With 14 seconds left in round two, Ryan Couture tries to defend against a triangle choke from Sean Bollinger. Couture actually got put to sleep in this submission, but came back to fight another round.

LAS VEGAS, Nev. – Friday night, March 26, at Tuff-N-Uff, the son of UFC legend Randy Couture proved indeed the same blood that flows through his father also flows through his veins.

Ryan Couture (4-1-1), in what had been planned as his final amateur bout, took on Sean Bollinger (1-0-1) in a 155 lb. title fight. Bollinger locked on a triangle choke submission 15 seconds before the end of round two, but Couture would not tap.

Once the bell sounded, Couture was asleep and Bollinger began his victory celebration. However, the referee ruled that Couture actually lost consciousness after the bell sounded, so it did not count as a submission win, and the fight was not over.

Couture continued the fight, finished round three, and in the end the fight was ruled a draw. One judge scored the fight 29-28 in favor of Couture, another scored it 29-28 in favor of Bollinger, and the final judge scored it 28-28.

Couture talked to the Las Vegas Sun after the bout. He commented on what happened, and thought he did enough to win the bout,

“I would have given it to me, of course I’m a little biased. I think he will be the one hurting the most in the morning… He did have me asleep as the bell rang. It’s not every day you get to pass out and then still fight another round.”

Bollinger gave his perspective,

“I had him in the triangle for the last 15 seconds. I was just squeezing. He just held on to the very end of the round. I let go when the bell rang and he was out; his eyes rolled into the back of the head… I got up and I thought I won. My coach came in and lifted me up and I just thought I had the fight, but I guess not.”

Here is the Tuff-N-Uff 155 lb. title fight between Ryan Couture vs. Sean Bollinger (3-26-10)

Tuff-N-Uff March 26 Fight results:

  • 155 lb Title Fight: Ryan Couture (4-1-1) and Sean Bollinger (1-0-1) Draw
  • 145 lb Title Fight: Andrew Alirez (4-0) def. Vince Norcia (2-1) via submission (arm-triangle) round 2, 0:41
  • 185 lb Title Fight: Edmond Xhelili (4-0) def. Tim Bowman (2-1) via unanimous decision
  • 115. Gabriella Lakoczky (1-1) def. Sarah Goodlaxson (2-2) via TKO round 1, 1:18
  • 155. Jimmy Spicuzza (4-2) def. Oron Kahlon (2-1) via TKO, round 3, 0:21
  • 135. Jerry Shapiro (4-0) def. Victor Henry (3-1) via submission (rear naked choke) round 1, 0:50
  • 170. Alan Jouban (4-0) def. Dustin Chevalier (3-1) via TKO round 1, 0:14
  • 135. Casey Johnson (8-1) def. Chris Brady (4-6) via unanimous decision
  • 185. Zach Conley (3-0) def. Rick Borden(2-1) via unanimous decision
  • 170. Warren Roberds (8-1) def. Takashi Munoz (1-2) via unanimous decision
  • 170. Joey Angelo (4-2) def. Jesse Bowler (2-3) via submission (triangle choke) round 3, 1:27
  • 155. vs. Jon Gorton (3-1) def. Tommy Gavin (1-2) via TKO round 2, 1:40
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