Frankie looking for the win.

Hey guys I know it’s been awhile but it’s hard to keep up with all my tournaments and practices.

I’m having a great season so far, I’m 10-4 with two tournaments, and two 2nd place finishes. I’m ranked 7th in state and have a lot more to go.

One week ago was the first time I made it to the finals of  a tournament and it was awesome. I lost that match 10-6. And on Saturday I made it again and lost 5-4.

I made some really bad mistakes, not in the match but in practice and weight management that made me exhausted and not focus on the conditioning or technique of wrestling but more on the weight aspect, and that can be really bad for anyone during a season.

Me, my coaches, and my dad have all talked and I’m making those steps to become number one.

It’s official, my dad is fighting Matt Serra on February 6th in Vegas. Sadly, I can’t attend and cheer on my dad because of wrestling districts for me.

We’re about 10 weeks out, and he’s basically in full out camp right now, which is good because he usually only goes for a 6-8 week camp.

Last night’s fights were crazy! I thought B.J. was going to win but not in such a dominating fashion, that was awesome to see.

Also Frank Mir, I’ll always praise Frank on the way he carries himself and fights because of seeing him train and getting to know him on a personal level, so call me bias but he looked great, very strong and his hands get better every fight.

Awesome card I cant wait till 108.

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By: Frankie Trigg

Dewey Franklin Trigg IV is a high school wrestler and son of UFC fighter Frank Trigg. Check back regularly to read Frankie’s blog at PROMMA.INFO.

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  1. Yeah man, you’ve got to get a handle on the weight management. The worst feeling in the world is when you have the technique and can’t implement it, because your body is drained. Congrats on making those finals. Good luck at districts!

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