Boxing for MMA is one of the latest offerings from Victory Belt in the series, Mixed Martial Arts: The Ultimate Instructional Set

Instructional materials for MMA are often lacking. Whether it be a failure to have a well-known fighter or instructor to help with the materials, or a failure to accurately translate such physical techniques to print form, the bottom line is that many instructional materials lack true usefulness for people training MMA on any level. This is not the case with materials that come from the renowned publishing powerhouse Victory Belt. Thanks to the generous people at Victory Belt, I have had an opportunity to review another one of their products, Boxing for MMA , which features one of the most dangerous strikers in the fight game today, UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva.

This DVD is part of the larger set known as Mixed Martial Arts: The Ultimate Instructional Set. The set has already featured three DVDs with Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira. I reviewed those materials before I joined the staff here at Pro MMA Now. If you’re interested, you can find that review here. I encourage you to check that one out also – all of the Victory Belt materials that I have encountered so far would make an excellent addition to any MMA practitioner’s library.

From Victory Belt:

In BOXING FOR MMA, UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva examines the sweet science as it relates to the sport of mixed martial arts. Starting at the ground floor, he teaches you how to utilize footwork to not only acquire dominant angles of attack, but also evade your opponent s strikes. He covers dozens of punches, dissecting the dynamics of each one to teach you how to deliver them with the utmost efficiency. To further your education, he then demonstrates how to blend these punches with evasive maneuvers such as slips and parries to limit the damage you receive in a fight, as well as make your opponent pay for his attacks. Leaving no stone unturned, he also breaks down the dirty boxing clinch by demonstrating numerous ways to off balance your opponent while punishing him with strikes at the same time. And once he has filled your arsenal with weapons, he shows you how to put them all together in drills, shadow boxing, and sparring. Whether you are new to the martial arts or an experienced MMA fighter, BOXING FOR MMA will elevate your game to the next level.

The techniques are broken down in a logical way, being divided between “Footwork”, “Punching Techniques”, “Parrying Techniques” and so on, and even the subcategories are basic concepts such as “Jab”, “Cross”, and “Lead Hook” to name a few. While much of the instruction is on these basic concepts of using boxing in MMA, the application that Silva integrates into the instruction is extremely useful for any MMA fighter, especially those new to the fight game. Silva covers each technique in detail, focusing on total body awareness to generate the fastest, most powerful techniques.

Each technique is explained through narration while Silva is shown demonstrating in both orthodox and unorthodox stances. The techniques are shown multiple times and then reviewed in a more slow motion so that the viewers can pick up on all of the intricacies that go into properly executing the techniques. In sections such as “Evasive Movements” and “Dirty Boxing Clinch”, Silva demonstrates the application of specific techniques in response to certain actions such as “Clinching after failed rear hook” and “Clinching as counter to rear hook”.

The DVD also includes an interesting bonus feature – a video of one of Silva’s visits to Freddie Roach’s Wild Card Boxing Club. Silva is shown warming up, sparring and working pads with Roach in this 40 minute segment. It is definitely worth watching to see how Silva’s MMA-based boxing techniques, stances and movement work against a traditional boxer’s.

As for the instruction itself, over the course of over one-and-a-half hour’s worth of instruction, Silva demonstrates 62 techniques, all of which come together in drills, shadowboxing, and sparring as mentioned above. One caveat – and it is probably one that many of you would expect – Silva makes it look easy. He methodically covers each of the techniques and concepts with an ease that makes it clear why he is one of the most dangerous strikers in MMA. And this DVD is only the beginning. Victory Belt also offers Striking Combos for MMA, also featuring Silva, which although I have not reviewed, I’m sure builds off of the solid foundation Silva lays with this DVD. Regardless, given the detail with which Silva covers things in Boxing for MMA, I highly recommend it.

To purchase the DVD head over to BudoVideos.

Thanks again to Victory Belt for the opportunity to review Boxing for MMA. Make sure to check out Victory Belt’s website to see all of the great instructional materials, both books and DVDs, that they have to offer.

By: Brian Furby

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