Posing with the Le Reve dancers reminds @ChuckLiddell of his "Dancing with the Stars" days!

It’s Tuesday, Feb. 16, 2010, the day after President’s Day, two days after Valentine’s Day, and four days until UFC 110 in Sydney, Australia. Time to check in on the fighters to see ‘What the Tweet’s up?”

Michael Bisping is in Sydney, getting ready for what is arguably the biggest fight of his life this weekend against legendary Axe Murderer, Wanderlei Silva. So how’s Mikey passing the time, as the weekend draws near? @bisping says:

  • 7:49 Feb. 15 – just about to do a live webchat. if ur free stop by and ask a question
  • about 3 hours ago – (A fan asked Bisping how he got the scar between his eyes) haha now theres a story. That happened when I was a young lad.
  • 36 minutes ago – just chilling on bondai beach, it’s a hard life.

If you have never followed Phil Baroni’s Tweets, you have no idea what you’re missing. We might even start a segment called, “Phil’s Philosophy,” or maybe “Baroni’s Baloney.” The dude should write a self-help book, or maybe he’s read too many. Either way, he keeps things entertaining. @philbaroni says:

  • about 4 hours ago – I think I would take Bisping because he is a huge dog in the fight. and Id take Cane because I trained along side him. BEAST!
  • 4 hours ago – Joy attracts more joy Happiness attracts more happiness Peace attracts more peace Gratitude attracts more gratitude
  • about 1 hour ago – The secret is to have the goal in mind as if you already have it Magnify the intensity of the feeling of achieving the goal

Mike Pierce will be fighting at ” UFC on Versus 1″ against Rob Kimmons on March 21. Let’s see what he’s up to. @MikePierce170 says:

  • 7:11 PM Jan. 21 – T-Mobile I f’n hate you. I wanna grab you by your throat, rip it out, and watch you bleed all over the place. YOU SUCK!
  • 7:10 PM Feb. 6 – Watching UFC 109 with the parents at Skyland. See you there.
  • about 1 hour ago – Got a 4 fight deal with Tapout. Pretty excited about that

Let’s check in on the Iceman, Chuck Liddell. @ChuckLiddell says:

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