M-1 Selection Americas results

ATLANTIC  CITY, N.J. – On Saturday, April 3, 2010, the professional mixed martial arts event “M-1 Selection Americas” took place at Bally’s Casino. This was the opening round of the season, and these up-and-coming fighters were competing for a spot in the M-1 Challenge later this year.

In addition to the tournament fights, there were three “super fights” on the card.

Here are the details and results of each of the fights, the event staff and officials are also listed:


160 lbs
Renato Migliaccio (108-272) vs. John Salgado (100-280)
Migliaccio. 159.6. Salgado. 159.8
Salgado wins split decision three rounds 29-28, 29-28 and 28-29 Blatnick

135 lbs
Josh Rave (106-362) vs. Zach Makovsky (105-369)
Rave. 135.8. Makovsky. 134.8
Makovsky wins via guillotine at 1:49 of round three

130 lbs
Lennox Chance (112-308) vs. Rami Ibrahim (106-502)
Chance. 129.2. Ibrahim. 132.8
Ibrahim fined weight penalty of $180 which goes to opponent
Chance wins via tap due to rear naked choke at 4:46 of round one.


155 lbs
Kevin Roddy (105-601) vs. Dennis Bermudez (111-050)
Roddy. 154.6. Bermudez. 155.4
Bermudez wins unanimous decision three rounds, all three judges 30-27

155 lbs
George Sheppard (107-037) vs. Mervin Rodriguez (101-649)
Sheppard. 154.6. Rodriguez. 156
Sheppard wins split decision three rounds, 29-28, 29-28 and 28-29 Bilyk

185 lbs
Mike Geurin (106-023) vs. Todd Chattelle (113-994)
Geurin. 185.4. Chattelle. 183.6
Geurin win via TKO referee stoppage at 0:32 of round three

155 lbs
Robert Conner (107-038) vs. Pat Audinwood (106-014)
Conner. 156.2. Audinwood. 155.4
Conner fined $20 as a weight penalty and goes to opponent
Audinwood wins unanimous decision three rounds, all three judges 29-28
Audinwood suspended 60 days for laceration

185 lbs
John Doyle (103-571) vs. Plinio Cruz (104-467)
Doyle. 185.8. Cruz. 186.8
Cruz fined $80 as weight penalty and goes to opponent
Cruz wins unanimous decision three rounds, 30-26, 30-26 and 30-27 Blatnick.

170 lbs
Colin Schrader (107-527) vs. Josh Smidt (112-419)
Schrader 170.8. Smidt. 171.6
Smidt fined $60 as weight penalty and goes to opponent
Schrader wins via guillotine at 0:30 of round one

170 lbs
Mike Winters (113-203) vs. Brian DeMuro (105-667)
Winters. 171. DeMuro. 177.4

DeMuro fined $500 as weight penalty if he loses and $640 if he wins which goes to opponent
Bout cancelled at pre-fight physical,
DeMuro complaining of injuries to examining physician
DeMuro suspended until weight penalty paid to Winters
DeMuro suspended pending X-ray of ribs
DeMuro suspended pending pulmonary clearance by chest surgeon
DeMuro suspended pending clearance from GI specialist

Announcer Kevin “The Garv” Garvey

Referees Dan Miragliotta, Kevin Mulhall and Keith Peterson

Judges Jon Bilyk, Jeff Blatnick and Douglas Crosby

Scorekeeper Ellen Rubin

Timekeeper Julius Proenza

Ringside Physicians Dr. Steven Oxler, Dr. Sherry Wulkan and Dr. Eric Wurmser

Inspectors Gary Gudzak, Cordell Hunter, Kerri Kaminski, Bob Levy, Anthony Lynn, Todd Manfredi, Mike Morrisson, Jim O’Connor, Gasper Oliver,Tony Tamburrino, and Cardo Urso

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