“King of the Cage: Legacy” live results and play by play

Reno, Nev. – Live from the Silver Legacy Resort Casino, and airing on HdNet tonight, King of the Cage is back, with “King of the Cage: Legacy.” The main event will feature a heavyweight scrap between Mike Kyle (14-7-1 MMA, 2-1 UFC) and Jon Murphy (5-3).

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Kyle is coming off a stunning “at the bell”  TKO win over veteran Travis Wiuff back in Feb. at “KOTC: Vengeance,” and is looking to continue his momentum against “Bully Beatdown” star Jon “Man of Faith” Murphy. 

Also on the card will be Quinn Mulhern (9-1), who shocked many MMA fans with his dominating victory over UFC veteran Rich Clementi back in Feb. at “KOTC: Vengeance.”  Mulhern brings dominating jiu jitsu to the cage, and will be looking to capture the vacant KOTC welterweight title against Koffi Adzitso.

In the second title fight of the evening, Tony “Kryptonite” Lopez (18-2) returns to action, bringing in a 16 fight win streak, defending his KOTC heavyweight title against ATT prospect Tony Johnson.

Quick Results:

  • Dustin Akbari def. Jack Montgomery via KO (punches)- Round 1, 2:30 
  • Quinn Mulhern def. Koffi Adzitso via submission (rear naked choke)- Round 2, 1:36, and is now the KOTC Welterweight Champion
  • Nick Gaston def. Mike Guidry via submission (kimura)- Round 1, 4:49
  • Jaime Jara def. Tim Means via submission (guillotine)- Round 1, 2:19
  • Tony Johnson def. Tony Lopez via unanimous decision (50-45, 50-45, 50-45), and is now the new KOTC Heavyweight Champion
  • Mike Kyle def. Jon Murphy via TKO (strikes)- Round 2, 4:53

Quinn Mulhern vs. Koffi Adzitso

Round 1 – Adzitso coming out aggressive with punches in bunches.  Mulhern looks for the take down but gets stuffed.  To the clinch, with Adzitso pressing Mulhern against the cage.  Adzitso still throwing glancing combos.  Mulhern gets stuffed again looking to get the fight to the ground.  Mulhern presses Adzitso against the cage.  Adzitso pushes off and fires big power punches from the outside.  Mulhern is backing straight up, giving Adzitso an easy target.  Mulhern is bleeding now.  Mulhern shoots again, and this time pulls guard.  Adzitso is on top, but this is where Mulhern is dangerous.  Mulhern working a high guard now.  Mulhern locks up a triangle but Adzitso is out.  Mulhern with another triangle and it’s super tight this time.  Mulhern transitions to an armbar but Adzitso powers out.  Mulhern transitions to the omoplata, then torques on the arm as the bell rings.  Amazing that Adzitso did not tap in that round.  Pro MMA Now scores Round 1 for Quinn Mulhern, 10-9.

Round 2 – Jab scores for Mulhern.  Mulhern shoots for the double but Adzitso defends well.  Mulhern gets the trip take down and is now on top.  Adzitso rolls after eating a couple of shots, and Mulhern is working for the rear naked choke.  Mulhern re-adjusts his grip and locks in the choke tighter.  It’s just a matter of time now…. Adzitso taps and Mulhern is the KOTC welterweight title.

Quinn Mulhern def. Koffi Adzitso via submission (rear naked choke)- Round 2, 1:36

Nick Gaston vs. Mike Guidry

Round 1 – Guidry comes forward with a 3 punch combo backing up Gaston.  Knee to the body from Guidry.  Guidry is continuing to throw, but Gaston closes the gap and presses Guidry against the cage.  Knee to the thigh from Gaston.  Guidry working for the underhook, gets it, then reverses and puts Gaston’s back against the cage.  Guidry is looking for the take down.  Gaston and Guidry trade knees in the clinch.  Gaston pushes off then eats a right hand from Guidry.  Gaston comes back with a couple of knees to the body of Guidry.  Back to the cage with Guidry in control.  Gaston goes to the plum clinch and is now landing knees.  Guidry seperates and lands an elbow.  They disengage and both guys exchange kicks.  Gaston with a nice jab and two left hands.  Gaston clinches, lands an elbow, and a knee, then presses Guidry up against the cage.  Gaston goes to the body lock, then gets a nice take down.  Gaston is in side mount and looking for the crucifix.  Guidry is bleeding now.  Guidry works back to half guard, but is bleeding badly.  Gaston working elbows from half guard now.  Gaston now landing elbows to the body of Guidry.  Gaston looking to trap the right arm of Guidry with his leg and is now going for the kimura with about 15 seconds to go.  Just before the bell, Guidry taps and it’s all over.

Nick Gaston def. Mike Guidry via submission (kimura)- Round 1, 4:49

Jaime Jara vs. Tim Means

Round 1 – Means with a jab, Jara conters with a right hand.  Jara to the clinch, with Means against the cage.  Jara gets the take down and is now in half guard.  Jara is working to pass and gets to mount, but Means bucks him off and gets back to his feet quickly.  Means with an uppercut, then to the plum clinch, before Jara ties him up.  Means with the foot stomp, then disengages.  Both guys exchange punches, then Means launches a flying knee.  Another exchange before Means clinches and presses Jara against the cage.  Knee to the thigh by Means.  They seperate and both guys are trading.  Jara lands a nice left hook that stuns Means, backing him up.  Means ducks to avoid more damage, and Jara steps in and locks up a guillotine.  Jara pulls guard and locks Means up, still holding on to the guillotine.  Means taps almost immediately.

Jaime Jara def. Tim Means via submission (guillotine)- Round 1, 2:19

Tony Lopez vs. Tony Johnson

Round 1 – Johnson scores first with a jab.  Lopez with an inside leg kick.  Johnson comes back with a right hand, leg kick, right hand combo, then shoots and gets the take down.  Side mount for Johnson now.  Lopez rolls, and Johnson throws about 20 punches from the top, with only a few of them actually landing.  Lopez is staying composed as always.  Lopez grabs and arm, and works to his feet.  Johnson elevates Lopez and slams him to the mat.  Johnson is back on top with Lopez turtled up on his knees.  Lopez works his way back to his feet, and Johnson is landing knees to the thighs of Lopez.  Johnson goes for another slam, but this time Lopez remains on his feet.  Johnson changes levels and takes Lopez down again.  Lopez has an arm and Johnson may be in trouble.  Johnson picks Lopez up and slams him with his arm still stuck.  Lopez lets go of the armbar but is looking for the omaplata.  Lopez has the arm extended, but Johnson rolls out and is back on top, then side control.  Lopez retains half guard, but Johnson passes back to side control with :18 to go in the round.  Johnson is landing some right hands but Lopez is back up on his feet as the bell sounds on Round 1.  Pro MMA Now scores Round 1 for Tony Johnson, 10-9.

Round 2 –  Inside leg kick from Johnson.  Right hand from Johnson.  Lopez is using the push kick to keep Johnson on the outside.  Johnson muscles through the kick and gets another take down.  Johnson in Lopez’s half guard and lands two left elbows.  Lopez retains guard and is working high again.  Lopez working a very high guard, and Johnson stands in his guard briefly.  Lopez is controlling the posture of Johnson nicely, avoiding damage from his back.  Grinding elbows from Johnson.  Lopez is setting up a triangle.  Johnson trying to free his arm, but he’s in trouble now with 1:23 to go in Round 2.  Johnson is standing now and works free from the triangle attempt.  Johnson is now in side control and looking to land elbows.  Lopez works back to half guard, then retains full guard.  Pro MMA Now scores Round 2 for Tony Johnson, 10-9.

Round 3 – Slow start to Round 3.  Leg kick from Lopez.  Johnson misses with a right hand.  Lopez with an inside leg kick that scores.  Johnson shoots and gets another take down.  Lopez looks to stand, and he gets caught in a guillotine.  Johnson going for the standing guillotine.  Lopez finally gets his head out, but eats a couple of shots as he backs out.  Johnson with yet another take down.  Lopez looks to stand but is still on his knees and is eating right hands from Johnson.  The severe size disadvantage is really hurting Lopez in this one.  Lopez is turtled up again, and Johnson is now landing left hands from the top.  Johnson is maintaining top control and landing a ton of left hands.  Lopez tries to stand, but Johnson uses his weight and control to put him back on the mat.  Lopez is trying to control the left arm of Johnson, but Johnson works free and is keeping the pressure on.  Pro MMA Now scores Round 3 for Tony Johnson as well, 10-9.

Round 4 – Johnson misses with the overhand right.  Lopez comes back with an inside leg kick.  Another tentative kick from Lopez followed by a jab.  Johnson with another right hand that misses.  Johnson shoots and gets another easy take down.  Lopez swings his hips looking for an arm, but Johnson recognizes and pulls out.  Not much action from the top at this point.  Lopez still looking for an opening for another sub attempt.  Johnson tries to step over Lopez’s leg to pass but doesn’t get it.  Not much action, and the ref steps in for the stand up.  Lopez throws a straight right, but there isn’t much steam on it.  To the clinch, Lopez gives up his back and Johnson is looking for a big slam.  Johnson gets the lift, but Lopez stays on his feet.  The action has slowed tremendously with about :10 to go.  End of Round 4.  Pro MMA Now scores the Round, 10-9 for Johnson.  Lopez is going to need a finish to pull this fight out in the final round.

Round 5 – Johnson with a right hand, but it’s only used to set up the take down.  Lopez fights it off for the moment, but Johnson is relentless.  Johnson once again puts Lopez on his back.  Lopez is working high, and goes for a triangle attempt, but it’s not there.  Johnson lands a grinding elbow with his left arm, then another with his right elbow.  Lopez switches his hips and locks up an arm.  Johnson rips it out and is working to pass the guard yet again.  Johnson lands a few left hands from half guard with 2:00 to go.  Lopez’s corner is yelling for him to retain guard and go for a submission.  Johnson is riding this one out now with about 1:20 to go in the fight.  Johnson is still in the half guard, but he’s landing the occasional left hand to stay busy enough to keep this one on the ground.  Lopez gets the arm again, and this may be his last shot in this fight.  Johnson is staying calm, defending the arm bar.  Lopez has it extended now with :06 seconds to go and it’s going to be close.  At the very last second, Johnson works his arm free.  Pro MMA Now scores Round 5 for ‘Tony Johnson as well and the fight overall at 50-45 for Tony Johnson.

Tony Johnson def. Tony Lopez via unanimous decision (50-45, 50-45, 50-45), and is now the new KOTC Heavyweight Champion

Mike Kyle vs. Jon Murphy

Round 1 – Kyle scores with a jab, Murphy misses with the right hand.  High kick from Murphy, then Kyle closes the distance and takes Murphy to the mat.  Kyle stands up and kicks the legs of Murphy.  Kyle jumps into Murphy’s guard looking for a big shot.  Kyle lands an elbow, then works the body from the guard of Murphy.  Kyle is staying very busy from the top, working the head, then the body of Murphy.  Kyle grinding elbows to the face now.  Murphy isn’t doing much from his back.  Kyle looks to pass and as he does, Murphy rolls, then stands.  Kyle lands a kick.  Murphy throws a flying knee, then misses with a looping right hand.  Murphy comes forward with a flurry, alternating hands as he comes forward, landing a few big shots.  Kyle throws a knee, turns and runs, then gets the take down.  Murphy is quickly back up.  Kyle to the clinch landing knees to the thighs.  Murphy goes for the standing guillotine.  Kyle looks for the trip and ends up on top but is still stuck in the guillotine.  Murphy uses the fence to get the reversal.  Murphy is now on top and looking for some ground and pound.  Kyle is throwing punches from his back also.  Kyle goes for a leg at the bell.  Pro MMA Now scores Round 1 for Mike Kyle, 10-9.

Round 2 – Kyle with a dobule jab and a right hand.  Murphy coming forward, and gets the clinch against the cage.  Kyle uses his underhooks and takes Murphy back to the ground again.  Kyle lands a huge right elbow from top position.  Kyle with another elbow that bounces Murphy’s head off the mat.  Kyle is in half guard and working the body now.  Kyle looking to pass, but may do better to just stay where he is.  Kyle with more elbows.  Murphy is trying to control the posture of Kyle, but he is taking a lot of shots to the body in the process.  After a stall in the action, the ref stands them up.  Kyle with another take down, but he is quickly reversed.  Murphy is now on top and standing in the guard of Kyle against the cage.  Kyle is staying busy from the bottom with punches and elbows.  Murphy stands and lands three punches from the top.  Kyle kicks Murphy off, but Murphy passes to side control.  Murphy leaves some space, and Kyle scrambles out and is back on top.  Knee on belly for Kyle after he lands multiple punches to the stomach of Murphy.  Kyle has the crucifix position now and is raining down terror on Murphy.  The ref steps in and stops it after Kyle continues to punish Murphy.

Mike Kyle def. Jon Murphy via TKO (strikes)- Round 2, 4:53

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