Former UFC fighter War Machine busted for assault with deadly weapon

Photo by - War Machine, wearing a spit bag, is handcuffed and taken away by police outside a San Diego bar.

SAN DIEGO, Calif. – Everyone’s favorite “The Ultimate Fighter” alum, War Machine, formerly known as Jon Koppenhaver, was busted outside a San Diego bar called “Thruster’s Lounge” Tuesday evening around 11:00pm ¬†for allegedly assaulting a victim with a deadly weapon according to

Police told the celebrity news and gossip website that War Machine and another man were fighting with bouncers, and when officers arrived and started to approach the situation, the professional fighter took off running.

The officers eventually caught up with Mr. Machine, handcuffed him, and placed a spit bag over his head before he was hauled off to jail. Spit bags are used to prevent individuals from spitting on law enforcement or others around them.

War Machine currently holds a pro mixed martial arts record of 10-3. He fought five times in 2009 and went 4-1. War Machine lost his most recent bout via split decision against undefeated David Mitchell (9-0) at “Tachi Palace Fights 1” in Oct. 2009.

War Machine appeared on season six of Spike TV’s “The Ultimate Fighter”, and although he did not win the show, he showed lots of potential and the UFC still signed him to a contract. He defeated TUF 6 cast mate Jared Rollins in the “TUF 6 Finale” in Dec. 2007, then lost to Yoshiyuki Yoshida in his next fight at UFC 84.

War Machine had shown behavioral problems during the reality show, and in Sept. 2008 was ultimately released from his UFC contract for similar reasons. Since leaving the UFC he has continued to fight in smaller organizations, and started working in the adult film industry.

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6 thoughts on “Former UFC fighter War Machine busted for assault with deadly weapon”

  1. He must have been hyped up on Xyience. LOL

    But, seriously, wasn’t there already a warrant out on this guy from an incident at an adult film party? Supposedly he laid out like 8 people after a fight with his porn star g/f. That’s what I read, anyway. He was even tweeting about the incident. Is this the first time they’ve nabbed him since then, or did he go to cout for that already? Either way, not too smuckin’ fart on War Machine’s part to continue his fighting career outside the cage.

  2. that porn fight never happened, just a publicity stunt. the dudes’ been associated with so much trouble in the past, that he’s gonna get arrested whenever he’s around a fight, crime, etc. he’ll be fighting at 4/17/2010. check for details. lol xyience

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