Dana White admits he doesn’t know why he signed James Toney

NEW YORK – As most UFC fans know by now, the organization recently signed heavyweight professional boxing champion James “Lights Out” Toney. There has been much speculation and rumors on who Toney’s first opponent would be, but there has also been a general air of disbelief among hardcore MMA fans of why the UFC would sign someone to a contract who has absolutely no MMA experience.

Some have compared the move to publicity stunts used by professional wrestling.

UFC President Dana White was asked by a fan today during a Q&A session at Radio City Music Hall why they signed Toney, who he was going to fight, and how were they going to prevent him from becoming just a freak show.

White talked about how he had always been a big James Toney fan, and also mentioned how Toney had followed him around wanting to join the organization, but then White got real:

“To be honest, I don’t know why I did it… now I have to figure out what I’m going to do with him.”

White also said Toney told him in a recent conversation that he knows a lot more than White thinks he knows about MMA and the ground game. “So we’re going to see how much he knows,” White said.

So if the UFC President does not know why he signed someone, who does?

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2 thoughts on “Dana White admits he doesn’t know why he signed James Toney”

  1. This is such BS. The whole “Toney wants into the UFC no matter” thing was just a scheme to give Dana White a way to put on a freak show fight. Is it a coincidence that Toney showed up on Versus calling out Dana White less than a month before the UFC debuts on Versus?

  2. why the fuck would you give a guy a job if you don’t have a position to fill? makes no sense and don’t get it. face it dana you are in danger of doing exactly what you have blamed others for doing.

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