Merry Christmas from all of us at! What better Christmas gift could we give to you, our readers, than an interview with one of the great MMA heavyweights? The only thing better is if we could actually get Alex a fight here in America, but since we don’t have the power to make that happen, we can at least do the next best thing.

We last spoke to Alex back in July, so we figured it was about time to catch up again. We’ve all heard the recent rumors about a potential upcoming fight taking place between Alex and one Mariusz Pudzianowski, five-time World’s Strongest Man, who recently made his MMA debut. Alex gave us the lowdown on those rumors.

We also spoke to Alex about what Christmas is like for him in Russia, where he has been training, Fedor’s recent fight with Brett Rogers, his opinion on a Fedor vs. Fabricio Werdum match-up, if he would like to fight for Strikeforce, and much more. This is my gift to the hardcore MMA fans out there this holiday season, hope you enjoy.

WWW.PROMMA.INFO: Greetings from America Alex, first we would like to wish you and your family a merry Christmas and happy New Year, and thank you for speaking to us at, it has been some time since we spoke to you last. How are you doing?
ALEXANDER EMELIANENKO: Hello to PROMMA readers and thanks for the greetings. Now I am training hard for my future fights and also training my team, AE TEAM.

WWW.PROMMA.INFO: How do you and your family celebrate Christmas and what will you be doing this year for Christmas and the New Year?
ALEXANDER EMELIANENKO: New Year for us is a family party and usually we celebrate it in family circle. We wanted to go to Stary Oskol to celebrate this holy day with my mother and Fedor, but situation has changed at the last moment.

WWW.PROMMA.INFO: You only got to fight one time in 2009. Are you disappointed you only had one fight this year? How many times a year do you like to fight?
ALEXANDER EMELIANENKO: I am not disappointed at all and it is all about the circumstances. This year gave me an opportunity to open new aspects of myself. Particularly, I made a debut as a professional boxer. It is a great experience for me.

WWW.PROMMA.INFO: We have heard talk of a possible fight between you and 5-time World’s Strongest Man, Mariusz Pudzianowski. Is this a fight you would like to take and if so, when do you think it may happen?
ALEXANDER EMELIANENKO: I am already contracted with PROFC organization for a fight in Moscow in April 2010 and I heard he wanted to fight with me about that time, so yet we can not fight.

WWW.PROMMA.INFO: Did you watch Mariusz Pudzianowski’s fight in his MMA debut at KSW 12, with his win over Marcin Najman? What did you think about the performance if you saw it?
ALEXANDER EMELIANENKO: No I didn`t see that fight but saw his pics in the Internet. I will look through his technique in the near time certainly.

WWW.PROMMA.INFO: How would prepare for and fight someone like Pudzianowski who is so big and strong? How would Alexander Emelianenko defeat
ALEXANDER EMELIANENKO: Alex Emelyanenko would win by KO or submit him if he would settle the fight on the ground. I have a great experience in fighting with such big and strong fighters.

WWW.PROMMA.INFO: Who are you training with these days Alex? Do you still train with your brother Fedor very often?
ALEXANDER EMELIANENKO: No we are not training with Fedor now because he is Stary Oskol and I am in Saint-Petersburg. Now I am training under supervision of my personal coach Yuriy Razumov and taking sparring with Valery Brudov which is preparing for championship belt fight in boxing in WBO. Also I am training my team.

WWW.PROMMA.INFO: Did you see your brother’s fight versus Brett Rogers? What was your opinion of the fight and Fedor’s performance?
ALEXANDER EMELIANENKO: Yes I saw that fight and it was excellent. Fedor performed great and without any remarks. Confident win, perfect technique, he is a champion. There could not be another outcome.

WWW.PROMMA.INFO: It seems Fedor will fight Fabricio Werdum in his next fight. Werdum was one of your only losses. How do you think Fedor will perform against Werdum, and how dangerous is that fight for Fedor?
ALEXANDER EMELIANENKO: That loss was a pure accident and now a could easily knock him out, so there will not be any difficulties for Fedor to beat Werdum.

WWW.PROMMA.INFO: Could you please tell us your honest opinion of Fedor’s management and Vadim Finkelstein? Do you think he is a good manager for Fedor? – Why do you think they do not want him to fight in the UFC?
ALEXANDER EMELIANENKO: I’m not competent to answer this questions and making out their relations is not my business. If Fedor works with Vadim therefore it suits him.

WWW.PROMMA.INFO: When can your fans see you back inside the ring to fight again, Alex?
ALEXANDER EMELIANENKO: My next fight is going to be in Moscow in 2010 but probably my fans might see me fighting much sooner.

WWW.PROMMA.INFO: Would you like to fight for Strikeforce and have you talked with Strikeforce about possibly fighting for them?
ALEXANDER EMELIANENKO: I would enjoy fighting there. Hope to make it very soon.

WWW.PROMMA.INFO: There was a problem last time when you were going to fight with Affliction, an issue where you could not get the license. Would that be a problem again – can you get licensed to fight in America?
ALEXANDER EMELIANENKO: There will not be problems like that anymore and I can pass all necessary steps to get licenced just after signing a contract with the American organization.

WWW.PROMMA.INFO: Alexander, thank you again for speaking to us at We wish you a great new year and Christmas for you and your family and I know all your fans can not wait to see you fight again. Take care my friend.
ALEXANDER EMELIANENKO: I wish you all a robust health in New Year and thank you for a pleasant talk and thank you for supporting me all this year!

By: Jack Bratcher

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  1. Go Mariusz!
    Poland is with you but Alex win. He is better, but this fight is good looking for KSW, becouse PROFC and KSW can cooperate

  2. I could seriously see Alex be one of the top 3 guys in the UFC. The guy has some amazing boxing ability as well as pretty competent on the ground. He is one of the most exciting heavyweights to watch.

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