Product Review: Silver Star Sanctuary V-Neck T-Shirt

For this Pro MMA Now ( Product Review we are taking a look at Silver Star’s Sanctuary V-Neck Men’s T-Shirt. In my last product review we looked at Silver Star’s Lyoto Machida shirt. The Sanctuary shirt I actually like a lot better and will be wearing it a lot more often. I won both of these shirts in our now famous UFC pick ’em contests sponsored by Silver Star. You can win some cool shirts too, just keep a lookout for our next contest coming up soon.

The Lyoto Machida shirt looks cool but in all actuality it is not very practical, nor terribly comfortable due to the large patch sewn on the back. I strolled through a Dillard’s the other day and they had this style of T-Shirt that have large emblems and patches sewn onto them. So what you have is a nice comfortable T-Shirt with a huge uncomfortable stiff patch sewn right on the back. Uncomfortable equals not cool, no matter how it looks.

I gave the Lyoto Machida shirt a great review because I thought it looked so cool at the time, and it is comfortable as long as you don’t move around a lot. However, I think I have wore it one time. It’s just not a very practical shirt if that makes sense. And it is definitely not low key. I mean, yeah Lyoto Machida looks good in it, but the average yahoo like myself probably looks pretty foolish.

Back to the Sanctuary V-Neck T-Shirt; no patches on this one, so that’s a plus. Also, sizes are important. I requested a XXXL, and it fits about like a XXL normally would. I expected this, because like quite a few of the MMA-related clothing companies these days, the shirts are made to feel snug. The material is excellent, so even if you normally like your shirts a little big or baggy, a size down probably won’t matter. It’s a light, flexible, 100% cotton.

The image on the front is of a saintly mother figure, possibly Mother Mary, holding a silver foil Rosary with her hands in prayer position. Pretty cool. Of course we have the obligatory skulls and wings thrown in for good measure, and some roses. However, it works for me. Unlike some people, I still dig some good skulls and wings if done right. I would wear this pretty much anywhere and probably will. Thanks Silver Star.

Silver Star’s Sanctuary V-Neck (oh yeah I like the V-Neck too. They have a regular neck but I like this better) gets five out of five stars in our Pro MMA Now product review. The price is $42.00 and you can order it at

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  1. I too won this shirt and I must say that this is probably the best one that I’ve won so far. The quality and fit is really good. My wife thinks it’s nice too and I’ll be wearing this one more often.

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