King Mo in the locker room prior to knocking out Mike Whitehead.

Mike Whitehead could not understand why King Mo has been getting all the hype. Now, do you think Whitehead understands “why the hype?”

The ultra-experienced Whitehead preferred to fight King Mo at heavyweight, and Mo, who said tonight he fights at “money weight,” gladly obliged the big man who out-weighed Mo by over 40 pounds.

Whitehead landed a few leg kicks in the fight but that was it. He threw some punches but all he hit was air. Mo landed some solid jabs and hooks before he landed a huge right hand that dropped Whitehead to the canvas, where he followed up with a few extra shots that knocked “Iron” Mike out cold at 3:08 of round one.

For a world-class wrestler, King Mo’s hands are looking better and better with each fight. He has defeated every person they have thrown his way so far, at heavyweight or light heavyweight. Now at 6-0 with five finishes, King Mo silences more doubters with each new opponent he stops.

Who will be next for the rising star?

For full details of what happened in this fight and the rest of the “Strikeforce: Evolution” bouts, check out’s play-by-play commentary.

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