Highlights from Wednesday’s media conference call with Brock Lesnar

Brock Lesnar will face the winner of Carwin vs. Mir.

It happened overnight. MMA and the UFC’s biggest star suddenly disappeared from the face of the Earth for months. Rumor after rumor came out, speculating on the the UFC heavyweight champion’s future. And just as fast as he vanished, Brock Lesnar returned to the spotlight today.

Following his appearance on ESPN SportsCenter this morning, he and UFC President Dana White held a conference call for the media. This gave the MMA websites and news outlets an opportunity to dig deeper, and ask about all the details surrounding Lesnar and his recovery.

Here are a few things we learned from the call: Lesnar’s diet brought on the illness, he despises Canadian health care, he’s a Republican, he’s a member of NRA, and he eats what he kills… (continued with audio after the jump)

This is an audio recording of a portion of the conference call.

More audio from the conference call.

  • “Brock Lesnar is back and is healthy. He’s ready to start training immediately” – Dana White
  • Will fight the winner of Mir/Carwin
  • If something happens with Mir-Carwin (injury, etc.), the winner of Nogueira-Velasquez will get the next shot at Lesnar
  • Had been suffering for almost a year, had some stomach pain. Really came to light during the training camp for the Carwin fight.
  • Had a hole in his stomach, the abscess was so large his body he was infected, so he was only at 60%-80% of his “potential”
  • Colostomy bag would not have been permanent (6-8 weeks)
  • If he’d had the surgery, he would have probably have retired
  • Brock is a possibility for MMA Expo event during the summer – Dana
  • The lowest moment for Lesnar was getting “medical care from Canada. It was like being in a third-world country.” He said he didn’t want to get political, but he feels that we have the best doctors in the world, and while reform is needed, an overhaul is not.
  • They basically “escaped” from the hospital in Canada. The doctor in Bismarck, North Dakota “saved my life and my career.”
  • Lesnar was in a hospital room in Bismarck for eleven days. Doctors drained his stomach and removed 14 CC’s of fluid out of his stomach. He hadn’t eaten or drank anything until his stomach was drained. Went to the Mayo Clinic, and they confirmed diverticulitis with their second opinion. He went home after that.
  • Lost 40 pounds during the ordeal. Weight got down to 248 lbs, now at 273 lbs. “When was the last time you weighed 248 lbs.?” “Ha…second grade.”
  • Went home, put 30 pounds back on in a healthy way
  • “I did a lot of praying, had a lot of people praying for me. Went back to the Mayo Clinic, and they found nothing. It is a miracle.” – Brock
  • “I’m getting ready for anybody and everybody” – Brock
  • His diet brought this on.
  • “I’m a carnivore, not a big fan of PETA. I’m a member of the NRA, and whatever I kill I eat. In eating, when the greens came by, I would pass. But now I’m eating more fiber. It’s more of a balanced diet.” – Brock
  • “President Obama wants to reform our healthcare, and I’m against it. I’m a conservative Republican, and I’m glad to see Massachusetts has a Republican senator. I’m speaking on behalf of Americans, and we have great doctors here. I’m not going to say anything else about Canadian healthcare, it wasn’t the fault of the people at the Canadian hospital. They didn’t have working equipment. We have the best hospital in the United States at the Mayo Clinic.” – Brock
  • “Things happen for a reason. I’m young, and this shouldn’t happen. But when something like this happens, and you think you’re doing the right thing, well obviously you’re not. I am making changes, and they’re for the better.” – Brock
  • “I don’t think I beat [Mir] as bad as I could. To get my hands on that ‘stalker’ again…he’s made it his personal goal to [take me out]. We’ll take care of that.” – Brock
  • Was not happy that his own camp came out and made statements about his health. It made him want to fire them.
  • When he was first diagnosed with mono, he refused to do a CT scan, so it wasn’t a misdiagnosis. He did test positive for mono, but that wasn’t the big problem.
  • Lesnar is an independent contractor, so he pays for his own health insurance.
ProMMA would like to give a special thanks to Phil Lanides from Fight of Your Life Communications for providing us with these notes. Thanks Phil!!

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