Kim Couture finds punching bag in Mexico *VIDEO*

Kim “Sugar Free” Couture, ex-wife of former UFC heavyweight and light heavyweight champion and UFC Hall-of Famer Randy Couture, apparently “fought” a woman by the name of Rosa Vizcarra last week at “Xtreme Fighters Mexico.”

Couture and her entourage, which included Kevin Randleman, walked to the octagon (not “The Octagon,” but yes, it was an 8-sided cage) wearing lucha-libre style masks.

Couture, clad in a black mini skirt, red tank top, and blue ankle supports, not only set women’s MMA fashion back a few years, but actually found an opponent that could make her look like she knew what she was doing.

As a professional MMA fighter, “Sugar Free” should fight other professional MMA fighters. That’s how it works. Evidently, in Mexico Vizcarra is considered a pro fighter. However, you would never know that by watching this video. Instead, she looks like someone they pulled out of the crowd… or possibly the promoter’s baby-sitter.

Vizcarra fails to throw a single punch, much less land one. And her defense clearly comes from a rare martial arts style developed by harlots in Biblical times when the townspeople would surround them and stone them to death.

Other possible career choices for Kim “Sugar Free” Couture:

  • Maybe she could become an underground fighting legend in Mexico. She should roam the streets and bars at night and beat people up in bare-knuckle street fights and build up her reputation, and make a name for herself. She could become known as the white skinny woman Kimbo of Tijuana.
  • Maybe she could become a famous pro wrestler in Mexico; called “The White Widow”.
  • Whatever “Sugar Free’s” career choice, it should always involve Mexico.

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