Bellator 13 results and play-by-play

Photo courtesy of Tom Hill / - Roger Huerta and Chad Hinton face off for the first round of Bellator's lightweight tournament.

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. — Bellator 13, the event opener for Bellator Fighting Championships’ second season takes place tonight at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino.

Bellator 13 airs live Thursday on FOX Sports Net, and will feature a main event match-up between UFC veteran Roger Huerta and undefeated Cincinnati fighter Chad Hinton. will provide live results and play by play commentary during the event.

Quick Results:

  • Roger Huerta def. Chad Hinton by submission (kneebar) Rd 3 (0:56)
  • Joe Warren def. Eric Marriott by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)
  • Georgi Karakhanyan def. Bao Quach by TKO (strikes) Rd 1 (4:05)
  • Carey Vanier def. Joe Duarte by TKO (strikes) Rd 3 (4:14)
  • Chris Manuel def. Ralph Acosta by submission (guillotine choke) Rd 3 (0:35)
  • Mikey Gomez def. Moyses Gabin by unanimous decision Rd 3 (5:00)

Bao Quach vs. Georgi Karakhanyan

Round 1 – Low kick by Quach. Quach catches Georgi’s kick and tosses him to his back, goes down with him and in his full guard. Georgi uses the fence to get back to his feet where they go into a nice exchange, they tie up. Quach lands a knee and uppercut, gets clinch control. Georgi gets the takedown, Quach gets up to his feet.  Has a guillotine control as Georgi is on his knees. Quach moves to his back, throws punches from behind. Georgi breaks out, they exchange punches. Flying knee by Georgi, Quach takes clinch control from behind. Quach landing knees from the back, to the thighs. He lets go and both land some punches. Georgi grabs a Thai plum and lands a huge knee that drops Quach to the ground, he lands a couple punches to follow up and Quach goes unconscious.

OFFICIAL RESULTS: Georgi Karakhanyan def. Bao Quach by TKO (strikes) Rd 1 (4:05)

Joe Warren vs. Eric Marriott

Round 1 – Warren shoots, body clinches and takes Marriott straight down. Warren is in Marriott’s guard, he postures up and starts with the ground and pound. Marriott’s best game is the submission game, and he’s looking for an opening but Warren continues the assault, still in full guard. Warren with knees to the ribs. Marriott goes for a leg lock but Warren is out and up. Warren shoots, clinches, lands some knees to the body. Warren body locks him and slams him, lands in side control. Now in full guard. Warren pushes him against the cage. Warren laying on the ground and pound, Marriott locks on an arm bar. Warren picks him up and slams him and muscles his way out. Warren back in full guard. Marriott locks on a triangle and it is very deep. Warren ain’t getting out of this one. It is so deep. 5 seconds left, oh man, he made it to the bell!! Wow! scores the round 10-9 for Marriott.

Round 2 – Incredible first round. Warren dancing around, shoots, stuffed. Warren gets a body lock puts him down on his back. Warren has to be careful. Warren is back in Marriott’s full guard using elbows and hammer fists trying to grind it out. Marriott eats an elbow and taking knees to the thighs from Warren. It will be interesting to see how the judges scored round one. Marriott came closer to finishing the fight but Warren controlled more of the fight. Nice punch scores for Warren. The ref just told Warren not to cover Marriott’s mouth. Never heard of that. Warren continues the assault, nothing too devastating but is staying very busy. 45 seconds left. Warren has controlled this whole round so far. Nice right hand by Warren from the guard. scores the round 10-9 for Warren.

Round 3 – Warren with a front kick but eats a punch. Warren gets the clinch and the takedown. Warren in Marriott’s guard. Big knees from Warren to the thighs of Marriott. Marriott kicks Warren off, he stands and Warren lands a big knee to the body as he comes in, clinches him up and takes Marriott right back down. Warren postures up and eats a hammer fist. Warren said he still wants to get a gold medal in the 2012 Olympics. Marriott locks on an armbar and Warren slams his way out of it again. Warren continues the ground and pound assault, over and over and over. There has not been one stand up warning the whole fight. 1:20 left in the fight. Marriott again looks for an armbar but takes about three big knees to the thigh. Warren’s control and complete ground and pound grinding domination are winning this fight for him. 20 seconds left. They scramble and Marriott is back up. He swings, misses, slips, and the bell sounds. Marriott has a big mouse under his eye. scores the round 10-9 and the fight 29-28 for Warren.

OFFICIAL RESULTS: Joe Warren def. Eric Marriott by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Notes: It’s very interesting judges gave round one to Marriott. Clearly, the judges scored control higher than who came closer to finishing the fight. Warren said he knew there was 15 seconds left in the round so he just held on during the triangle submission until time ran out.

Mickey Rourke is in the audience. He’s obviously there to support his friend Roger Huerta.

Roger Huerta vs. Chad Hinton

Note: Be sure to check out our exclusive interview with Chad Hinton that our boy Furby did earlier this week.

Round 1 – Hinton tries to take Huerta down, pushes him against the cage, lands a couple knees. Huerta turns him around, they move to the center of teh cage, still clinched. Hinton takes a knee. Push kick by Huerta knocks Hinton back. Huerta takes his back, Hinton gets back to his feet as Huerta let the submission attempt go. Hinton using his strength, they scramble, back to the feet. Still clinched, Huerta grabs a Thai plum lands a knee. Hinton grabs a Thai plum and lands a good few knees to the body. Huerta rocks him with an uppercut. Hinton shoots in and gets the takedown. 1:24 left in the round. Huerta gets back to the feet, rocks Hinton again with a couple big shots. Hinton shoots, gets the takedown and takes Huerta’s back with only one hook in. Huerta gets Hinton off his back and postures up inside Hinton’s guard. Close round. scores the round 10-9 for Huerta.

Round 2 – They exchange leg kicks. Hinton looks a little tentative but lands a head kick. Huerta lands some nice punches and Hinton returns fire.  Hinton throws a kick, Huerta catches it and takes Hinton down. Huerta landing nice ground and pound. Huerta stands up and lands a big shot as he dives in. Huerta in Hinton’s guard, lands some nice shots. He stands up, dives in again with a big punch. Huerta in half guard and continues the assault. Big hammer-fist scores for Huerta. Hinton is getting pounded over and over. This fight is about over. Huerta stands up lands another BIG shot as he dives in. Hinton looks like he is just about done. Some refs would have stopped it. Huerta tries to put him in a crucifix but Hinton gets his hand free. 40 seconds left in the round. Huerta has side control, gets full mount. 12 seconds left, pounds away, Hinton is bleeding and the bell sounds. Big round for Huerta. scores the round 10-9 for Huerta.

Round 3 – Hinton comes out smiling. Spinning back kick by Hinton. Roger catches his next kick and lands some big punches. Huerta goes for a flying knee. Hinton grabs a body lock from behind. Huerta dives and rolls a flip to escape. They scramble on the ground. Huerta locks on a knee bar and Hinton is forced to tap out. Beautiful beautiful victory for Huerta. Very entertaining fight.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Roger Huerta def. Chad Hinton by submission (kneebar) Rd 3 (0:56)

Carey Vanier vs. Joe Duarte

Round 1 – Vanier slips to the ground, gets up, they clinch, knee to the body by Vanier. They separate, square up again. Body kick by Vanier scores. Leg kick by Vanier. Vanier shoots under a punch and gets a takedown, lands in half guard. Vanier lands a couple hammer-fists but Duarte gets to his feet, still clinched. They exchange knees at the same time. Leg kick by Vanier. Vanier ducks in, eats a knee but picks Duarte up high and slams him. Vanier inside his guard and Duarte pushes him off and gets up. Front kick by Vanier scores. Low kick by Duarte. Overhand left by Vanier lands on Duarte’s shoulder.  Big left by Vanier skims Duarte’s head. scores the round 10-9 for Vanier

Notes: Hopefully they will pick up the pace this round. Both guys seemed a bit tentative in the first. Carey Vanier is a former training partner of Roger Huerta.

Round 2 – Leg kick by Vanier. And again. Vanier has good movement with feet and head. Duarte swings and misses. Likewise from Vanier. Leg kick from Vanier scores. Nice quick straight left jab by Vanier, then a head kick is partially blocked. they clinch, exchange  knees to the body. Duarte drags Vanier to the ground but he gets right up. Duarte trying to walk Vanier down, lands a solid body kick, tries another, lands a right. Jab, jab, right by Duarte. Vanier scores with a stiff left, swings a nice combo but only lands a right. They clinch. Foot stomps by Vanier, followed by big body shots. Duarte locks on a guillotine as the fight goes to the ground. Vanier in Duarte’s full guard, and lands multiple hammer-fists, then a number of body shots. With 16 seconds left in the round Duarte trying to pull out a kimura. scores the round 10-9 for Vanier.

Round 3 – Left, right scores for Vanier. Vanier shoots, gets the takedown against the cage in Duarte’s half guard. Vanier starts with the ground and pound; body shots and hammer fists. Vanier continues the assault and lands some big shots. Duarte looks close to being done but is still moving at the moment. The announcers think Duarte may have been out for a few seconds but got woke up with a punch. Duarte gives up his back. Huge knee to the body by Vanier. Duarte gets to his feet, Vanier tires to take him down and Duarte locks on a final hope guillotine. Too sweaty and Vanier slips out. Vanier has Duarte’s back on the ground. Vanier lands big shots over and over again as Duarte turtles up. The ref stops it, that’s all she wrote for Joe Duarte.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Carey Vanier def. Joe Duarte by TKO (strikes) Rd 3 (4:14)

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