is experienced fighter not like these other bums on there.

  2. You’re a moron. Go look at 1:26 of the fight – he DEFINITELY connected. And if Uscola is so experienced- WHY did he throw TWO blatantly illegal knees. It was so obvious it was pretty lame.

  3. On the flip side – I thought it was pretty lame some of the things Uscola said on the show, BUT he acknowledged it in his blog so props to him for that. I know he trains with Faber, who carries himself with such professionalism, I would hope some of that would rub off on Uscola as well.

  4. he grazed his face after he kneed his hand. Watch it for yourself. Fight should not have been stopped. Hopefully Uscola gets another chance to show what he was about to do.

  5. Kyacey is most experienced fighter on the show. I bet they bring him back. Plus i would have thought Yager stole my shit too after all he has an afro.

  6. bullshit stoppage, dude wanted a way out. Uscola came back from a lot of adversity, and that cat knew he couldn’t put Kyacey away and found a way out.

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